Condom roulette (13&14)



I felt a surge of alarm and excitement as I began riding Daniel’s cock, bouncing up and down and then grinding against it. Nikki stared right back at me as she rode my husband’s dick, grinding it deep inside her as though matching me stroke for stroke. When I bounced up and down, she did the same.

Had I made a horrible mistake? Or was I going to watch Nikki die on Eric’s cock? I could see in her eyes she was having the very same thoughts. But she also looked horny as hell.

“Fuck those cocks, bitches!” Dana gasped with wicked glee. I think she desperately wanted to see somebody die; she didn’t care who. In response I began riding Daniel harder, causing Nikki to do the same on Eric’s swollen manhood.

I caught a glimpse of my husband on our bed as Nikki impaled herself again and again on his dick. There was a look in his eyes as though he didn’t know whether to be turned on or alarmed. I think he was a little bit of both.

Thinking of him getting off watching me die on Daniel’s cock really got me all hot and bothered. I began eagerly riding him, bouncing up and down on his dick. Nikki got this huge look of lust in her eyes as she excitedly rode my husband Eric.

“Look at those bitches, honey!” Dana gasped. “Gawd, they both want to die for us! Fuck me, honey; fuck me now!” By now she was on her hands and knees as Dustin fucked her hard from behind.

I couldn’t tell if she was getting it in her cunt or up the ass. But I don’t think it mattered considering how aroused she had become. “Ride those cocks, bitches!” she gasped, becoming more and more hysterical.

I got all excited thinking I might die on Daniel’s hard, glorious dick. I really started riding him, watching my husband’s expression along with the look in Nikki’s eyes. I could tell she was really getting into it as well as she began riding Eric’s cock like a wild woman.

“Kill one of ‘em!!” Dana blurted out deliriously. “Make ‘em cum and then snuff those asses!” Dustin pounded her hard as though eager for his wife’s words to cum true.

Nikki and I gave each other a wild look, gasping like crazy as we really rode the cocks in our cunts. I saw something flash in Eric’s expression as our eyes locked. A moment later his hands came up and wrapped tightly around Nikki’s throat.

Her eyes flew open and she started to rasp and gurgle. She had to fight to get any sound out at all. But I think she really wanted it when I heard her gasp… “FUCK YES… CHOKE BE… AWWKK!” That’s when she really started riding him.

At that moment I got jealous as hell. I called out to Daniel behind me, “Choke me, damn you!” That’s when I felt his hands wrap around my throat.

It swelled within me until I thought I was going to be carried away with the tide. I was going to cum and die with our friend’s husband choking the shit out of me. And Eric was looking right at me!

I desperately wanted my husband to enjoy the show. So I blurted out, “Choke me, Daniel! Make me cum, damn you-AWK!” His hands clasped tighter around my neck until I could hardly breathe at all.

Eric’s eyes were on me as he eased his grip on Nikki’s neck. She gasped like crazy, only to let out a squawk as his grip tightened almost immediately. Fuck; seeing him choke her out like that was going to make me cum… that is, if the condom didn’t get me first.

“CHOKE ‘EM; CHOKE THE BITCHES!” Dana sounded like she was losing it. Daniel released my neck and I gasped for breath, only for his hands to tighten right back up.

My eyes rolled as I shuddered hard, furiously bounding up and down on the cock inside me. Nikki looked like she was starting to thrash about. A moment later I swear I saw her squirt all over my husband’s lap as she climaxed so very, very hard. It was enough to send me right over the edge since I couldn’t get any air down my throat.

I climaxed violently, cumming up a storm. “Fuck; she’s really clenching on my cock!” Daniel gasped excitedly.

“THEY’RE BOTH CUMMING!” Dana gasped deliriously. “KILL ‘EM BOTH!”

I saw a look flash in Eric’s expression. Oh fuck; was he actually giving it some thought?? Then Daniel released my neck, allowing me a quick breath before his hands tightened around my throat again.

My eyes rolled as I shuddered hard, cumming all over his cock once more. I was dimly aware of Dana blurting out, “Fuck; I’ve got to have some of that!” I thought I saw her disengage from her husband long enough to rush for one of the strap-ons having been discarded from being used on me earlier.

The hands eased around my neck and I gasped for air. Across from me Eric was letting Nikki get her breath as well. She looked dizzy and disoriented as she tried to catch her breath. But apparently the poisoned condom hadn’t gotten either one of us…well, not yet anyway. Then I saw his hands tighten around her throat again.

She let out another squawk as she rasped “Choke be… fuck… choke be!” Damn, was Eric going to throttle her to death?? Then Daniel tightened his grip around my neck again.

“Fucking choke me!” I rasped as he throttled the shit out of me. I wanted to cum again; I didn’t care how hard he squeezed.

Nikki’s eyes rolled; she was squirting and cumming all over again. A couple seconds later I was cumming all over Daniel’s cock. I heard him cry out, “Fuck; I’m cumming too!” and I shuddered hard as my orgasm intensified.

Dana rushed up to me with a strap-on reattached to her waist. “Did you cum yet?” she asked Daniel, sounding all out of breath at the orgy taking place in our bedroom.

“Fuck yeah; I came! She was clenching like crazy!”

“Good; she’s mine now!” And with that she pulled me out of his lap off his cock.

I went tumbling onto the floor on top of her, panting like crazy while trying to get my breath back since Daniel’s hands were no longer wrapped around my throat. Then I felt her pushing that thick strap-on up into my pussy. Fuck; had she grabbed another condom?? In my haze I hadn’t paid close enough attention!

“Help me, Dustin; fuck her ass, baby!” Dana had really gone off the deep end. A moment later I felt her husband behind me, felt him pushing his cock in past my puckered anus.

Wait; was he wearing a condom too? Were they both wearing condoms?? I whimpered as I looked up at my husband on the bed, wondering what he thought of this new development. But he was too busy bouncing Nikki up and down on his cock while choking her out. Her face was red, her tongue hanging out as she rasped and gurgled.

Her nipples were protruding so much I didn’t think they could get any harder. She shuddered hard again, once more cumming all over my husband’s cock. That’s when I heard Daniel proclaim, “Damn, that’s hot, Eric! Fuck my wife and choke the shit out of her! She just had one hell of an O! You should see how red her face looks!”

I suddenly felt hands come up and wrap around my throat as Dana tried hard to thrust into my cunt with her strap-on. She had murderous lust in her eyes. Behind me I could feel Dustin trying to fuck his cock clear through my ass, all the while gasping, “Choke that bitch out, Eric! Nikki is cumming hard! Now I’m gonna pound your wife’s ass! Let’s sandwich the bitch, Dana! You choke her while I fuck this sweet ass!”

I tried to pull a breath of air into my lungs. But she was squeezing my throat too tightly. Her eyes were blazing with lust; was she going to kill me? The timing had passed for any poison to take hold; was she going to strangle me to death anyway??

I looked up to see Eric choking the shit out of Nikki, making her cum again and again. He looked like he was all caught up in the moment, horny as hell and enjoying the way neither of us bitches could hardly breathe. Did he want to see me die; did he want to see us both die?? That’s when I felt it swell within me. Fuck, maybe he did!!

I looked down to see Dana looking up at me. She gleefully released my neck and I rasped for breath. Then she reapplied her hold on me as she gasped, “Alison, you are so fucking hot! Now we’re going to make you cum yourself to death! Fuck that ass, Dustin; cum in her fucking ass as I choke her out!”

I opened my mouth but no words would come. I got all dizzy and disoriented as she thrust up into my cunt while her husband fucked the shit out of my ass. This was the last thing I ever expected to happen this night.

I looked up to see drool coming out of Nikki’s mouth. Her face was so red she looked like she was caught between life and death. Her eyes were rolled up into the back of her head as though she couldn’t stop cumming.

“CUM FOR ME, BITCH!!” Dana screamed at me. “CUM FOR ME AND DIE!!”

I got another glance at Eric’s expression. But I couldn’t tell whether he wanted it to happen or not. He certainly looked like he was all caught up in the moment.

I sensed he might not mind so much. In fact it was quite possible if not highly likely he would kill Nikki at the very same time Dana took my life with her bare hands. That’s when it went off inside me like a fireball.

I bucked and shuddered, my muscles clenching on the strap-on shoved up my pussy along with the cock ramming my throbbing butt. “Her ass is squeezing the shit out of my cock!” Dustin cried out. Somewhere I heard Daniel’s faraway voice incredulously proclaim, “Fuck; you’re going to kill them both??”

“FUCK; SHE’S CUMMING AND GOING!!” Dana cried out deliriously. And with that my body hit sensory overload. My senses just winked out as everything faded to black…

© 2016 (written for Bedeyes Oct 15 ’16 by riwa)



When consciousness returned I found myself lying sideways on the floor. I felt something in my pussy and wondered what it was until my vision cleared and I saw Dana lying there facing me, gently thrusting in and out. “Fuck, you looked incredible when you passed out!” she gasped.

I felt movement behind me; someone else was on the floor with us. Nikki wrapped her arms around me, reaching around to grasp and fondle my boobs. She panted, “I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard.”

I looked around to see Daniel still sitting in the chair, a big stupid grin on his face. “You really went off on that one, Alison.”

“What did you expect?” I panted in reply. “I thought Dana here was going to kill me for sure!”

“Maybe I should have,” she giggled before moving in close and kissing me.

The strap-on was still moving around in me a little bit, keeping me all hot and bothered. Nikki kissed me from behind as she reached around to grope my boobs. I moaned and whimpered… and then my stomach growled.

The girls giggled and then broke out laughing as though it was funny as hell. We’d had a few refreshments, but we hadn’t eaten dinner. Suddenly I felt like I was almost starving.

“To be honest, I’m kind of hungry myself,” Daniel observed with a smile, apparently having heard my stomach rumble. “I got so caught up in the evening I forgot we haven’t had supper yet.”

“Why don’t we get dressed and order Chinese?” Eric suggested. “I know a place not too far away. It’s not too late to get something. If I call it in, they ought to have it ready for us by the time we arrive.”

“Are you in?” Daniel asked Dustin. But Dana’s husband was watching us wives on the floor. He chuckled as he motioned, “You guys go ahead. I think I’ll stay here and enjoy the show”.

Eric and Daniel got up to go fetch Chinese. But I couldn’t get up because Dana’s strap-on was still inside me. And with Nikki behind me groping my tits I was in an erotic wife-sandwich.

I heard the guys getting dressed, although Dustin immediately took up the chair Daniel vacated to watch. Dana took matters into her own hands as she moved Nikki aside to roll me over onto my back. The strap-on slid out, making a wet mess on the floor.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I panted as she got on her knees, lifted my hips and then pushed the damn thing back inside.

“Just having a little fun while we can,” she giggled as she started to wriggle her hips, thrusting inside me.

That bitch Nikki quickly straddled my head, mashing her pussy against my face. I let out a muffled grunt as I was fucked while being forced to eat clam. I was hungry, but that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

“We’re really giving Dustin a show!” Nikki gasped as she mashed her cunt down on my face. I was all aroused again, wondering once more why it had taken so long for Eric and I to give in and join in one of their little swinger parties.

They groped my boobs as I heard them kissing and making out. Then someone grabbed my hand and guided it to a stiffy. Dustin must have come and knelt on the floor, deciding I needed to get him off as well.

I gave him the best handjob I could while Dana fucked me as Nikki rode my face. But after a while they let me up so we could all work on Dustin together. We started kissing him and pawing him all over as we took turns sucking his cock. The lucky bastard must have thought he’d died and gone to heaven.

I don’t know how long the guys were gone before Dustin made us all kneel over the end of the bed side by side. He started by fucking his wife on the end after she ditched the strap-on. He gave her a few thrusts before pulling out of her cunt to fuck me kneeling right in the middle. Then he pulled out to fuck Nikki on the end. It was really hot the way he went back and forth between us like that.

We heard the front door open followed by Eric’s voice proclaiming, “We’re back from the Orient!” Dustin interrupted our little trio-fucking to declare how hungry he was. I got robes for the girls and we all got up and headed out to the dining room.

I truly didn’t realize how famished I was until that wonderful smell hit me full in the face. My stomach wasn’t the only one that growled. The girls laughed as I went to the kitchen and got us all something to drink while Eric got some plates.

The guys had brought quite a bit home with them. But we still managed to eat most of it. I had no idea a swinger’s party could make one so hungry.

We laughed and joked and talked dirty, reminiscing about the evening’s festivities thus far. The girls still thought I was nuts playing condom roulette. Their husbands loved the way I was willing to risk my life over a few orgasms. I responded by telling them it was because of how wonderfully intense they were.

“Speaking of condoms,” Nikki said, giving Dana a knowing look. “There’s someone here who hasn’t tried one yet; am I right?”

“Hey, that’s right!” Daniel blurted out. “I forgot she hasn’t tried one!” Dustin looked at his wife before observing, “Well, honey… how ‘bout it?”

“Oh fuck!” she gasped. Then she looked at me and asked, “How many are left?”

“Seven… I think. The odds of survival are dwindling rapidly.”

“Oh. Um… I’m not so sure…”

“Why not?” Nikki countered in challenge. “I took one… and Alison here has taken…” She paused before looking at me in surprise. “Damn, girl. Just how many have you taken tonight?”

I had to think a minute before answering, “I’ve taken four that I know of… unless you used a condom on me while double-teaming me on the floor the last time.”

“I watched,” Dustin told me, shaking his head. “They didn’t use any… although I could tell how tempted my wife was.”

“Then I’ve taken four,” I told them proudly. “You bitches used one with the strap-ons. And your husbands each got to use one. So I’ve taken a risk four times tonight and enjoyed way more than four mind-blowing orgasms. Surely you can do one; can’t you, Dana?”

She looked at me for a moment as though she wasn’t sure of the wisdom of the whole thing. Hell, there was no wisdom about it whatsoever! It was crazy as hell but it was certainly erotic, at least for me.

“I have an idea,” Daniel spoke up. “How about if Nikki joins you?”


“Why not, honey? Wasn’t it arousing as hell? I thought you blasted off to the moon when Eric was fucking you on the bed while strangling you.”


Dana and Nikki looked at each other nervously. Maybe eating had made them realize how much they wanted to go on living just to taste good food after being so hungry. Then a wicked idea flashed in my head.

“Just a minute,” I said as I rose up from the table. “I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going, Alison?” my husband asked. But I could tell by the amused look in his eyes how he thought it was a great idea risking Nikki and Dana for a change.

I just smiled without answering as I left the dining room. I went back to our bedroom and rummaged around our special box of goodies. I felt an erotic jolt when I found what I was looking for.

I went back to the dining room and showed everyone what I’d brought back with me. “Let’s make it fun!” I blurted out with a smile. Fuck, I was getting horny again.

“Gawd!” Dana gasped when she saw what I had in my hands – two sets of handcuffs and two ball-gags.

“Oh hell yeah!” Dustin declared excitedly.

He came over and grabbed a pair of cuffs from me before going over and standing his wife up from the dining room table. He pulled that robe down off her shoulders before pulling her arms behind her back. There was no point in her resisting; her nipples had hardened right up even as she blurted out, “Honey; WAIT!” By then Daniel had come over to grab the other pair to deal with his wife.

I tossed a ball-gag to my husband and motioned over to Dana… “You know what to do, honey.” She let out a cry as Eric approached her while I took the other one over to Nikki.

Her eyes were big as saucers, but her nipples had gotten hard as pencil erasers. “You bitch! You’re enjoying this, aren’t you!” But that’s all Daniel’s wife got out as I roughly shoved the gag into her mouth, smiling cruelly as I began securing it by the strap around the back of her head…

© 2016 (written for Bedeyes Oct 23 ’16 by riwa)

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