Kidnapped and fucked

Emma found herself down in the basement, waiting to see what her captors would do to her next. She had just been doing a little harmless street-walking when they pulled up to her in their van. The next thing she knew she’d been kidnapped, thrown violently to the floor of the van as they sped her off toward who knew where!

“YOU BASTARDS CAN’T KEEP ME DOWN HERE FOREVER!” she hollered. “SOMEONE WILL FIND OUT YOU’RE KEEPING ME! THEN THERE’LL BE HELL TO PAY!” Her defiant streak only caused the woman to come down and put a ring gag in her mouth. “No one cares what happens to a filthy, fucking whore like you!” she stated angrily, grabbing her by the chin and giving her head a good shake. “Now shut the fuck up before we decide to dump you in the fucking river!” Then she left, leaving the Asian alone with her thoughts.

“UUNNGGHH!” Emma struggled to free herself but she was unsuccessful. What’s more, droll was spilling out of her mouth and dripping onto her chest. Emma whimpered, wondering what they were going to do to her next.

It wasn’t long before her captors came down into the dungeon. “Are you fucking docile now?” the female asked her threateningly and Emma yelped as the woman savagely groped her tits. “Shut the fuck up!” the woman told her. “If you’re not careful you’re going to get a lot worse before we’re through with you! Now if you promise to do as you’re fucking told, I’ll take that ring gag out of your mouth!” Emma grunted as she nodded and the ring gag was removed.

“Now SUCK THAT COCK, SLUT!” the woman demanded and she forced Emma to gag on his cock. “Suck it, bitch! Suck it like the slutty little whore I know you are!” Emma grunted and gagged as cock filled her mouth. “Fuck her face good and hard, baby!” the woman told her man. “The bitch fucking loves it, don’t you, bitch! Look up at his face and show him just how much you fucking love it!” Emma dutifully looked up, hoping the two wouldn’t abuse her too badly.

“Better suck that cock, bitch!” the woman gleefully told her. “Suck it good and make it nice and hard, you fucking little SLUT!” “Stop it!” Emma cried out. “Don’t do this to me anymore! You two are a couple of fucking sadists, you know that?” “I think the bitch needs a lesson!” the woman said angrily. “And I think I know just the lesson we should give her, baby! Let’s have you fuck her slutty little ass, shall we?”

“NOO!” Emma cried out. “NOT MY ASS???!!!” But she was no match for the two of them.

Together they forced her onto her knees, spreading her legs obscenely. They she felt him stick a couple of fingers into her rectum, spreading her open. “NOOO!” she yelped, but that just caused the woman to laugh sadistically at her.

The next thing she knew a booted foot was mashing against her head. “What were you were saying, bitch?” the woman asked menacingly. Emma whimpered, totally helpless to stop what was about to happen to her.

“N-nothing!” she muttered.

“That’s what I thought!” the woman crowed triumphantly. “Now fuck that slutty ass of hers, baby!” Emma yelped as he parted her ass and drove his cock deep into her anus.

Emma moaned and whimpered as she was brutally fucked. The woman seemed to take great delight in verbally tormenting her as her ass was plundered. But every time she started to open her mouth in protest the woman just pushed down harder on her head.

“Were you going to say something, bitch? …like how much you’d like to go for a swim after we’re done with you? You fail to realize that no one is going to miss a slutty little chink bitch like you. What’s one less streetwalker, give or take? So you’d better fucking shut your mouth or we’ll permanently shut it for you, understand? Do we have an agreement?” Emma moaned and whimpered but she wisely nodded in the affirmative.

Emma was fucked nice and slow, helping ease the pain of her ass being violated. She whimpered and moaned as he slowly thrust into her, her perilous situation and the violation of her ass slowly adding to her fearful arousal. Every time she made any kind of contrary noise the boot was applied to her head. She was deathly afraid the woman might step down hard and crack her skull open like an egg.

“I think the bitch fucking LOVES it!” the woman cackled gleefully. “Don’t you, you slutty little whore! I said ‘DON’T YOU??’ ” Emma moaned as the boot suddenly pressed into her head.

“Yes – yes!” she cried out anxiously, hoping to appease her captors. “I love it!”

“You want to be fucked harder, don’t you, bitch!” Ohgawd! Better give her the answer she wants!

“Yes!” Emma gasped. “Fuck me harder!”

“You heard the filthy slut!” the woman gasped with delight. “Better fucking do as she says!”

Emma gasped as he started pounding her harder and she whimpered as her pussy throbbed with a terrible ache. Unfortunately the woman just wouldn’t let up. “Keep on begging for it if you know what’s good for you, bitch!” the woman cackled at her. She was forced to humiliate herself even further, telling them how much she liked it and begging him to fuck her even harder. After he pounded her ruthlessly the woman wanted to see her gaping ass and he pulled out and spread Emma’s ass-cheeks in response.

“Now you’re going to fucking RIDE that cock, you slutty little bitch!” A chair was brought over and as he sat in it Emma was forced up into his lap. Then as her ass was brutally impaled once more the woman grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her to bounce up and down on it. “Ride it, bitch! Ride it and tell him how much you fucking love it!” Emma moaned but she did as she was told.

“You gonna cum for us, bitch?” the woman demanded. “You gonna fucking cum for us?” Emma moaned as the woman reached down and spread her labia before furiously rubbing her clit. It wasn’t long until she was overcome with a wave of erotica and she came hard. “See baby?” the woman told her man. “The bitch fucking LOVES being ass-fucked!”

“Fucking whore!” the woman told her. “Let me show you how a REAL woman fucks!” Emma was pulled off his lap and the black-haired bitch climbed aboard, impaling her own cunt with his throbbing dick. But Emma wasn’t allowed to go far, not with a hand hanging onto her hair. “Lick my clit, bitch!” the woman ordered. “Make me fucking cum, you slutty little whore! Do it now!” Emma did her best but it wasn’t good enough. “Is that the BEST you can do?” the woman roared at her but Emma had had enough.

“GO TO HELL, YOU FUCKING BITCH!” she yelled back defiantly.

“Oh, you’re going to PAY for that, bitch!” the woman snarled and Emma was thrown onto her knees. A moment later the black-haired bitch thrust her hand into Emma’s mouth, choking her and making her gag on it.

“Now you just stay right there and fucking watch what I do, you stupid bitch! You GOT that?” Emma gulped and nodded, afraid of what was going to be done to her next.

She watched as the woman pulled over an old, beat-up chiropractic bench. Laying down on it she called her man over. “Now let’s show her how a REAL whore fucks!” she demanded. “Fuck me!”

Spreading her legs he thrust his hard cock into her wet pussy and began thrusting just as hard as he could. “Harder!” she demanded. “Pound my pussy!” Egged on, he fucked her relentlessly. But she simply begged for more.

“Are you watching, you filthy chink bitch?” she gasped in Emma’s direction. “This is how a fucking whore gets fucked! I see I’m going to have to teach you how to fuck like a whore!” Then she looked right at her man. “FUCK ME, DAMN YOU!” and he pounded her even harder.

She suddenly cried out as an orgasm tore through her body, screaming her lungs out as he continued to brutalize her. Emma watched in growing horror, suspecting that she was going to be next. But as she started to slink away the woman looked right at her.

“Don’t you fucking move, bitch, or we’ll be taking you down to the river right away!” Emma froze, afraid they might very well carry out their threat against her.

“Now pound my fucking ass!” the woman ordered and he slid out of her pussy and pushed against her puckered anus. “FUCK MY ASS!” she screamed and he started thrusting hard in and out of her, holding her leg up as she frantically fingered herself.

“Now get your ass over here, bitch!” she demanded and Emma did as she was told. “Lick me, damn you!” and Emma’s tongue flicked out, lapping up her juicy pussy. “Now pull your cock out and fuck her face!” she demanded. Emma was horrified, but when the woman grabbed her head and forced her there was nothing she could do. Pulling out of her ass he thrust into Emma’s mouth and the poor thing gagged and gurgled on it.

“CUM IN HER FUCKING MOUTH!” the woman demanded. “SWALLOW EVERY LAST FUCKING DROP OR THERE’LL BE HELL TO PAY!” Emma grunted but she had no choice. A moment later her mouth was filled with his spunk. The bitch kept her impaled on his throbbing shaft until she was forced to swallow it all.

The woman yanked on Emma’s hair, pulling her off his cock. Then she smiled evilly. “You can go upstairs for awhile now, baby,” she said to her man with a wicked little grin. “Me and the slut here need some private time alone. We’re going to become much more acquainted; aren’t we, bitch!”

Emma shivered as she was hit by a wave of fearful erotica, sensing that things had just gone from bad to worse for her…

(written for Emma Apr 20 ’09 by riwa)

Pictures are from hellfiresex and are for illustration purposes only.)

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