Mystique Part 1 – Autoerotic asphyxiation turns deadly

She’d just slipped into her nylons and her special thong with the opening cut into it when he called to cancel their date. After a brief discussion Charlotte threw her cell phone onto her bed in disgust. “Bastard!” she muttered in frustration.

She’d been horny all afternoon and was looking forward to this date! She hadn’t been fucked in weeks and she was hoping to bring him home so she could ride the shit out of him! Now she would just have to improvise. Thankfully she didn’t live alone…

“Oh, Misty!” she sang out. “I need you, baby!”

If she couldn’t get cock then she would get her roommate to give her a nice little orgasm or two. After all, she was bisexual and she loved dominating Mystique! It would be just the thing she needed, a little tongue action in just the right spot… a perfect little lesbian pick-me-up! And if Mystique wasn’t cooperative then she would just have to “convince” her!

“Hey, Misty? Whatcha doin’, babe? Where are you?” But there was no response.

Damn! Where could she have gone off to?? Charlotte really needed a good orgasm right about now!

She wandered around their rather luxurious apartment until she opened the door to the sitting room. To her utter shock she saw a noose hanging from a hook in the ceiling! Mystique’s laptop was sitting open on the coffee table as well and her vibrator was sitting on their white leather couch. A set of handcuffs along with a video camera sat on top of a chest of drawers.

“What’s all this?” she murmured curiously. It certainly looked like her roommate had some masturbation ideas of her own! But what was with the noose, cuffs and video camera?

Charlotte came over to the couch and looked at her roommate’s laptop. There were two video icons with the strangest of names: “Choking” and “Garage Hanging”. Charlotte shook her head in amazement, glancing up at the noose again as it dangled from the ceiling of the sitting room.

“What kind of kinky bitch ARE you, hun?” she breathed softly. Then she sat down upon the couch and activated the choking video.

She saw a naked young woman she didn’t know sitting in a cushioned chair. Her arms were bound to the arms of the chair and her eyes were wide with fright. Then Mystique came into the picture in some domination garb, brandishing a long, double-ended dildo.

“This is for you, baby,” her roommate breathlessly told her victim. Then she shoved one end deep into the poor girl’s pussy. Her victim gasped aloud before whimpering with fright… “Misty?? NO! Don’t DO this!!”

Mystique just casually walked behind her. “Gawd; this is going to be good!” she breathed. Then she wrapped her fingers around the girl’s neck from behind and began to squeeze!

The poor thing began to gasp and gurgle, her face turning a nasty shade of red. Mystique briefly released her neck, allowing the woman to gasp for breath. Then she giggled as she wrapped her fingers around her neck and started to squeeze once more. The poor girl began writhing in the chair as though she was choking to death!

Charlotte couldn’t believe it!! It was shocking to think her roommate was capable of such a thing! Then the girl let out an orgasmic spray before she suddenly pissed herself, ultimately going limp in the chair!

“Gawd!” Charlotte breathed. “What kind of a kinky bitch are you, Misty?” She was utterly shocked! But for some reason her curiosity had been piqued and she pulled up the other video.

This time Mystique had a naked girl all noosed up in some garage. Once again she was wearing her domination garb as she pulled on her end of the rope, gleefully lifting the young woman up off the floor! Charlotte leaned forward in shock, getting a little more comfortable upon the couch.

Was her roommate actually going to hang this woman?? Her eyes were riveted to the laptop as she watched it in its entirety. By the time it was over she was strangely damp down below!

“Gawd!” she breathed incredulously. Had Mystique really hung that poor woman? It sure as hell looked like it!! For some reason Charlotte hit replay and watched it all over again.

She couldn’t help touching herself a little as she watched it once more, listening to that naked girl gasp for breath. Her roommate really seemed to be enjoying lifting her up off the ground! Charlotte couldn’t believe how wet she was watching something so unbelievably erotic! Gawd; she actually had to watch it again!!

She grabbed the nearby vibrator and then turned it on, spreading the opening to her thong and then working the device in and out of her aching pussy. As the woman in the video gasped and gurgled, Charlotte moaned softly, trembling from terribly erotic tingles. That poor girl looked like she was actually strangling to death! But as Charlotte watched it yet again she simply couldn’t stop squirming, especially the way Misty seemed to be enjoying hurting that woman!

The young woman her roommate was hanging looked like she was suffering terribly. Her head was forced to one side by the noose and she gasped and gawked as she struggled to breathe. But the poor girl’s nipples were erect, indicating that on some level she must have been terribly aroused despite her distress. Charlotte whimpered with a strange excitement as she slowly vibrated herself.

Charlotte looked up at the noose hanging from the ceiling of the sitting room. She couldn’t help wondering what that poor girl was experiencing feeling that coil of rope tighten around her neck. She was mesmerized with the video and she played it again and again, fucking herself with the buzzing dildo while glancing up at the noose.

Gawd! What kind of kinks was her crazy roommate into???!!!

She found herself watching it for a sixth time, furiously fucking herself with the vibrator as the gasping woman’s face in the video turned red… again! The poor girl’s legs fluttered as she dangled off the ground, choking and gasping in obvious agony. That just made Charlotte fuck herself even harder! When the woman finally pissed herself and hung limp, Charlotte exploded in orgasm!

She panted heavily as the clip ended and she tried to compose herself. The climax she’d just experienced had been incredible! She was ashamed of herself for cumming at that poor girl’s hanging! But she just couldn’t help herself!

She looked up again in awe and reverence at the coil of rope dangling from the ceiling. This time she felt as if the damn thing was beckoning to her, calling for her to come feel its embrace! If she wanted to know what it felt like then she could certainly experience it for herself if she wanted!

An erotic shiver rippled through her nervous system as her body tingled like crazy. As if in a daze Charlotte stood up and set Misty’s vibrator down upon the coffee table. Then she slowly walked over to the noose.

The coil hung well above her head but she was able to easily reach up touch it with an outstretched hand. Instantly she felt an erotic jolt. Gawd! What would it feel like to hang, even if it was only for a second or two??

She looked over at the cushioned chair sitting up against the wall. It had no arms and would probably work just fine if she was careful while standing on it. She hesitated only a moment before walking over to it.

She picked it up and carried it over. She felt another erotic jolt as she placed it directly underneath the noose. Something asked her what the hell she was thinking! But it was as if she’d been enchanted by the dangling coil. All she wanted to do was experience what it felt like all looped around her neck!

She carefully climbed onto the chair, mindful not to lose her balance. Then she grabbed the coil and slipped it around her neck. Almost immediately she felt an incredible jolt of arousal. “Gawd!” she breathed as she started to tremble.

She stood there for the longest time, panting heavily. She couldn’t help wondering what Mystique would think of her now, seeing her almost naked with a noose around her neck. Then she caught sight of the cuffs sitting over there upon the chest of drawers.

The woman in the video… she’d been cuffed too! Charlotte found herself wondering what that must have felt like, being cuffed and helpless… feeling extremely vulnerable before her wicked roommate had lifted her up off the floor of the garage. For a long moment she stared at the steel manacles.

“I wonder if I should?” she murmured. But what would it hurt? She could always chicken out at the last minute! Charlotte slipped the noose off from around her neck and then climbed down off the chair.

She walked over to the dresser and inspected the metal rings. She could tell right away they were magician’s cuffs. To prove it to herself she simply clatched one closed, worked the little switch and then popped it right back open.

‘Easy enough,’ she thought as she deliberately clatched one onto her wrist. With a deft flick of the switch she was able to pop it right back off. Now if she wanted to she could safely experience what it felt like to be cuffed and vulnerable with the noose around her neck!

Charlotte turned toward the dangling coil, feeling it beckon to her again. She deliberately latched a cuff onto her left wrist. Almost immediately she was hit with another jolt of wildly erotic tingles.

Gawd! The orgasm coming her way felt MONSTROUS!! But did she really want to go through with this??

Charlotte walked over to the chair, hesitating for a moment. Then she took a deep breath before carefully climbing aboard. This time she was trembling so badly on rubbery legs that she had to pause and compose herself just to keep from losing her balance!

For a long moment she looked at the dangling coil hanging right in front of her. She cautiously reached out and grabbed the noose, breathlessly looping it around her neck. She gasped as she adjusted it against her throat, sending another electrical charge coursing through her quivering body. “Gawd!” she breathed again and a low moan slipped out past her lips.

She paused for a moment, panting heavily. She could feel her heart hammering in her chest, could feel her thong becoming extremely damp. Then she caught sight of herself in the small stand-alone mirror in the corner of the room. With the big wall mirror behind her she could actually see EVERYTHING!

Charlotte gasped at the reflection staring back at her. She hardly recognized herself! What she saw was a naked woman in sheer nylons and glistening thong panties staring back at her, erect nipples protruding from full breasts! For some reason it was sexy as hell and she let out another low moan. The idea that she could watch herself hang was frightfully intoxicating!

“What the hell are you doing, Char?!” she murmured uncertainly at her reflection. “Are you fucking INSANE???!!!” Then she became aware of the cuffs dangling from her wrist. Did she really want to do this??

As if in a dream, Charlotte numbly brought her arms behind her back and then started fumbling with the cuffs. With trembling hands she found the empty one and then clatched it onto her right wrist. Then she simply stood there staring at the mirror, trembling like crazy as she focused upon the image of a sexy, naked woman in handcuffs with a noose around her neck!

GAWD! What a rush! She was so fucking horny she could barely think straight! She was so excited – trembling so badly – that she almost lost her balance, her foot slipping off the chair!

She quickly recovered, gasping anxiously. ‘GAWD; that was close!! I almost hanged myself!!’ Charlotte panted heavily for breath as she stared at herself in the mirror.

Her pussy throbbed with a terrible ache, her thong dripping from an incredible arousal. She was a total mess down below! And her nipples were so hard she thought they might pop off at any moment!!

Charlotte managed to calm down and compose herself. Then she remembered the video, remembering why she’d gone to all this trouble! Did she really want to know what that poor woman in the video had experienced?? Was she really that insane??

Her heart pounded in her chest, her body tingling like crazy. She could actually feel the approach of what felt like a mammoth orgasm! All she had to do was step off now and she would know what it felt like!

Her legs started to get all rubbery again and she suddenly wasn’t so sure! But she figured she could stick one foot off; that would be safe enough, right? After all, she only wanted a little taste! With her body tingling all over Charlotte gingerly started to step off the chair with her left foot.

She paused almost immediately the moment the noose tightened around her neck! Charlotte gawked and gurgled as panic set in, her pussy suddenly screaming at her! That’s when she scrambled to get both feet back onto the chair, her heart pounding a mile a minute! She breathed a sigh of relief the moment both feet were safely back on the chair!

Gawd! That was awful! That had really hurt around her neck!! What the hell had she been thinking??!! And yet for that one brief moment it had also been so incredibly, unbelievably exhilarating!!

She was shaking like a leaf as she took long, deep breaths to compose herself. It had actually been a rather intense experience! But the more she thought about it the more she realized she’d nearly orgasmed!

“I think that’s enough,” she said aloud in a quivering voice, panting heavily to get her breath back. After all, she thought it was incredibly dangerous standing on a chair with a noose around one’s neck! But then she began questioning herself again.

She’d come close to experiencing what that poor woman in the video had gone through. Did she really want to quit now? Besides, she was almost convinced she was going to cream herself if she tried it one more time. And after all, wasn’t that really the reason why she was up here on the chair in the first place?

She looked at the image reflected back to her in the mirror… felt another erotic shudder ripple throughout her body. That crazy bitch in the noose looked sexy as hell! And didn’t she really want to see what she would look like hanging in midair?? Besides, maybe she could do this to Mystique someday… hang her roommate once she got back from who knows where she’d gone!

Gawd! Now wouldn’t THAT be hot!!

Charlotte whimpered nervously, her heart thumping loudly in her chest. It had been rather terrifying feeling the noose tighten around her neck. But she HAD almost cum! And the feeling HAD been incredible! Besides, her pussy was on fire and she desperately wanted that release!

‘All you have to do is lift your knees up!’ she told herself. ‘Just lift them up! I’ll bet you cum up a storm!’

For a moment Charlotte hesitated again, struggling to catch her breath. Then she slowly bent her knees, allowing the noose to tighten around her neck. She felt the coil constrict ominously around her airway and she started to hesitate. But at the same time she felt it rush toward her, an orgasm of mammoth proportions!

She hesitated only a moment before making her decision. Staring at the image in the mirror, she lifted her knees higher, pulling her feet completely up off the chair. The noose immediately forced her head off to one side and…

Gawd!! That girl in the mirror!!! SHE’S HANGING; SHE’S ACTUALLY HANGING!!

Charlotte’s eyes rolled as she instinctively brought her thighs together. That’s when it slammed into her with devastating fury. It was an incredible wave of intense pleasure, a wave that washed hotly through her body from head to toe.

SHE WAS DOING IT; SHE WAS ACTUALLY HANGING! And she was still cumming so very, very hard, her body swaying back and forth!! GAWD; WHAT A FUCKING RUSH!!!

She looked at the mirror and saw an incredible image reflected back to her, one of a naked woman hanging! She looked so incredibly sexy like that, especially since she could see the eyes rolled up in rapture! She saw the thighs rub together, the body gently sway as it was rocked by an incredibly intense orgasm that never seemed to want to end!

…and then the door suddenly opened and her roommate walked in…

“Char, are you in here… CHARLOTTE???!!! OH MY GAWD!!!” Mystique’s eyes flew open in astonishment as she watched Charlotte with her knees bent, twisting and swaying in the noose in their sitting room!

Charlotte was absolutely mortified! Her feet instantly fluttered for the surface of the chair beneath her as her face flushed crimson. She gurgled as she struggled to find solid footing underneath her.

Mystique looked at her incredulously. Then she indignantly put her fists on her hips. “What the hell is THIS, you crazy bitch??!!”

Charlotte was totally embarrassed being caught naked in such a kinky, compromising situation. All she could do was stammer… “Uh… uh… I, uh… I was just, uh… I can explain, Misty!” But how was she supposed to explain how watching the video on her roommate’s laptop had led to her desire to experience the noose??!!

Her roommate walked right up to her, her face clouded over in disgust. “You’re almost naked, standing there with your head in a noose and your arms cuffed behind your back… and you say you can EXPLAIN all this??!! This I’ve just GOT to hear!” Her roommate impatiently tapped her foot, waiting expectantly.

Charlotte was ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated… and strangely she was turned on like crazy! ”I, uh… I came in here and saw, uh… saw the noose in the ceiling! And then I saw your laptop was open and I, uh… I got a little curious and I, uh… watched a video clip! I guess I, uh… I wondered what it might feel like and I, uh… I saw the handcuffs on the dresser and I, uh… I guess I got, uh… got a little curious!”

“Is THAT your explanation??” Mystique blurted out in amazement. “You were CURIOUS??!! You’re fucking CRAZY; do you know that???!!!”

Charlotte gulped as her face flushed crimson again. Then to her utter astonishment a smile slowly blossomed all over her roommate’s face! Mystique actually started chuckling!

“You know what, Char?” she said with a lustful look in her expression. “I actually thought long and hard before I set all this up for you to find. A part of me figured you would never be so stupid as to actually climb up onto a chair and willingly stick your head into that noose!”

“But then you know what I remembered?” she continued. “I remembered how you told me you like bondage and how you are always willing to try out new things, especially when you get so turned on! I took a risk letting you find that hanging I recorded in that woman’s garage. But you performed beyond my wildest expectations, baby!” Then she licked her lips, smiling sinisterly.

Charlotte was shocked! “You mean you… you set this all up on PURPOSE??!! …just to see if I’d stick my head in your damn NOOSE??!!”

“You fell right into it, you silly, stupid bitch!” Then she leaned forward conspiratorially.

“You want to know something, Char? I’ve ALWAYS wanted to hang you! Do you know how many nights I went to bed and fingered myself picturing you swinging back and forth at the end of a rope?”

Charlotte gasped in shock, her eyes flying open in horror as a massive jolt of fearfully erotic tingles hit her hard. “You’re j-joking; right, M-Misty?? You’re not serious, are you? You don’t really wanna H-HANG me, do you??!!” Now she was really trembling like crazy, her pussy dripping as it throbbed again.

“Serious as a fucking heart attack, Char!” Mystique declared eagerly. “Damn, girl; haven’t you LOOKED at yourself in the mirror I set up for you?? You look so fucking sexy standing there with a noose around your neck!! I’m so fucking horny I can hardly THINK straight! I can’t WAIT to kick that chair out from underneath your feet and watch you dance up a storm for me!”

Charlotte inhaled sharply, trying to swallow down the panic that had welled up into her throat. Surely her roommate was kidding, right?? Surely she wasn’t serious wanting to watch her swing, was she??!!! She was just playing with her, right?

Charlotte was terribly aroused… and suddenly more than a little frightened. She could feel her nipples protruding out of her breasts, her pussy leaking copious amounts of her arousal as she stood upon rubbery legs. But her roommate sounded serious!

“Very funny, Misty,” she stammered nervously. “But I’ve experienced what it feels like and I’m ready to come down now. So I think I’ll just work on these cuffs and get myself down from here!”

She was just starting to fumble around with her wrists when Mystique grabbed her right leg. “I don’t think so, hun!” she chuckled with a wicked grin. “You’re not going anywhere! I didn’t set this whole thing up just so you could come down before I got to watch you swing! You just stay right where you are! Personally I like what I’m looking at! Baby, you’re making me so fucking horny standing there on that chair with that noose around your neck!”

Charlotte gasped anxiously, squawking in alarm as she tried to maintain her balance on one leg. “Let go of me, Misty!” she blurted out. “Let go or I might lose my balance and… and…” Her voice trailed off when she saw her roommate’s eyes twinkle mischievously.

“…and what?” Mystique finished for her. “You might hang for real? But that’s exactly what I want to see, baby! I want to watch you hang for real! I figured I was going to have to knock you out and then string you up myself! But here you are, all ready for me to have my fun!!”

“Misty; NO!” Charlotte blurted out. Mystique just giggled as she began seductively caressing her roommate’s nyloned leg. Charlotte whimpered with fright, her arms jerking around behind her back as she struggled to maintain her balance on the toes of one unsteady leg!

“Now wouldn’t that be a shame,” Mystique murmured excitedly, “…you losing your balance and accidentally hanging yourself in our sitting room? Why I had no idea you entertained such deadly fantasies, Char! After all, that’s what I’m going to tell the police after you’re gone… that you must have set this all up on your own! Besides, you should know better than to go around sticking your head into nooses!”

“”You BITCH!” Charlotte gasped in horror, trembling like mad. “You won’t get away with this! The cops won’t believe you! They’ll find out what you did! You’ll PAY for this, Misty! They’ll hang you for sure!! You hang me and they’re DEFINITELY going to hang YOU!!”

“Oh, they’ll believe me, all right,” her roommate chuckled. “Things like this happen every day!” Then she grinned wickedly at her roommate. “You should thank me for this, Char.”

“THANK YOU??!!” Charlotte blurted out in shock. “FOR WHAT???!!!”

“For giving you the best orgasm of your life, of course! I hear that some women go out with a bang when they hang! Beatrice sure did!”

“Beatrice?” Charlotte repeated in alarm. “Who the hell is Beatrice?!”

“Why, she’s the one I hung in her garage of course!” her roommate chuckled. “It wasn’t easy setting up the camera on a tripod and then pulling on the other end of the rope that lifted her up off the ground. She really fought me, of course! But I could tell she had one whiz-bang of an orgasm just before she pissed herself and died.”

“You actually KILLED HER??!!” Charlotte gasped in horror. In response Mystique simply sat down and started removing her heels!

“Misty??” she gasped in alarm. “What are you DOING??!!”

“I’m just getting more comfortable,” her roommate responded casually. Charlotte began to squirm anxiously as she fumbled for the handcuffs on her wrists.

“Ah – ah – ahh!” Mystique admonished with a waggle of her finger, an undercurrent of menace to her voice. “We’ll have none of that now! Leave those cuffs alone, hun! You wanted to feel the noose around your neck, Char! So just stand still and enjoy yourself!”

Charlotte whimpered anxiously, her nipples extremely hard and her thong totally soaked. Then she watched as her roommate pulled her shirt and bra up over her head. “Misty, don’t do this to me!” she begged in a pleading voice.

“Sorry, Char, but I just can’t help myself! Besides, I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long, long time!” Charlotte was astonished to see how hard her roommate’s nipples were… horrified as she now realized how turned on Misty was at the prospect of hanging her!!

“Don’t you think it’s time I got down from here?” she tried again. “C’mon, Misty; my legs are hurting!”

“Oh, that’s ok, hun!” her roommate responded sympathetically. “You won’t be standing much longer anyway.” Then she purred softly with anticipation, murmuring, “Gawd, this is going to be so good! I’m so fucking horny right now!”

“Misty; NO!” Charlotte stammered. Her roommate just walked up to her, seductively caressing her trembling flesh.

“Gawd, you look so fucking sexy! And I can tell you’re excited about this too, hun! Your nipples are about ready to pop off!” Charlotte whimpered as her sadistic roommate fingered her hardened nubs!

Mystique suddenly wrapped her arms around her and hugged her, pressing their exposed flesh together. Charlotte felt soft kisses upon her quivering body and she whimpered in erotic terror. “I’m so glad you’re doing this for me, hun,” her roommate murmured appreciatively. “You don’t know how much this means to me!”

Charlotte almost lost her balance as her roommate hugged her while softly kissing her stomach. “Misty?” she pleaded. “Mystique??!! Please don’t do that! I might lose my balance and…”

“…hang?” her roommate purred excitedly. “Now that would be unfortunate, hun… finding you hanging from the noose in here?” Her voice indicated it would not be unfortunate at all… at least from her point of view!

“Damnit, Misty; you can’t DO this to me!” Charlotte blurted out. In response her roommate gave her a bit of a shove.

Charlotte cried out in horror, almost losing her balance as her feet shuffled underneath her. She felt an erotic jolt hit her hard and she moaned weakly. Her pussy was screaming at her; she was actually on the verge of cumming again!!

“Oopsie!” Mystique giggled. “Now that was naughty of me. My bad!”

“You… you BITCH!”

“You’re right; I AM a sadistic bitch!” Mystique admitted with a giggle. “But you? Now you should know better, Char!”


“You should know better than to play autoerotic asphyxia games all by yourself, hun! Something terrible could happen and you could lose your balance and hang yourself!! Don’t you know you should never play alone?” Then her eyes twinkled lustfully.

“Besides… let’s be honest! I like to watch! If you’re going to hang yourself then you should at least have the decency to tell your roommate so she can enjoy your last minutes as you perform your sexy air-dance!” Charlotte gasped in horror as she really got the shakes.

“Misty, you WOULDN’T!”

“Oh, wouldn’t I? It’s not my fault you climbed up onto that chair and stuck your head in that noose! It’s not my fault if you lose your balance and hang yourself!”

She mischievously gave her roommate another ominous shove. Charlotte cried out, panting heavily for breath.  “Oopsie!” her roommate repeated with a giggle.

“Misty, STOP IT! Get me down from here!”

“No can do, hun,” her roommate chuckled. “Now let’s see how wet you really are!”

Charlotte gawked in alarm as her roommate suddenly grabbed her left leg and put it on top of her shoulder, making her even more unstable on the chair. “You protest a lot but I honestly think you’re enjoying this, Char,” Mystique chuckled. “Let’s find out, shall we?”

“Misty; No… mmmmmm!” Charlotte moaned weakly as her roommate reached out and started rubbing her dripping thong.

“Do you know how fucking wet you are down here, Char?” she purred seductively. “This thong is totally soaked! No wonder you want to hang! You have GOT to be enjoying this!”

“I’m N-NOT enjoying this!” Charlotte stammered. “Now g-get me down, ok? Please??”

Mystique gently eased her roommate’s leg back down on the chair, smiling sympathetically at her. For a moment Charlotte felt a surge of hope that her roommate was finally going to let her down. But to her utter horror she saw Misty walk over and pick up the vibrating dildo off the coffee table. “Obviously I’m going to need this,” the cruel woman murmured aloud.

“Misty, NO!”

Mystique looked at the camera on top of the dresser and picked it up as well. “I’m also going to want to take some sexy video of this. After all, you can’t tell when you’re going to need to watch a hot hanging clip after a hard day’s work.”

“NO! Misty, don’t DO this! I’m your ROOMMATE, for gawd’s sake! We’re FRIENDS!”

“I’m going to want to get some good shots of those kicking legs,” she went on thoughtfully, totally ignoring Charlotte’s frantic pleadings…

“Bitch! You won’t get away with this! They’ll send you to the gallows, you stupid cunt! They’re gonna hang you for sure!!”

“Better make sure this thing is on and the batteries are good,” Mystique continued, studying her camera. Then she opened up the LCD display and focused it in on her subject.

“You BITCH!” Charlotte gasped in desperation. “You’re gonna so fucking PAY for this!” She was trembling like crazy, her pussy continuing to leak her fearful arousal.

“Batteries seem to be good,” Mystique mused, totally ignoring her terrified roommate. “After all, we wouldn’t want it to shut off prematurely before I can record the moment she pisses herself and dies.”

“NO, MYSTIQUE!” Charlotte blurted out in horror, barely able to maintain her footing with her rubbery legs. “Gawd, baby; don’t DO this to me!”

“Everything seems ready,” Mystique observed as she continued ignoring her roommate’s protests. She was still holding the vibrator in her other hand. Then she lifted up the video camera.

“You wanna give me a smile, babe?” She asked cheerfully. “Smile; you’re on Candid Camera! Now I want to make sure the focus is good. And stick out that chest of yours, ok? Your tits are driving me crazy.”

“MISTY, YOU BITCH! GET ME DOWN FROM HERE RIGHT THIS INSTANT!” Charlotte was on the verge of collapsing into absolute panic, her chest rising and falling as she started to hyperventilate.

“Everything’s ready!” Mystique suddenly announced. She turned around and carefully placed the camera back on the top of the dresser, making sure to point it in the right direction. Then she turned back around to look up at her frightened roommate with wicked glee.

“I’ll bet you’re going crazy waiting for that orgasm to strike; am I right, Char? Well I think I’ve delayed things long enough! I think it’s time for you to swing! Besides, I’m so wet in this tight, shiny latex outfit that I’m about ready to explode!” Charlotte inhaled sharply, whimpering and moaning as she struggled to keep her rubbery legs from collapsing underneath her.

“Thank gawd for vibrators!” her roommate chuckled as she held it up. Then she motioned at her shiny black leggings. “Why the hell do you think I wore THIS it in here?? The buzz of the vibrator will penetrate straight through! I’m so fucking horny I can’t stand it any longer!” Charlotte gasped, moaning pitifully.

“Enjoy the ride, hun!” Mystique declared as she brought her leg up, putting her bare foot upon the edge of the chair while holding the vibrator behind her back. “I know I’m sure going to!!”

“Misty; NO!” Charlotte blurted out in horror, her voice hoarse. Her cuffed arms started waving frantically behind her back as though instinctively fighting against her bondage. She felt it swell within her like the rush of a massive wave heading toward shore; she was going to cum any second now!

With an abrupt kick from her roommate, the chair flew out from underneath her and bounced off the opposite wall. Charlotte instantly dropped, feeling the noose abruptly take her full weight. It was a total shock to her system and she grunted as she hit the end of the rope.

Her breath was almost choked off completely. Almost immediately her legs instinctively started to kick around, frantically feeling for the floor below her as her body began to fight the noose. That’s when it slammed into her, an orgasm of devastating proportions!

She gawked, jerking and struggling against the constricting coil, her body swinging and twisting. “Gawd; just LOOK at you!” Mystique breathed, totally spellbound with the scene before her. “Hanging only a few seconds and you’re already cumming like gangbusters!! Gawd, baby; that is so fucking hot! You should see yourself in the mirror, Char! Go on; take a look! You look so fucking sexy! Gawd, just look at those nipples!”

As her roommate fought the noose, her legs starting to pedal, Mystique quickly turned the vibrator on and brought it up to her crotch. Right away she felt the buzzing penetrate clear through, reaching her sensitive, swollen nub. She began writhing and groaning, murmuring softly as she watched Charlotte go into an incredibly sexy air-dance…

“Gawd, yeah… hang for me, Char… that is so fucking hot… kick for me, you sexy bitch… gawd, you look hot… this is SOO much better than some dumb ol’ garage… hang for me, baby… give me that sexy dance of death!”

Had someone been outside on the balcony looking in, they would have been witness to a horrifying spectacle: a young woman in sheer stockings hanging suspended from the ceiling by her neck while her roommate looked on, masturbating herself with a vibrator. But there was no one on the balcony to observe such a shocking display. However that didn’t mean there were no witnesses at all…

In an apartment across the street on a lower floor, a man watched intently through his telescope. Philip had made a point of peeping into that particular apartment ever since he’d caught one of its occupants standing nude by the window several weeks ago. Now he was seeing something he would have never thought possible!

He was shocked when he’d seen one of the tenants climb up nude onto a chair, only to stick her head into a noose hanging from the ceiling. He’d watched in astonishment as she appeared to test the weight of her body against the dangling coil of rope. In a flash he’d rushed over and picked up his cell phone, preparing to make an emergency call, fearing he’d stumbled upon a suicide in progress.

Amazingly she didn’t kick the chair out from underneath her! Instead she simply lifted her knees up as though seeing what it was like to be fully suspended and strangling! Philip had immediately developed a serious bulge in his trousers!

The other tenant suddenly stepped into the room, one he assumed was the roommate as he’d seen her over there many times before. Judging by her reaction, the one in the nose was surprised if not embarrassed at having been caught. The one who’d just stepped into the room seemed shocked at finding her fellow tenant in the noose dangling up above the chair.

To his surprise the newcomer didn’t immediately help her roommate down out of the noose. Instead she removed her shirt and bra, and he’d quickly fine-tuned his telescope in order to get a good look at her breasts. Now both women were wearing nothing above the waist!

To his utter astonishment he watched as the woman erotically fondled her noosed roommate while she stood upon the chair, playing with her body as though she was turned on by it or something equally kinky! He saw her fetch the camera, appearing to focus it in before setting it up on the dresser. Then to his absolute shock, she stepped up and deliberately kicked the chair out from under her roommate’s feet!!

For a few seconds he was frozen in place, utterly shocked that he was actually watching some woman hang her roommate! That poor girl was kicking up a storm and the girl with her was doing nothing to save her! On the contrary, the way her roommate was rubbing that vibrator in her crotch made him think she was getting off on it!! It looked like the bitch actually WANTED to hang her roommate!!!

Philip took his cell phone and quickly dialed 911, even as his cock throbbed shamefully in his trousers. “I’d like to report a murder in progress!” he told the operator when she asked him what the emergency was. “It’s happening in an upper apartment across the street from where I live! I think this woman is hanging her roommate!”

Officer Colette Donaldson was finishing typing out the girl’s paperwork. “Is there any next of kin you wish us to contact?” she asked without looking up. “I see this is your third offense. Three strikes and we execute you.”

“Execute me??” the young woman with the tattoos gasped in alarm. “For SHOPLIFTING?”

“This is your third offense, my dear,” the officer explained. “That qualifies you for summary execution by garrote.” Then she smiled wickedly. “I hope I’m chosen for the task. I’d simply LOVE to strangle the life out of a tattooed slut like you!”

Her prisoner gasped in alarm… “You WOULDN’T! You… you CAN’T! I was only caught shoplifting!”

“Well you certainly won’t get caught shoplifting again; of that I can assure you!” the officer explained. But just then the phone rang, a blaring ring that made the poor girl jump with a start as she sat there frightened out of her wits, her arms cuffed behind her back. The officer smiled grimly at her before calmly answering it…

“Donaldson here… a 911 call? Hanging her roommate you say?? If I bring her in do I get to take her to the gallows myself? …excellent! …no, you were right to call me on this one! I’m on it! Thanks, Johnson; I owe you bit time for this! I always did want to hang a deserving bitch!” Then she hung up the phone.

“Looks like I’ve got to step away for a little while, hun,” she told the prisoner. “Looks like I may get to dispense a little justice with a noose! But don’t worry your pretty head none! I’ll be back to execute you with the garrote good and proper. Just be thankful I’m not officer Moody! He likes to spit ‘em and then roast ‘em alive!”

The prisoner gulped in horror, gasping and whimpering. Officer Donaldson chuckled as she left her desk. “This will give you some time to think about the mess you’ve made of your life, honey. If I were you I’d spend some time getting ready to meet your Maker.” The poor girl gasped again as Colette calmly walked away, waiting until the officer was out of earshot before quietly muttering… “I hope you get yours, Officer Bitch!”

Charlotte tried to keep still but it was an impossibility! The strain around her neck all but choked her breath off, making her legs fly haphazardly as she fought the noose. Her face had turned a nasty shade of red and she gurgled as yet another orgasm slammed into her.

To her horror her roommate had moved to the couch to enjoy the show. She was on her back with her knees bent, buzzing her crotch with that damned vibrator! Mystique was propped up on one arm, watching in erotic fascination with a glazed look in her eyes as she gasped and then climaxed again! Charlotte couldn’t believe Misty was calmly lying there getting off on her hanging!!

She tried to cry out, begging to be taken down! But it came out as nothing more than a strangled gurgle. Her legs kicked even harder as she struggled simply to take in another breath!

Her bitch of a roommate simply moaned in ecstasy as she furiously worked that damned vibrator. At the same time Charlotte thought she could hear the sound of that garage hanging playing loudly on Misty’s laptop! Gawd; was she watching both hangings at the same time??!!

It swelled within her once again and then exploded in a fiery eruption of white-hot pleasure! Charlotte’s knees jerked upwards for a couple of seconds before her legs shot straight out, her back arching as though she was proudly displaying her breasts! “Fuck, that’s so hot!” her roommate breathed, totally enthralled with her performance. “This one’s dead again and you’re well on your way, baby! Gawd! Your dance is so fucking hot!!!”

Charlotte felt exhaustion setting in – sheer exhaustion! She could hardly breathe and it was getting hard to feel her legs now! She could tell they were still kicking a little; her body still fighting the noose! But she was growing desperate, her lungs on fire from lack of air! The video camera on the dresser dutifully captured it all.

“Gawd, Char!” Mystique gasped, panting heavily in the midst of her sexual elation. “You look absolutely stunning!! Now why don’t you take it all the way home for me, ok? Let’s see you piss yourself, baby!”

Charlotte was horrified! She wanted to scream at her roommate for being so evil! But at the same time it was so shamefully erotic that her legs instinctively spread wide, revealing her dripping pussy. Then she winced and shuddered yet again, unable to keep from climaxing so painfully hard. Her back arched as her hands flexed helplessly behind her back, her breath rasping in her throat as her tongue started to peek out past her lips.

“FUCK!” Mystique gasped deliriously. “YOU’RE CUMMING AGAIN; AREN’T YOU!! OH GAWD, IT FEELS SO GOOD!”

She braced her feet upon the couch and arched her back, furiously rubbing her crotch with her hand as she watched her exhausted roommate dangle quietly. She let out an orgasmic cry as it flushed hotly through her body. She bucked and shuddered, noticing how Char was now slowing down. The show was almost over, her roommate’s incredibly sexy performance nearing its end.

Charlotte’s feet fluttered weakly, even though she could no longer feel them. A numbness had settled in and was rapidly climbing her legs and arms! She could actually feel the organs in her body starting to fail! But amazingly her bitch of a roommate was still masturbating on the couch, deliriously crying out… “FUCK – FUCK – FUCK! GAWD; THAT’S SO HOT! I’M CUMMING AGAIN, CHAR! GAWD, YOU’RE SO FUCKING SEXY!!”

Charlotte tried to breathe… couldn’t! She tried to kick… couldn’t! Her feet fluttered, her fingers wriggling slightly. She was screaming in her mind… SHE’S REALLY GOING TO LET ME DIE! GAWD, MISTY; DON’T LET ME DIE UP HERE??!!

Charlotte suddenly became aware of the sound of liquid streaming into a puddle upon the sitting room carpet. That’s when she realized she’d lost control of her bladder! She was embarrassed, ashamed… utterly humiliated… GAWD, MISTY! YOU’RE NOT EVEN GOING TO GRANT ME A LITTLE DIGNITY???

She heard her roommate gasp, “OH FUCK!” as the bitch furiously masturbated. Then her vision failed her as her body trembled, her legs wobbling as she softly swayed back and forth. There was on last spasm from randomly firing nerve endings before Charlotte slowly faded away.

Mystique gasped as she intently watched her roommate’s final moments. Then she came so very, very hard! “Oh gawd; that was good!” she panted weakly, her body shuddering from yet another incredibly intense orgasm.

“Fuck – fuck – FUCK! Char, you sure put on one HELL of a performance; did you know that?! I’m going to remember this one ‘til my dying day!! GAWD, baby; that was AWESOME!!!”

Mystique lay sprawled upon their white leather couch, panting heavily while luxuriating from the delicious aftershocks she was experiencing. Charlotte hung limp and lifeless, her vacant eyes staring accusingly. Misty took a quick look at the garage hanging on her laptop and then looked at her incredibly sexy roommate dangling from the noose! As far as she was concerned there was no comparison!! Watching her roommate hang had been the best one of all!!

(written for Odin Apr 8 ’12 by riwa)

(The idea and the poser renders are courtesy of Odin. Posers renders are for illustration purposes only.)

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