My drowning Master (graphic)

“C’mon, cunt!” a familiar voice calls for me and I obediently rise to my feet. I’m dressed in a pair of stilettos, forcing me to concentrate on keeping my balance. The only other things I wear are a red ball-gag strapped into my mouth and a leather collar around my neck, a leash dangling down from a ring in front of my neck

My arms are crossed and bound behind my back, forcing my tits to lewdly stick out. It means I have to walk carefully. One false step in my heels and I’ll tumble onto the floor.

My current Master Steve has packed a small bag of clothes for me and I find myself idly wondering what he packed. I’m only supposed to be gone for a week and since I’m going to be in the hands of another Master I suspect he only packed garments that will be scanty, skimpy and sexy. I find myself trembling at the prospects of finding myself in the hands of a new Master for awhile. I think the change will be fun!

When I emerge out into the foyer I see he’s standing there with someone who is similar in height and weight. But when I see my new Master’s face I’m actually a little disappointed and my expectations deflate. He’s not the least bit intimidating and he has the face of a sensitive soul. Hell, he’s probably even got one of those average cocks!

As I draw closer I hear the tail end of their conversation. “Ah, here she comes now, the fucking cunt!” Steve says with a smile. In his hand is the bag of clothes he’s packed for me.

“Here are her clothes; what few you will probably need.” …and he hands the new guy the bag. “…and here are the keys!” he finishes, picking up my leash and putting it in the guy’s hand. Then he grabs me by my chin and shakes my head.

“You’re going to be a good girl for your new Master, aren’t you!” he warns. “I’m going to be so disappointed if you’re not.” I grunt and nod my head, figuring that I’ll probably find some way to be entertained by this new guy.

“All I ask is that you bring her back in one piece with all of her holes still usable,” Steve tells my new Master with a grin. “Anything else is fair game. Any other questions?” The guy shakes his head and looks at me with a smile, admiring my form.

“Be good, cunt!” Steve tells me as he swats my ass with a loud smack. Then he gives me this dangerous look as though he knows I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. That’s when I find myself getting wet down below.

The new guy parades me around in my nudity before leading me out to the parking lot. He has some sort of Explorer parked out there and he stops in back. I guess I was expecting something a little fancier and once more I find myself wondering how much fun I’m actually going to have with someone the likes of him.

He opens the back and tosses in my bag. Then to my utter astonishment he shoves me in with it! I bounce with a grunt, my cunt suddenly getting wet again. “Whores do NOT ride in front!” he explains with an air of menace and he shuts me in with my bag.

I hear him climb in front and a moment later we roar off. I find myself rolling around in the rear of his vehicle, my arms still secured and useless behind my back. I have this growing tingling inside me as though I’ve seriously misjudged him. I’ll soon find out just how wrong first impressions can be!

After a ride of about 45 minutes we screech to a halt. He steps out of the vehicle, comes around back and lets me out. But my clothes stay and I find myself wondering what the hell is going on.

I smell the salt air moments before I discover we’re at a private dock. There’s a 25 foot cabin cruiser waiting for us and my heart skips a beat as he leads me by my leash in that direction, acting as though my nudity is no big deal. I love being tortured in the water and if we’re heading out to sea I deduce that this is going to be more enjoyable than I first expected.

As we get closer I see a woman on board waiting for us. I can tell from her complexion that she’s from somewhere in South America and she has an element of menace to her features. I find myself looking forward to my time with her.

“IS THIS THE WHORE?” she calls out in disgust as though she’s expecting more. I find it ironic that my diminished expectations of my new Master are now mirrored by her diminished expectations of me.

“THIS IS THE ONE!” my new Master hollers back as he leads me to the boat. We climb on board and she gives me a good going over, poking and prodding me with her hands.

“She’ll do,” the bitch sneers as though forced to accept my meager offering. “Mind if I take her below while you get us out of here?”

“Not at all,” he says with a grin. “Be my guest.” The bitch jerks me down a set of stairs into the cabin below.

The first thing I notice is that the sides and a section of the bottom are made of Plexiglas. It actually feels like I’m underwater down here and my breath catches in my throat! Then she removes my ball-gag before throwing me onto the bed.

“We’ve got 45 minutes to get acquainted before we reach the reef, cunt! So let’s get started!” A moment later she peels out of her clothes and then climbs into bed with me, sitting on my face and smothering me as she orders me to lick her pussy.

Cunt-licking turns out to be the least of my troubles. She begins slapping my wet muff, making me grunt and flinch with each swat. She still expects me to lick her and get her off and I jerk and grunt and flinch with each smack.

From there she graduates to a rather massive strap-on, and for the next 40 minutes I’m brutally raped in every hole. She hammers my cunt and then splits my ass open wide as she furiously rapes my shit-hole. Then she jams the damn thing halfway down my throat until I can’t fucking breathe and I taste my ass on her strap-on.

She’s brutal as hell and she forces orgasm after orgasm out of my ravaged body. It doesn’t seem to matter what hole she uses; I’m nothing more to her then an orgasmic whore who can’t stop cumming no matter which hole is abused. She takes great delight in forcing orgasms out of me and in no time at all the bed is wet from my many cums.

All too soon we’re at the designated location and she puts the strap-on away, allowing me to catch my breath. It’s a reef I’m familiar with and when she brings me topside I see that we’re all alone. There are no other boats in the immediate vicinity, meaning they can do to me whatever they want without any worries of being disturbed or interrupted.

“How was she?” he asks from the controls with a smirk. I see he’s wearing nothing but a pair of swim trunks.

“She’s a fucking whore, all right,” she tells him with a smile. “The cunt never stopped cumming once I started raping her ass. I even came several times just pounding the shit out of her! This one might be a good one after all!” I actually feel a small jolt of pride at that remark and I shudder, wondering what they have in store for me next.

The bitch finally frees my arms from behind my back, only to secure my hands in front of me. Master swings around the arm to a hydraulic hoist where he lowers a cable down with a hook on the end of it.  He snags the rope binding my wrists together with the hook and then lifts me up off the deck until I’m swaying back and forth from the gentle ocean waves.

What really makes me nervous is when the bitch who raped me ties little weights around each ankle. “How long can she hold her breath?” she asks my new Master curiously and he tells her what Steve must’ve told him: that I’ve been working on holding my breath and can push it anywhere from 3 to 4 minutes or longer if properly motivated.

“Excellent!” she proclaims with wicked glee. “I think we can ‘properly motivate’ the slut!” Then she slaps my face.

“Ready to drown, cunt?” she giggles. “…because we’re sure as hell looking forward to it!”

I gasp anxiously and then cry out as she gives me a push, setting me to swinging back and forth. ‘They’re going to torture my lungs!’ I tell myself and I start to breathe deeply, preparing for some very long breath-holds.

I cry out again as the hoist swings me out over the side and I’m left dangling naked near the bow, naked except for the heels and collar I’m still wearing. The fucking bitch is still naked as well, not having bothered to put anything on before bringing me up from the cabin.

I find myself craving her clean-shaven pussy once again. But I also look longingly at my new Master’s trunks, wondering if I’m making him hard and what his cock would feel like inside me.

“Let me do it!” the bitch requests as he grabs the remote. “You just get on down there and enjoy the show! I’ll be along in a second!”

They kiss as he hands it to her. Then he smiles at me as he heads down into the cabin, leaving the two of us alone up on deck.

“Any last words, cunt?” she challenges me. When I tell her nothing she just sneers at me. “Fine! Go to hell, bitch!” Then she hits a button and the bottom falls out from underneath me. I sharply inhale moments before I hit the cool waters of the reef with a splash.

My stomach lurches until I’m pulled up short with a jerk, air bubbling out of my nostrils. That’s when I find myself looking in through the glass of the boat to the cabin beyond. Master is in there sitting on the edge of the bed, totally naked now as he slowly strokes his impressive member while watching me. I find myself looking forward to feeling his cock fucking all of my holes.

I watch the bitch join him on the bed, sitting down next him so they can watch the fun together. The weights pull down on my ankles, preventing me from trying to pull myself up. I’m not going anywhere and my body slowly twists on the cable as I hold my breath, dangling in the cool water.

As they twist back around into view I notice that she too is now starting to touch herself all over. Her hand moves down and she starts fingering her cunt as I allow a few bubbles to slip past my lips. The two of them are simply sitting there watching me, getting off on my dangling in the water right in front of them!

I can feel a fire in my cunt and I rub my thighs together, feeling the buildup to a wonderful detonation. But now I can also feel the gentle strain in my lungs. It’s been over 2 minutes but I can hold it longer if need be. By the looks of things I can tell I’m going to have to as neither one of them seems the least bit anxious to haul my ass back up on deck any time soon.

I do a little ballet for them, gyrating a little with my body as I twist back and forth. My lungs begin to burn but still I press on, anxious to impress my new Master and the one who appears to be my new Mistress as well. I can feel my climax building and I sense these two are going to push me to my very limits.

I lose a little more air but all they do is continue rubbing themselves. They’re just sitting there watching me, and for the first time since they strung me up I feel a jolt of alarm. Is that all they’re going to do? …just sit there and watch me hold my fucking breath??

My climax rushes closer and I fight to hold it back as my lungs start to heave in my chest. I suspect I’m really going to have to push this one and I grunt and bubble as the strain in my lungs gets worse. But they just keep stroking themselves as they watch me and I can tell they’re both excited about my suffering.

The agony in my chest intensifies, the gnawing fear suddenly triggering my orgasm as it explodes in my throbbing cunt. Air bursts out of my mouth as my body jerks on the cable to the hoist. My eyes roll as my hands flex uselessly above me, my body bucking and shuddering. Then it’s gone… and yet I’m still in the water outside the cabin!

“LET ME UP!” my mind screams and I begin to thrash about in growing panic.

Neither one moves in an effort to haul me up out of the water. Also I don’t see the controls to the hydraulic hoist in their hands and I feel a real jolt of fear. They just lean forward as though not wanting to miss a moment of my suffering. That’s when it suddenly occurs to me…


My cheeks bulge as my lungs scream in my chest and I thrash around like a fish on a line. I fight like hell but it’s a losing battle and my fear and arousal swirl together in a hurricane of intensely conflicting emotions. I swear it’s my longest breath-hold ever when my lungs finally give out.

Air bursts out of my mouth but Master and Mistress simply lean forward even more as though eager for my demise, furiously rubbing and stroking themselves. I swallow water and it triggers a coughing reflex. Then I inhale again and that’s when I get water down my windpipe.

Instantly I start thrashing about on the cable to the hoist like a fish pulled out of the water and left flopping at the end of a line. That’s when an even bigger orgasm goes off in my cunt, surging through my entire body like a flash fire. It sets my body to bucking and shuddering as water goes down my mouth… nose…throat… windpipe.

It hurts like hell, like it’s virtually raping my entire body. I swear I feel water violating every pore, violating every opening. I scream and thrash about, bubbles freely flowing out of my mouth as my lungs fill with fluid. My final climax works in tandem with my drowning throes and my body is devastated, ravaged by an unbelievable orgasm.

In the cabin they furiously stroke and finger themselves until I see the bastard spurt his seed in my direction, splattering the Plexiglas. She opens her mouth to scream and I can tell she’s cumming too, the fucking bitch! Then my body shudders as my muscles fail me and I hang limp, my eyes wide in shock that they have actually drowned me!

As I dangle there I stare vacantly, my body twitching from sporadic muscle spasms. That doesn’t motivate them to save my ass at all! They both just sit there, watching excitedly in the afterglow of their fucking orgasms, not bothering to lift a single finger to help me!

As my vision starts to fade I watch as my new Mistress finally climbs up off the bed and disappears. Then I can’t see anything at all, and I feel myself drifting towards unconsciousness. The last thing I’m aware of is my own screams echoing in my mind…

“They drowned me – they drowned me – THEY FUCKING DROWNED ME!”

The hoist hauls me up and I’m lowered onto the deck of the cabin cruiser, limp and lifeless. Mistress is up there with me and she administers CPR until I’m revived from my ordeal, coughing and sputtering. The bitch just grins sadistically at me.

“Ready to go again, honey?” she giggles. Then to my complete and utter horror she makes a deliberate show of activating the controls to the hoist, lifting me back up into the air.

I gasp in horror, my eyes wide in disbelief as I start to hyperventilate. The hoist swings me back out over the side and I’m stunned that they’re going to drown me all over again! “Buh-bye, bitch!” she giggles and I scream as the bottom falls out from underneath me.

I hit the water with a splash, too stunned to get a decent breath. I submerge until I’m jerked up short again, staring into the interior of the cabin in absolute horror. My bastard of a new Master looks back at me with a lustful expression on his face and I can’t fucking believe he’s actually going to let me drown again!

At that moment Mistress comes down into the cabin with a big smile on her face. She smiles at me and waves and it looks like the bitch is giggling or something. Then she gently kneels in front of Master, lovingly taking his cock into her mouth.

As she begins to suck on his manhood she sneaks glances in my direction, winking at me. I start to wriggle and thrash about, my lungs already hurting from not getting a decent breath before I was dropped into the water. I can feel my anxiety rising as my lungs start to heave in my chest.

She gobbles down his cock – the cock I had assumed would be mine – and I start to kick as I try to free myself. I remember how much it hurt drowning the last time and I plead with my eyes for them to take me back up. My cunt is on fire; my next orgasm is going to be devastating.

The ache in my chest becomes an inferno and I thrash around, kicking and bubbling. Mistress turns to watch me with a sadistic grin on her face as she strokes my new Master’s cock. I scream and bubble, frantically trying to hold my breath. But I can’t hold out forever!

My lungs explode with a massive flush of bubbles and I strain for all I’m worth. Then I suck down water and I’m drowning again, my body bucking and shuddering as I fight a losing battle. My orgasm erupts in a volcanic explosion of molten pleasure mixed with incredible pain and my eyes roll as I spasm on the hoist. And then I pass out again…

When I regain consciousness I’m back on deck lying flat on my back, Mistress having just revived me again. To my horror the naked bitch activates the winch and I’m hauled back up into the air. “Third time’s a charm, cunt!” she giggles as I’m swung out over the side and once more the bottom drops out beneath my feet.

This time I get a decent breath of air before I’m pulled beneath the surface. Once more I see Master sitting on that damn bed, stroking himself as I dangle in the cool water outside the cabin. And once more Mistress comes down, kneels between his legs and starts lovingly sucking his cock as I hang there watching it all.

I shake my head, bubbling helplessly as I start to wriggle again. It just gets them off, the fucking bastards! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe my Master Steve would turn me over to such cruel and sadistic individuals.

Once again I strain for all I’m worth, instinctively holding my breath until the very last moment. Perhaps it would be easier if I gave in sooner; tried to take away their fun. But I can’t do it; the survival instinct is strong within me and I fight until my very last breath…

…and then I’m drowning again – drowning painfully – and I scream as my climax hits me with devastating fury! My cums are sublime in their hideous agony and I suffer orgasm after orgasm, rich in intensity and fueled from the awful pain of drowning over and over again. I have just enough vision to see Mistress furiously rubbing herself as she gulps Master’s cock down her throat before I pass out yet again…

When I awaken I’m flat on my back on the deck of the cabin cruiser, coughing up water. This time my naked Master tends to me and I moan weakly. There’s a dangerous look in his eye and I suddenly have good reason to fear him.

“I’ve got something for you, cunt,” he grins. “It’s going to help you but you might not think so at first.” Then he straps a mask onto my face with a small, clear plastic hose.

I suspect it might be oxygen of some sort and I brace for the refreshing flow to my lungs. Instead I hear the sound of a vacuum pump and I feel the air being sucked out of my lungs! I can’t breathe at all; the damned machine is stealing my breath away!

“This clears out the moisture first,” he explains and I writhe and struggle, trying to shed the damned mask from my mouth. I’m hit by another devastating climax and my eyes roll as it batters me senseless. Then I’m unconscious again.

When I come around it’s to the rich taste of oxygen in my lungs as I dangle once more from the cable to the hoist. My head clears quickly and I’m breathing much better. Then Master takes the mask away from me and I writhe and whimper, wishing for more of that sweet-tasting oxygen.

“Mistress thinks you need to be adorned a little more,” he tells me with a cruel smile and I see him reach into a small bag. He pulls out some small weights attached to thin chains with little alligator clamps on the ends of them. I wriggle helplessly, crying out in pain as he attaches each one to my erect nipples, the weights pulling down against my tits. Then the bastard swings me back out over the side.

“Put on a good show for us,” he laughs at me. Then I cry out as I’m dropped into the water with a splash.

Once more the cable pulls me up short when I hit the end, leaving me dangling just outside the cabin’s interior. Mistress is sitting on the bed this time and as Master joins her he puts fingers into her wet cunt and starts to wriggle them. She reaches across to stroke his cock and they masturbate each other to my suffering.

The weights pull on the alligator clamps attached to my nipples, adding a sweet agony to my suffering. I wriggle and squirm, the weights bouncing up and down as I grunt and bubble. It hurts like hell… and yet I can detect an approaching orgasm that threatens to be disturbingly massive.

I writhe and thrash about, struggling desperately to free myself. That just makes them masturbate each other that much more, eagerly working pleasure into each other as they watch me suffer. I can’t believe they are doing this to me one more time!

I fight like hell to hold my breath, praying that perhaps this will be the one where they will pull me up in time. I try to convince myself that this time they only want to test my lungs. Then my chest starts heaving again and the knowledge that I’m going to drown yet again sets in with full force.

I scream my breath away, jerking painfully as I suck a huge mouthful of water down into my lungs. I begin to buck and jerk as my orgasm slams into me like a runaway locomotive. The weights hanging from my tits bounce lewdly, the pain intensifying my climax as my body thrashes about in the throes of drowning.

Mistress looks like she’s cumming as Master fingers her cunt hard. She strokes him like she wants to rip his cock off! Then his cum spurts into the air again.

I shudder painfully as water once again invades ever fiber of my being. Then I hang limp, my eyes wide in shock. Tiny bubbles slip out past my parted lips as I’m ravaged by an insanity of muscle twitches. The last thing I see is the two of them grinning excitedly at me…

Once again I awaken on deck lying flat on my back. No sooner have I stopped coughing up water from Master’s attempts to revive me when he hauls me back up into the air by my arms. I writhe and whimper, thinking, ‘Oh no; not again??!!’

“Mistress wants more ornaments,” he explains simply and once more he starts digging into that bag of tricks. He comes up with two more weights with thin chains attached to alligator clamps. “She wants these HERE.” …and he begins clamping them to the folds of my labia.

I scream in sublime agony, my body shuddering. I can almost picture her down in the cabin listening to my shrieks of pain and smirking with glee. Then he pulls out one more.

“This one is supposed to go to your clit,” he says with a sadistic smile and when he attaches it I climax hard, squirting fluid all over his hand as he lets it hang with the others.

“That’ll be one more painful drowning for you, cunt!” he barks at me, shaking my discharge off his hand. Then he swings me out over the side and drops me without even so much as a warning to take a deep breath. I hit the water with a splash and sink like a stone, pulling up short yet again outside the Plexiglas to the cabin by the cable to the hoist.

I scream and bubble, my body kicking and thrashing about as Master once more comes down and sits next to Mistress. Then he begins fingering her fucking cunt! I’d love to swap places with her, have her drown out here while I fuck Master in there! But it is not to be and the weights bounce painfully from their chains, the divine pain welcoming my approaching climax.

I’m hit by another devastating orgasm and I find myself wondering if a woman can die from too many cums. It feels terrible and wonderful, all rolled into one massive wave that courses through my body. By the time it passes I realize it has left me breathless again… and once more I know I’m going to drown!!

My lungs are on fire and I fight like hell to hold my breath. But Master and Mistress do nothing to help me, choosing instead to get each other off as they continue watching my suffering. As I blow my breath away it looks like the bitch has another fucking orgasm.

I pop off again with another devastating climax and it steals my air away. I gurgle and start to drown again, thrashing about like mad. It sets the weights to bouncing off my tits, labia and clit and it feels like I’m hit by one massive orgasm after another.

The only mercy I get is when the pain lessens as I hang limp and lifeless, my eyes wide in horror that they have enjoyed drowning me yet again. Then I mercifully collapse into unconsciousness, my eyes glazed over. I’m hauled back on board, only to be revived by my fucking Master so he can do it all over again…

I’m groggy as he removes the hook to the cable from my wrists. Instead, he shackles my ankles together and puts the hook there. Then I’m hauled up into the air upside down.

“Mistress is getting bored,” he explains, “so you’re changing positions.” Then he drops me head first into the cool waters of the reef. Now the weights clamped to my intimate parts hang down in reverse and my agony returns, sublime and yet oh so painful!

This time when he returns Mistress sits in Master’s lap on the edge of the bed, impaled by his hard cock. She eagerly rides him as she furiously fingers her clit, watching me suffer upside down with great joy. The sight is horrifically erotic and it adds to my suffering as I wriggle around.

It occurs to me they could release me from the hoist, sending me straight to the bottom. It’s no more than 25 or 30 feet below me but it would be more than enough to drown my sorry ass. As water flows into my nose, stinging my sinuses, I begin to thrash about again, not wanting to drown yet one more time!

My nipples and labia hurt like hell, my clit throbbing from an intense agony that is unlike any other. And yet I can feel the approach of yet another massive orgasm from a combination of exquisite pain, great pleasure and a forced breath-hold. The agony only adds to my delicious suffering and I can’t help but welcome it, knowing my climax will be so painfully delicious, so exquisitely devastating!

I thrash about like a captured fish frantically trying to shed the hook in its mouth as my lungs burn in my chest. I know that I’m about to drown yet again and it fills me with a fearful arousal. Each time it has hurt like hell; this time will be no different!

Inside the cabin Mistress appears to be greatly excited, shouting at me as though she can’t wait to see me suck water again. She enthusiastically rides Master’s cock, nodding at me as though urging me to get on with drowning myself. That’s when my climax slams into me and my whole body quakes and sways as my eyes roll, air spewing freely out of my mouth.

Once again I’m out of breath, the painfully wondrous orgasm cruelly stealing it from me. It isn’t long until the rest of it bursts out of my mouth. I’m drowning again – drowning painfully hard – and I’m ravaged by yet another all-encompassing orgasm that touches every fiber of my being.

I shudder like mad, coughing bubbles as my lungs flood. I convulse painfully until I hang limp once again. My eyes stare vacantly as my mind screams in agony… and then I mercifully pass out again…

When consciousness returns I see the bitch is back. “Isn’t this fun?” she giggles as I lay flat on my back on the deck of the craft, fighting to get my breath back. I moan weakly and my body feels like I’ve been walked upon by a herd of elephants.

“C’mon, bitch!” she insists, pulling on the weights to my nipple clamps. “I said ‘Isn’t’ this FUN’?” …and she jerks hard. I yelp and whimper, my damn pussy throbbing yet again.

“I just LOVE this part!” she giggles as she straps the mask back onto my face and turns the machine on. “Sucks the air AND moisture right out of those fucking lungs! Does it hurt, bitch?” …and she pulls on the weights to my labia.

I writhe and cry out, another orgasm washing through me as I can’t hardly breathe. Then she flips a switch or something and my lungs expand, filled with pure oxygen. She giggles and flips the switch yet again and the damned thing steals my air, leaving me breathless as she pulls on my chains.

I grunt and moan and try to cry out as another orgasm tears through me. Then she flips the switch once more and my lungs are inflated. “We’re going to have some fun, bitch; you and I!” she declares and she pulls the mask off.

Once more the hoist pulls me back up into the air, this time by my wrists. Then I’m swung out over the side. “Be with you in a minute, luv!” she giggles. Then she drops me into the clear waters of the reef.

The weights still hurt but I’ve grown accustomed to the pain somewhat. Once more I look in through the Plexiglas to see Master looking out at me. Then I hear a splash.  Looking up I see that Mistress has jumped naked into the water with me.

She swims down, looks toward the boat and blows a bubbly kiss at Master. Then she starts pulling on the many weights hanging down from the alligator clamps attached to me. I jerk and whimper and moan and bubble as she wraps her legs around me and rides me, mashing her pussy into mine.

I grunt and bubble as the familiar strain eventually returns. This time I think that perhaps they have tired of drowning me and that Mistress will now simply torture my lungs as she cruelly jerks on the weights. But I’ve misjudged her yet again as she slides down my body and then slowly pushes her entire fist into my aching cunt.

I jerk and bubble in alarm, helpless to do anything to stop her. She turns to look into the cabin at Master and I see her wicked grin reflected back to me from the Plexiglas. Then she really starts fisting me hard.

I jerk and grunt and bubble again as my lungs start to heave. But the bitch is relentless. My breathlessness adds to the pain and agony of my situation. Then she proceeds to fist-fuck a rather deliciously painful orgasm out of my ravaged body.

I buck and shudder like mad, quickly losing the rest of my air as it bubbles away. She keeps on fucking me with her fist as Master furiously strokes his cock. My lungs strain until they’re on fire but she won’t quit.

My lungs give out with a burst of air but she just keeps fisting my cunt as though she’s trying to drive the last of my breath out of my body. I gurgle and then convulse as I start to drown yet again. She just fists me that much harder and the resulting orgasm is so monstrous that it sends me into merciful oblivion.

I stare with wide, unseeing eyes as she continues to fist me. Then she swims up and activates the hoist. My lifeless body is hauled back up until I’m flat on my back on deck so the fucking bitch can revive me again.

I’m not above the surface long before I’m dropped back down into the water and left to dangle from the hoist in front of the Plexiglas to the cabin. Master continues to stroke his cock as Mistress comes down to yank on my weights again. But this time she pushes her fist past my anal sphincter and proceeds to fist-fuck my ass.

I scream my air away as I’m devastated by yet another orgasm, my eyes rolling as my hands flex helplessly. It hurts like hell, especially when she keeps fisting me just as hard as she can. This time the orgasm doesn’t stop – it just keeps rolling and rolling in waves inside me. My body shudders as I gurgle and then start to suck water again.

Master jerks on his fucking cock as I drown once more. It isn’t any less painful than any of the previous times… or even the FIRST time for that matter! Once again I buck and shudder, weakly trying to kick with my shackled ankles until I pass out and hang limp, my eyes glazed over…

When I awaken up on deck again I see that Mistress is the one who has revived me yet again. I cough and sputter, my cunt aching and my ass throbbing. Then she pulls out a couple of inflatable plugs and I stare in abject horror.

“Master’s going to fuck me this time as you drown, cunt!” she gasps breathlessly. “I just wanted to find something appropriate to plug those slutty holes of yours!”

I moan and whimper, writhing in agony as she puts the first one in my cunt, pumping it up until I think it’s going to rip me apart. I cry out, gasping and groaning like crazy as I feel another orgasm coming my way. I’m almost certain this next one is going to kill me. Maybe then this will all be over.

Next she brutally shoves a plug up my ass and then starts to inflate it. “This is so it won’t come out,” she explains, “just like the one in your juicy cunt!” I wriggle and squirm as she pumps it up until I’m sure it’s going to split me open. Then she lifts me up off the deck.

“By now you know the drill,” she chuckles. “Put on a good show for us, cunt!” Then she drops me into the water with a splash.

The agony is exquisite and is not at all unfamiliar. I’ve had all these things done to me before, even underwater… but not while drowning in extreme agony. Once more I instinctively hold my breath, hoping against hope that maybe THIS time they’re only going to test out my lungs without taking me all the way. How stupid and gullible I am!

I look in through the Plexiglas to see that Mistress has climbed on top of the bed on her hands and knees. Master kneels right behind her and starts fucking her hard like a dog! She fucking deserves it but how I wish it was me he was fucking instead of that wicked cunt!

He pounds her relentlessly but all I can do is watch in growing anguish. I’m suffering in delicious agony – the pain sublime – and my lungs start to burn once more. I know they’re going to let me drown yet again while they get off on my suffering.

I feel the approach of a mammoth orgasm and I struggle with all my might to hold it back. I struggle to keep from losing the air in my lungs, trying to ignore the exquisite agony of my nipples, clit and labia. My holes are swollen from the inflatables and I know that the next climax I endure is going to be a monster.

I fight like hell to hold my breath, even though it will not matter because they’re going to let me drown anyway. Each time it has hurt like hell and each time I have fought it all the way. I can’t just give in to it – I’m unable to surrender to the inevitable.

Perhaps that is what they love about me so much… the fact that I’m a fighter to the very end. It must amuse them to watch the agony on my face, to observe my body cumming hard while all caught up in the throes of drowning. I amuse my new Master and his cruel Mistress… and so I must suffer!

I see him fucking her hard, her breasts swinging back and forth as he hammers her from behind. My lungs are on fire and I know I’m about to give them what they want, the fucking bastards! Then my lungs explode, air bursting out of my mouth, and again I inhale reflexively.

At that moment I’m hit by one hell of a climax. It shakes my body like a rag doll as I inhale again and again. I swear I can actually hear the bitch screaming, “SHE’S CUMMING AND DROWNING – SHE’S CUMMING AND DROWNING!” and it intensifies my orgasm.

With my holes brutally plugged and with weights pulling on my sensitive parts, this one feels best – and worst – of all. It’s a climax unlike any other and it just keeps moving through me like a tsunami devastating everything in its path. I grunt and gurgle, convulsing and spasming on the cable like a marionette.

The bitch opens her mouth and appears to scream her orgasm, reveling in my agony. As for me, the inflatable plugs feel like they are ripping me asunder as I drown painfully. I convulse so hard that I nearly double over. And then I mercifully hang limp as my consciousness is taken from me yet again.

Bubbles slip out past my parted lips as I stare vacantly. Yet there is a strange look of extreme sexual satisfaction on my face. I’ve been brutally fucked and cruelly drowned. And yet the whore that I am has loved it despite the sweet agony I’ve suffered through… or perhaps BECAUSE of the sweet agony!

Master fucks yet another orgasm out of the bitch inside there with him as they enjoy my limp, tortured body. Then they leave the cabin to haul my lifeless ass back up to the surface. One can only guess what they’ll do to me next once I’ve been revived…

(written for Sarah Feb 19 ’11 by riwa)

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