Welcome to my story site. Here you will find a variety of stories, hopefully some of which will suit your particular tastes. All I ask is that you do not repost any of my stories in any other location.

I’ve been writing since 2003 and have written a large number of stories. The majority of them have been water related as that is my primary interest. But that has not limited me to try my hand at other types of stories.

I’ve written custom stories and I’ve written for a variety of tastes. So don’t be surprised at what you might find in here. Some stories might not be to your liking, but you might find others suitable to your interests. Instead of leaving a comment on what you DON’T like, it would be more helpful if you commented on what you DID like.

On the right side of the page you will find a calendar. Highlighted in blue are the dates of any postings I have made to the website.

Below that is a slot for you to select a category of your choice. It lists the number of current posts to that particular category. In addition, there will be some stories that crossover into more than one category. So for instance, don’t be surprised if you find a drowning story I wrote for Emma listed in both DROWNING TALES and EMMA STORIES.

Underneath the categories is a listing of my five most recent posts. Below that is a listing of all the tags I have used to indicate what you will find in certain stories. You can choose to click on a tag and it will create its own category with a list of tales. Be advised not every story is tagged.

There is a rating system for you to use if you so desire. You might like to rate your favorite stories and those ratings will show up on the right hand side for others to see. Who knows, it might make someone curious to read a particular story you liked or it might lead you to a story you were not aware of.

If you are looking for a certain story but can’t remember the particulars then you can try using the search function located in the upper right hand corner. Just type in a word or phrase and any story with that information will be brought up in list form. Each story title comes with a brief synopsis, letting you know what the tale is about.

Feel free to leave comments, especially if you find a particular story to your liking or if you’d like to see more along a certain theme. And feel free to check out my blog. I’ll try to post something useful or interesting in there from time to time.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit!

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