Chained slave


Chained slave

Maya had come over from Cuba and had made a name for herself. Now she had wealth and power. She had a male lover named Rolph who was a gorgeous Aryan of Germanic descent. And she had Jenna.

Jenna had originally signed on to be her assistant. The pay was good and Maya was decent to work for. But Jenna soon discovered Maya had a dark side.

Maya was a strong-willed woman who loved to dominate others. And Jenna was just submissive enough to relent to her desires. It meant she was usually on the receiving end of more orgasms than she could have possibly imagined. It also meant being exposed to Maya’s cruelty.

Today was one of those days. Jenna found herself chained naked to the wall near the bottom of the pool. And she knew full well what that meant. Her lungs were going to be tortured again.

She breathed from the pony bottle in her mouth, feeling helpless and vulnerable. Her arms and legs were shackled spread-eagled to the wall. She suspected this was going to be a session of pleasure and agonizing torture.

“Is the slut ready?” Maya asked her lover. Rolph nodded and smiled.

“Good. You will come down and join us shortly.”

She finished gearing up. Then she stepped off the edge of the pool. It was twenty feet to the bottom.

She had a weight belt around her waist and fins on her feet. She also had a small yellow bottle of compressed air on her back. It wasn’t much, but it was all she would need.

She was totally naked, her nipples already erect at the fun she was anticipating. She also had a toy in her hand. She was planning for lots of orgasms. And if the session went particularly well, she was open to considering the previously unthinkable. After all, Maya belong her to her and was hers to command… or to dispatch in any erotic manner she saw fit.

She swam down and caught sight of her assistant shackled spread-eagled to the wall. Seeing her with her gently sagging tits and cleanly shaved snatch was already a turn-on. But she planned on pushing her own arousal today to full advantage.

She allowed a hand to brush across Jenna’s trembling form. She felt her stiffen in alarm. It made her giddy with erotic tingles. This was going to be a particularly good session today.

She put her toy on the floor and stretched out flat on her back. Maya looked up between Jenna’s legs to enjoy the view. Then she started touching herself, grunting and moaning.

Bubbles flushed out of her regulator as she touched herself. They rushed up and burst against Jenna’s crotch. She winced and moaned at the sensation as she took another breath.

Maya really got into playing with herself. She loved watching Jenna take each life-sustaining breath from that pony bottle. She grinned into the reg in her own mouth as she made delicious plans for her unsuspecting assistant.

She was touching and fingering herself when she saw Rolph swim down in his scuba gear. He was naked save the double-hosed gear he had strapped to his back. His cock was already hard, no doubt from seeing her play with herself and seeing poor Maya shackled to the wall.

She grunted excitedly as she put on a show for him. He began stroking in return as Jenna kept breathing from the pony bottle. Now all the actors were present for her erotic little play.

Maya shed her fins; she wouldn’t be needing them for a while. Then she removed her regulator from her mouth. She deliberately exhaled her breath, causing the bubbles to splatter against her assistant’s quivering pussy as Rolph kept right on stroking.

Maya deliberately blew more bubbles, causing Jenna to grunt and wriggle. It was incredibly sexy. Rolph kept right on stroking until she decided she would have to see to his needs before he became bored.

She took another deep breath from her regulator. Then she placed it on her upper chest. She braced herself with her arms as she exhaled bubbles against Jenna’s quivering cunt. Hearing the erotic moans only turned her on even more.

‘Ok, Rolph,’ she thought to herself. ‘I see you need a little attention.’ And with that, she got onto her knees.

She knelt before him, took a big breath from her regulator, and then took him into her mouth. She sucked him deep, exhaling her breath in the process. She heard him groan as he always did whenever she was servicing him. She loved the way she always made him groan.

She heard Jenna exhale and then take another breath from the pony bottle. Was her assistant being wise in not using up that air too fast? She hoped the slut would prolong her enjoyment of their time together down here, rather than doing something stupid by drowning herself too soon.

She took Rolph out of her mouth and worshipped his dick. It was the perfect size and thickness for her. It filled her so wonderfully… and she even allowed it to fill her slut Jenna from time to time. Today would be another one of those times.

She heard Jenna exhale again before taking another breath. How long would that pony bottle last her? She decided if the stupid slut wasn’t careful, she was going to drown herself down here. And if that happened, well… it would be no really big loss. Sluts like her were a dime a dozen.

Her pussy was tingling like crazy; she needed his cock now. Maya got down on her hands as he turned her around. She felt him reach down to grope her boobs, and she exhaled with pleasure. She’d always known Rolph was a breast man.

He began thrusting in and out of her as her reg hung freely. Maya held her breath, enjoying the way her cunt sucked him deep inside her. He continued to grope her tits as she cried out from the pleasure of their encounter at the bottom of the pool.

They both held their breath as they enjoyed the hot, passionate fucking. He savagely groped her breast, indicating he was particularly horny. It was good she’d instructed him to set up Jenna down here. The slut was going to provide pleasure for the both of them.

‘Fucking bitch is getting too much air!’ she thought as she knocked the bottle out of her mouth. Jenna grunted in alarm, losing bubbles as she was now forced to hold her breath. Rolph had an unobstructed view of what he wanted to fuck next.

Jenna groaned as she lost her breath. She hadn’t counted on being forced to go without air so soon. Now she’d been caught by surprise. Knowing Maya’s cruelty, she would have to hold it until the bitch decided to return a regulator to her mouth.

Rolph looked right at Jenna’s pussy. It was right there tantalizing him… begging to be fucked. Maya was a hot fuck. But seeing Jenna shackled and helpless was really bringing out the beast in him as he fucked Maya even harder.

“Let her go; let her drown!” Maya bubbled. “Fuck me, damn you!” But Rolph couldn’t help seeing that pussy winking at him as Jenna struggled to hold her breath, the agony of straining lungs beginning to overtake her.

Maya had other plans though. She sat in his lap, impaled on his cock. Then she buried her boobs in his face as she rode him. Meanwhile Jenna was beginning to fight against her shackles as a fire of breathlessness burned in her chest.

‘Fine – fine; you want to fuck her? Be my guest!’

They disengaged, Maya grabbing her toy to fuck herself as Rolph stepped up to Jenna and thrust hard into her cunt. He had the pony bottle in his hand. But he was not giving it to her just yet. He knew what pussies did when the owner was deprived of air for any length of time. They clenched and spasmed wonderfully around his quivering manhood.

“Fuck her; fuck the slut!” Maya called out through the reg in her mouth. It looked like Rolph was really giving it to her good. And it looked like poor Jenna was in breathless agony. It was almost as though he was fucking the last of her breath right out of her body! It gave Maya an erotic thrill as she fucked herself even harder with her toy.

Jenna’s cheeks began to bulge… and still he kept the bottle away from her lips. Maya suspected Rolph was enjoying teasing her assistant. If he wanted to drown her and feel her dying cunt spasming around his dick, she would not be the least bit upset.

Jenna mouthed for the pony bottle in his hand. He just smiled as he breathed from his own regulator while fucking her harder. Her lips pursed and her cheeks bulged, her lungs on fire.

The shackles suddenly popped away from her legs. Jenna hear Maya moan, and she suspected she was the one who had done it. Rolph just kept fucking her so hard that she parted her legs to allow him to penetrate deeper into her womanhood.

Rolph held the pony bottle up to her mouth, just out of reach. One last spasm nearly caused her to inhale. Then he placed it between her lips. Jenna groaned as she inhaled deeply, wondering if that was the longest she had ever been forced to hold her breath.

He was thrusting deep. With her legs outstretched, he was thrusting deep! She was being fucked like she had never been fucked before. Jenna groaned as she felt it start to swell within her. Meanwhile that bitch Maya kept right on masturbating while watching the two of them going at it.

Jenna wrapped her legs around Rolph while moaning with pleasure. She was grateful he’d put the pony bottle back into her mouth. And he was fucking her so deep. Down on the floor Maya grunted with jealousy as she groped her breasts while playing with the toy in her cunt.

Rolph put his hands against the wall of the pool as he thrust hard in and out of her. Jenna’s cunt sucked him deep inside, her pussy throbbing to be fulfilled. She could feel an orgasm coming on.

She moaned as he fucked her harder, the two of them developing a rhythm. She took him as deep as she could, eager and willing to be taken here at the bottom of the pool. He thrust hard inside her, and she grunted with each one… grunted for him to fuck her hard.

It swelled within her until she screamed with pleasure, exhaling her breath as he pumped his massive load into her. It felt much better than the last time she’d been tortured down here at the bottom of the pool. She was grateful Rolph had been here to make her feel so good.

She moaned her gratitude as he pulled out of her. But one look at Maya showed she was not happy. Was the bitch jealous? The Cuban pointed for him to get out of the water. He nodded as he swam away. Jenna panted heavily from the orgasmic aftershocks she was feeling.

To her horror Maya stood up and jerked the bottle from her mouth. Then the bitch pushed into her stomach. It was as though she was trying to force all the air out of her lungs!

‘What are you doing – UNGH!’ The bitch pushed harder. Jenna lost some of the air she had in her lungs as her legs began to kick.

“You’re mine now, bitch! I’ve always wanted to drown you! Now I have my reason! You enjoyed fucking Rolph too damned much! And now I’m going to enjoy watching you suck water and drown!” Another hard push caused her bladder to release as Jenna grunted in growing horror.

Jenna looked into Maya’s eyes and saw cruelty… savage cruelty and death. Was the bitch really going to drown her? Something had seemed… off the past week or two. Had she misinterpreted things to the point where it was now going to get her killed??

Jenna looked and saw her image reflected back to her in the dive mask. It was an image of a woman in growing agony and panic. She was losing the last of her breath. Now would come the growing strain of empty lungs before she could not hold out any longer.

The bitch was pushing hard into her stomach, adding to the agony of her empty lungs. She had very little breath left. What she saw reflected back to her was a woman doomed to a merciless drowning… a painful drowning.

Maya finally took her hand out of Jenna’s stomach. Then the cruel bitch started to go over backward, moaning about watching her drown as she rubbed her crotch. Jenna was in real agony, struggling not to inhale while fighting empty lungs.

“Yes, bitch; yes! Drown for me!” Maya furiously rubbed and fingered herself. Jenna fought as hard as she could not to give in to the painful spasms wracking her body. But they were becoming overwhelming. Any moment now and she would be forced to give in.

Maya came up to her, grabbed her head and kissed her hard. Then Jenna felt the bitch exhale her breath into her mouth. She groaned as she gratefully received what she could, even if it was a little stale. At least the agony in her chest was not nearly as strong as before.


To her horror Jenna felt Maya inhaling… sucking the breath she had just shared with her back out of her lungs! The bitch was trying to steal away the very life-sustaining air she had just shared with her! She wriggled and squirmed as her legs came up instinctively.

She heard Maya laughing into her mouth. The air was shared back to her. Then it was just as cruelly taken away again! Jenna’s eyes began to roll as her lungs struggled to deal with the stale breath being shared and then retracted.

Maya laughed as she went below Jenna’s legs. She grabbed on and started licking and sucking. Jenna grunted and groaned, her lungs beginning to strain again as the bitch licked wicked pleasure into her throbbing cunt.

Maya climbed her helpless slave, turned upside down, and then mashed her cunt against her lips. “Eat me or you’ll never breathe again!” she bubbled. Then Maya began licking and sucking for all she was worth as her assistant fearfully did the same. Jenna was afraid if she climaxed now she would lose the last of her breath and drown painfully.

Maya turned around, embraced her helpless assistant, and kissed her deeply. Once more she shared air with her. Jenna groaned as her lungs were filled with stale air. What she truly needed lay contained within that damned tank on her back!

“Now you drown!” Maya pronounced dramatically. “Now you drown… and I’ll cum so hard feeling your drowning spasms against my body!” Then she kissed Jenna hard while trying to suck all the air out of her lungs.

Jenna was getting dizzy. Her lungs were on fire, her chest heaving. She was too weak and out of breath to stop Maya’s wicked plans. And so she easily gave up the air the bitch was trying so hard to suck out of her chest.

With the last of her strength she locked her legs around Maya’s waist. Then she began humping her hard. She could feel one last orgasm coming on.

It caught Maya totally by surprise as she lost her breath. The regulator was hanging somewhere behind her. But now she couldn’t reach it! She cried out in horror, trying to stretch upward as Jenna kept humping her, her vision fading as she started to pass out.

‘No… NOOO!’ Maya thrashed about within the legs of her assistant. She suddenly needed air, and she couldn’t get any! Then Jenna gurgled as she started to drown, humping her and forcing the last of the breath out of her as she was swept away by a wave of agonizing pleasure.

Maya shuddered in a panic-induced orgasm. Then she was cumming too… cumming and swallowing water. Jenna’s spasms lessened as hers became more pronounced.

Maya coughed and gurgled as she drowned within Jenna’s legs. She began to relax until her arms slowly stretched upward. She shuddered from the sensations of a fading orgasm. Then she was aware of nothing at all.

The two bodies relaxed, each one quivering from stray nerve endings firing off. Then the bottom of the pool was quiet. Rolph would find them that way much later when they did not return to the surface.

© 2018 (Jan 24 ’18)

(Images created by Putkikker. More of his great work can be found on deviant art at

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