(Note: clicking on any link will take you directly to a listing of those stories. The listing will start by showing the most recently posted story. Each story title will include a brief synopsis. I hope these categories are helpful. Please leave comments below if you have any thoughts or suggestions on these categories or the tags I use.)

Listed alphabetically

Asphyxia Stories – stories whose main focus is on the restriction of breathing (drowning has its own separate category). These stories can include but are not limited to situations involving hanging, strangling, choking and breath-play. Some EMMA STORIES and PICTURE STORIES overlap into this category.

Beheading Stories – stories where a character loses his or her head by means of axe, guillotine, sword or other sharp-edged implement. It is not a topic I often write about. But I have received requests from several fans and have grouped those stories here. Be advised as there may be blood, gore and some butchering in these tales.

Blog – a place where I post updates about my life, my writings, the library or any other topic I may deem pertinent or interesting enough to post about.

Drowning Stories – stories where a character drowns or nearly drowns. Some EMMA STORIES and PICTURE STORIES overlap into this category. All of the Jqpublic Stories fall into this category and are listed as a sub-category. This category is the one in which I have written the largest number of stories.

Dorothy and her friends – Stories written for Dorothy and her friends who live over in England. Sometimes their friend Aneeqa is included. These ladies have been an encouragement to me and have often inspired me to try writing on different subjects.

Emma Stories – stories written for a friend named Emma who lives on the east coast of the US. Her stories are mostly of the nature of a damsel in distress. She has these fantasies of getting herself into all kinds of trouble, situations that often overlap into the DROWNING or ASPHYXIA categories. Sometimes she will even get herself into a sexual dilemma with males and/or females.

Hannah (ASPHYXIA sub-category) – a series of chapters about a young woman named Hannah and her “enlightenment” on the subject of hanging. She witnesses her father butt-fucking and hanging one of the servant girls, starting her down the path of enlightenment toward experiencing hanging for herself. She makes many astonishing and somewhat disturbing discoveries along the way. You will find the first chapter here.

Joan (UNDERWATER sub-category) – a series of chapters about a woman next door named Joan. Many of the chapters involve the use of a hot tub, although later chapters move into swimming pools. These generally tend to be chapters of an erotic nature involving both male and female participants. You will find the first chapter here.

Jqpublic Stories (DROWNING sub-category) – stories written for a friend of mine who goes by the name jqpublic. These are predominantly drowning or near-drowning stories. They tend to be accidental in nature (but not all) and often include a female celebrity. His stories usually emphasize some task that needs to be performed and the ability of the character to hold her breath long enough to accomplish the task. Included are many underwater erotic male-female and female-female encounters.

Katia (ASPHYXIA sub-category) – a series of chapters about a woman named Katia who is kidnapped while on a date. She is turned over to a cruel and sadistic Mistress who attempts to train her into becoming someone who will willing serve as an executioner for other poor, unfortunate females who fall into the wrong hands. You will find the first chapter here.

Picture Stories – stories that are illustrated by a large number of pictures included with the text. These stories will usually but not always overlap other categories. Stories that contain only one or two pictures for illustration are not included here, but can be found using the pictures tag listed among the tags on the right side of the page.

Picture Stories – Aqua Fantasies – stories that are illustrated with pictures from the production company Aqua Fantasies which closed back around 2001. These pictures are underwater in nature and are related to drowning, erotica or some form of underwater situation.

Shelly (UNDERWATER sub-category) – a series of chapters (31 plus a poem) about a character I invented named Shelly who loves being underwater and has a fascination with drowning. This was my first long series and I pictured myself as the narrator in the first 20 chapters before I wrote about her adventures in Cancun. You might even say that as a writer I had a bit of a crush on Shelly. You will find the first chapter here.

Snuff Club series – *My visit to the Snuff Club (SNUFF CLUB STORIES sub-category) – a series of chapters (40) about my introduction to a fictional location known as the Snuff Club (the first series in the Snuff Club saga). I was instructed by a husband to bring his wife I was having an affair with to the Club for the purposes of arranging for her to be executed. While here I end up meeting another woman. The rest of the story involves our time together in the Club, her search for the truth about her mother and sisters and her subsequent desire to join them in a manner similar to how they were snuffed. This series was inspired by a number of chats I had with a female online who goes by the name of Bedeyes. You will find the first chapter here.

Snuff Club series – Aravanna the guillotine slut (SNUFF CLUB STORIES sub-category) – a series of chapters (18) about a friend overseas who goes by the name Aravanna who has this fascination with the guillotine. You will find the first chapter here.

Snuff Club series – Jaime (SNUFF CLUB STORIES sub-category) – a series of chapters (32) about a woman named Jaime who decides to go to the Snuff Club with her husband on their anniversary. She actually considers allowing him to snuff her in some erotic manner as a special present to him. You will find the first chapter here.

Snuff Club series – Mr. Wayne (SNUFF CLUB STORIES sub-category) – a series of chapters (18) about a man named Mr. Wayne who explores how some women are attracted to dangerous men. This series was inspired by a couple of television crime dramas about serial killers and the females who seem to be drawn to them. You will find the first chapter here.

Snuff Club Stories – stories about what goes on inside a fictional casino/Snuff Club. It has an Entertainment stage for the purpose of live executions featuring a gallows, drowning tank, electric chair/garroting chair, impalement cross and two guillotines. It also has sex rooms and private snuff rooms. Stories include A night to remember (Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6, Ch 7), A wife’s proposal (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Chastity’s little fuck-toy (Part 1, Part 2), Magalie’s execution, The whore’s last fuck, and Vanessa’s Education (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

Snuff Teri 5.0 – a series of chapters (13) that take place on the holodeck of the Starship Enterprise about a man who executes a woman named Teri using a variety of methods. 1 Electric Chair Teri2 Snake-dinner Teri, 3 Upside down Teri, 4 Guillotine Teris, 5 Long-drop Teris, 6 Garrote Teri, 7 Lesbian Teri hangs, 8 Dunked Teri, 9 Shrink-wrap Teri, 10 Pole-dancing Teri drowns, 11 Microkini Teri hangs, 12 The last Teri (beheading), 13 Make me cum! (hanging).

The Island of Female Death-row Inmates (DROWNING sub-category) – a series of chapters (28) about female death-row inmates who have been brought to an island to be executed by drowning. But the ruler of the Island in an act of mercy arranges a contest so that the last inmate left standing after a series of underwater challenges will not be executed. You will find the first chapter here.

The Olsen’s Secret Dive trip (DROWNING sub-category) – an interactive series of chapters (15 total) about the Olsen twins and how a scuba diving trip turns deadly. I designed it so that you as the reader get to choose how the story plays out. You will find the first chapter here.

Uncategorized – stories that do not fit into any of the above categories.

Underwater Stories – stories that take place in or underwater. These can include anything from a bathtub to the ocean and often will be of an erotic nature. Since there is a separate drowning category you will not find any of those stories here, although there may be a few tense moments.

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