Jaime – a Snuff Club story (5)


The actual fundraiser started at 6pm. But the festivities started 4 hours earlier when one of the girls from the Miss USA pageant came down to the kitchen and volunteered to be the first snuff of the evening.

At 25 Miss Georgia felt that her career in beauty pageants was over after she failed to place in the top 15 in the Miss USA pageant in 2010. It was true there were other girls in the pageant who were a year older than her, but she figured her pageant days were pretty much behind her now. She wanted to be remembered for something special, so she volunteered to be the first one snuffed by being roasted and then served as hors d’oeuvres during the Snuff Club’s children’s hospital fundraiser.

“I’m a true Georgia peach and I hope you all will find me to be quite tasty,” she told the cameras in a trembling, Southern accent as she knelt on a preparation table down in the kitchen moments before her spitting.

Mistress Chastity, co-owner of the snuff Club, did the honors of spitting her manually after first kissing her deeply and then licking out her juicy pussy that was dripping with fearful excitement. Miss Georgia climaxed loudly, to which Mistress Chastity responded, “Now THAT’S what a true Georgia peach should taste like! I’m looking forward to sampling her cunt steak after it’s been marinated!”

Miss Georgia knelt with her ass in the air, her head hanging just over the end of the table. Several of her sister contestants held her steady as Mistress Chastity slid the pole through her cunt, expertly missing her heart. Before it was shoved through her mouth she was asked if she had any last words.

Despite her pain and the many gagging sounds she emitted she managed to blurt out a final message. “This is for all those poor kids,” she gasped. Then with a brave smile she added, “I like my meat medium-well!” Then Mistress Chastity shoved the pole through the rest of the way and it emerged out of her mouth, silencing the beauty pageant contestant forever.

Miss Georgia’s ass was skewered with an anal bayonet, causing her to jerk as it was brutally shoved in for support. Then she was rolled over onto her back where Mistress Chastity gutted her like a professional butcher, leaving the major organs intact and keeping the Georgia peach alive. After filling her stomach with a rather delicious-smelling bread-stuffing she was sewn up. Then the spit she was impaled upon was placed into the gears of a rotisserie over an open fire.

Her hair was wrapped in a heat-sensitive covering and her basting was personally seen to by the hostess and co-owner of the Club. Mistress Chastity gave Miss Georgia’s nipples and cunt a healthy brushing of aromatic sauce and the meat girl succumbed to several rather impressive orgasms. Before she could expire from the heat though Mistress Chastity took a butcher knife and deliberately yet kindly cut her head off, allowing the former beauty pageant contestant to further bleed out. The head was mounted by a professional taxidermist and was given to the biggest online donator during the first official hour of the Fundraiser.

(written for Bedeyes Jun 25 ’10 by riwa)

(Picture added for illustration purposes only.)

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