Time to hang for daddy

Time to hang for daddy

The television program ended promptly at 8. But there was nothing he wanted to watch afterwards. So what was there to do?

He looked over to see his daughter hadn’t even bothered with the TV. She was texting on her iPhone again. It seemed like she was on that thing 24 hours a day. Maybe that should be his next project.

He looked up and saw movement on the wall. He got his daughter’s attention and pointed it out to her. “Miriam, is that a spider I see?”

She looked up from her iPhone in annoyance at the interruption. She saw where her father was pointing until her eyes located it. “Yeah, so?”

“Doesn’t it bother you seeing it up there, honey? Do you want me to get rid of it for you?”

“That little thing, daddy? Really?”

She snorted in disgust as she got up from her chair. She didn’t bother to get a swatter, a piece of paper or anything. She just smacked it with her hand, instantly squashing it.

“Geez, daddy; it’s just a spider. What’s the big deal?”

“It didn’t scare you?”

“Why should it scare me?” Then she rolled her eyes.

“Daddy, how can I text my friends when you keep interrupting? I’m going to my room.” Then she got up and left the living room.

He watched her ass wriggle suggestively as she walked out of the room. It stirred some dark desires within. Besides, the mark on her neck had pretty much faded away from the last time.

He told himself he probably shouldn’t. But he was already getting hard just thinking about it. At least he would have her undivided attention for a few minutes while getting her off that blasted iPhone.

He nervously cleared his throat. Then he called out, “Honey? Isn’t it time you hanged for daddy?” His heart was pounding in his chest.

He waited five minutes, listening to the sound of thumping and bumping coming from her room. Then he unzipped his fly, releasing his erection. He decided it would be ok since his wife wouldn’t be home from the hospital for another couple of hours.

He waited another five minutes, wondering if she was rebelling. Maybe it wouldn’t work this time. Then his breath caught in his throat as he heard her call out, “Come in, daddy. I’m ready for my hanging.”

He quickly got out of his clothes. Then he walked to her room. He opened the door to see her standing on a chair in the nude with her arms behind her back.

She was balanced precariously on a pair of high heels. She had also managed to cuff her wrists together behind her back after getting herself up there, just the way he liked. And her proud breasts were now exposed for him to enjoy.

A thick hemp noose came down from a hook in the ceiling right next to her bed. It looped snugly around her neck as her eyes flashing excitedly. The other end had been tied off.

“Like my necklace, daddy? I tied it just for you.”

“And you did a really good job tying it, honey. It looks great.”

“I can’t wait to hang for you, daddy. Can you tell how excited I am? C’mon… feel how wet I am! I like it when you play with my pussy and my tits!”

He walked right up to her, his cock saluting her sexy body. She looked down at it and licked her lips. Then he stuck his fingers into her cleanly shaved slit while groping and fondling her breasts.

She moaned as her pussy clenched around his wriggling fingers. She gasped as she writhed and whimpered. “I love it when you see how wet and excited I am for you, daddy.”

“I love it too, honey.”

“Do you like my hard nipples?”

“They’re very sexy, honey.”

“You turn me on so much, daddy. Can I kick up my heels for you now? Let me down and I’ll kick up my heels for you.”

“Sure thing, honey.”

He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up off the chair. He shoved it away with a foot. Then he slowly lowered her until the noose took her full weight, her heels wriggling a couple inches off the floor.

At first she winced, her feet fluttering anxiously for the oak floor beneath her. But it wasn’t to be. Then she managed a grimace of a smile as she started to kick.

She swung back and forth, her legs kicking in a ballet as her feet continued the futile search for solid footing. She gawked and gurgled as she tried to thrust her hips outward. That’s when he asked, “Want daddy to finger you again, honey?”

She nodded as her face began to turn red. He stepped up to her and finger-fucked her pussy. She glurked and clenched until she shuddered in orgasm.

“Did you just cum, honey?” She nodded again as her eyes began to roll.

“Would you like daddy to give you a flying fuck?” She nodded once more, almost eagerly.

He walked up to her as she brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist. She was quite wet; his cock slid right in. She took him deep inside her and then started riding him, trying to pull herself upward for some air as she let out little choking sounds.

“Feels good, honey. Does it feel good to you as well?” Somehow she managed to nod her head.

“Want daddy to cum inside you?” There was another nod of the head.

He began to thrust as she eagerly rode him. She gurgled as her vagina kept clenching around his thrusting shaft. Then her eyes rolled again as she started to shudder.

He could feel how deep and profound her orgasm was. A moment later his cock went off inside her. She gurgled and trembled as her body accepted the creamy gift. Then he slowly pulled out.

His cum dripped out of her pussy onto the floor as she gently swung back and forth. She shuddered one last time as she tried to breathe. Then she lost all consciousness as fluid trickled down her legs onto the floor. He would have a little mess to clean up, but he felt it was worth it.

When she awakened she was lying naked in her bed. The noose was still looped loosely around her throat, although it did not go up into the hook in the ceiling. She was aware of a buzzing in her cunt.

She moaned with a little smile as she reached down and grasped onto her vibrator. Then she grabbed onto the noose around her neck, pulling it hard and then fucking herself as she strangled herself. A moment later she had another mammoth orgasm that battered her senseless.

Her friends would keep; she could text them later. Right now she felt absolutely wonderful. She loved that sexy dream she kept having about daddy fucking her while she hanged in the noose. It felt strangely painful as it tired her out. But she loved how it made her feel like she was floating on air, especially with all the orgasms she got to experience.

His wife walked through the door, looking as though she’d been on her feet for hours. He looked up from his chair to ask, “Long day at the hospital, honey?”

“It was a very long day. I’m dead on my feet.” Then she looked around before asking, “Where’s Miriam?”

“Oh, you know her. She was texting all night to her friends. Last I looked she was, well… you know.”

“Playing with her noose and those toys again? I wish she’d find something else to use to masturbate with. Maybe you can use your hypnosis technique on her to break her of that. At least you got her to quit being scared of spiders.”

“Yeah. In fact she killed one this evening with her bare hand.”

“That’s not the Miriam I used to know. I like the way you helped her conquer her fear. Anyway I’m going to bed.”

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“I’m too damned tired to eat.” Then she headed off to the back bedroom.

He watched her go, enjoying the way her ass wriggled suggestively. Like mother, like daughter. But thinking of Miriam in the noose quickly triggered another erection.

Maybe he shouldn’t… aw, hell; why not. Then he gently called out, “Honey?”

“Not tonight, darling. I’m all worn out.”

“Isn’t it time you hanged for daddy?” There was no response.

He waited ten minutes, listening to the thumping and bumping from their bedroom. He couldn’t help smiling inwardly. She was just as sexy dangling in midair as their daughter Miriam.

He waited until a familiar voice called out, “Come in, daddy. I’m ready for my hanging.” She certainly didn’t sound tired anymore.

He quickly got out of his clothes. Then he walked to their room. He opened the door to see her standing on a chair in the nude with her arms behind her back, her proud breasts exposed for him to enjoy.

A thick hemp noose came down from a hook in their ceiling right next to the bed. It looped snugly around her neck, her eyes flashing excitedly. One end had already been tied off. She was standing in those high heels he enjoyed seeing her wear.

“Like my necklace, daddy? I tied it just for you.”

“And you did really well, honey. It looks great.”

“I can’t wait to hang for you, daddy. Can you tell how excited I am? C’mon… feel how wet I am!”

2018 (written Mar 22 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by another hypnosis story I read on the Internet)

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