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Brenda’s special talent

To make ends meet, Brenda uses her breath-holding talents to make some extra money by performing in Jacuzzi rooms for special clients. But isn’t it dangerous being alone in these rooms with them? I suppose it depends on the client you get. Continue reading

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“Fireman Sam to the rekscue!”

A home-assembled guillotine… and an unlocked door. Continue reading

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May 15, 2018 Update

Wednesday morning May 2 I got in my explorer and hauled a load of yard sale items up to see my mom who lives 670 miles away. That required 3 gas fill-ups in order to get there. But I hadn’t … Continue reading

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My summer with Stan (male themes)

He stays with Stan over the summer. But it is Stan’s brother Glenn who he develops a bond with when it comes to breathholding underwater. Continue reading

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Victor’s Guillotine 9

Victor’s guillotine is back in operation as the addicted ladies take turns going for a risky ride while being fucked by their husbands. Continue reading

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Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club 9

Who will hang first: Janelle or her mother? And will it be traumatic or erotic? Continue reading

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The Haunted House by Miriam

Miriam loses control of her car on a lonely road. She finds a vacant manor for shelter in the growing storm, only to discover she is trapped inside and can’t get out. Continue reading

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Patreon and Riwas Reads updates

Riwa’s Stories at Patreon Coming May rewards More of the Island of Death-row Inmates, and of Jaime and her husband watching the Club fundraiser A story about a serial hangman A dark Fetish model Short drowning and asphyxia stories And … Continue reading

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The Mincer

They get paid a lot of money to toss her into the mincer. Continue reading

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Berlin 1945

After the Berlin conquest, the Russians are invading homes raping the females. Her only option may be to hang herself before they reach her apartment. Continue reading

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