13 Make me cum! (hanging)

“Computer: load Snuff Teri 5.0 – password t26snuff40d114lbs.”

Program loaded. Enter when ready.

The door whooshed open and I stepped inside. To my utter astonishment the holodeck was empty. There was nothing but the crisscrossing yellow lines marking the interior of the cube-shaped room.

I had been summoned by my Snuff Teri program, having given it just enough intelligence to come up with scenarios for me based on the interests I’d plugged into the computer. But amazingly no one was waiting for me!

“Is this a joke?” I asked aloud. Then I called out, “TERI?” I half expected her name to echo back to me but the walls ate up the sound of my voice.

A plain door unexpectedly slid open that suddenly appeared along one wall. A very naked Teri stepped through as though materializing from out of nowhere. As soon as she saw me her eyes lit up happily.

“Oh, THERE you are!” she gasped as though utterly joyous to see me. “With your kind permission?” When I nodded she turned and activated some controls next to the door that had appeared.

A metal pole suddenly appeared somewhat close to me, a metal arm sticking out from the top of it about nine feet up. Dangling from the arm was a hangman’s noose. I raised my eyebrows with interest as Terri walked up to me.

“I’m so glad you’re here!” she gasped, sounding strangely anxious. “I just can’t stand it anymore! Teri told me you’re the only one who can help me!”

“Help you?” I repeated with an amused look on my face. “How can I help you?”

“Do you know what that bitch did to me?” she sputtered angrily.

“What bitch?”

“TERI, damn you!”

“Go on…”

“That bitch programmed me to be multi-orgasmic! But then she went and gave me a fuckingly WICKED trigger mechanism!”

“Oh?” I raised my eyebrows again, curious where this was going.

“I like to fuck but I can’t cum unless I’m being asphyxiated!”

“Oh? Is that so?”

“She did this on YOUR orders, didn’t she!” She didn’t seem all that mad about it. But she certainly suspected I had something to do with it.

“To be honest I never gave any such orders,” I told her with a smile. She snorted as though she didn’t believe me.

“Well if they weren’t your orders then she did it because she’s a bitch!” I had to smile again, being as how she was talking about herself.

I looked at the noose dangling from the arm to the pole and then I looked back at her. That’s when it occurred to me! “So this is for…” I started to say.

“…ME!” she blurted out anxiously. “It’s for ME, ok? Do you KNOW what that bitch put me through?” I just gave her a blank look, not knowing anything about the preparations for this particular scenario.

“She put me in a room with you for 24 hours straight! Then you gave me the fucking of my life! The only problem is: YOU WOULDN’T LET ME CUM!”

“I wouldn’t?” I asked with amusement in my voice.

“I begged you to choke me… strangle me… ANYTHING! But you WOULDN’T! You just kept fucking the shit out of me! And I COULDN’T CUM! The bitch said I had to wait until you came into the holodeck!”

“So here I am,” I observed dryly, my cock stirring in my trousers.

“Yes. Here you are.” Then she sidled up close to me, allowing me to feel the warmth of her naked body as her hand rubbed over my bulge.

“Please!” she hissed into my ear. “Make me cum!”

“With THIS?” I asked, nodding at the noose.

“The bitch programmed me to remember all the different ways you’ve asphyxiated me in the past,” she murmured into my ear, nibbling on my lobe. “All of them will get me off! But hanging will give me the best orgasms ever!” Then she kissed me deeply, rubbing her hand up and down my bulge.

“She said you’d enjoy hanging me,” she purred at me as our lips parted. “She said you’d get off on it. And since I’m programmed to want to please you then I can think of no better way to get us both off!”

She kissed me again, her tongue deeply probing my oral cavity as she humped my bulge. “Please!” she begged. “I need to cum so fucking bad!” Her nipples were quite hard on her 40 D’s, her labia puffy with need.

She fumbled for my clothes, all but ripping them off like an animal. Then she pressed against my hard cock, kissing me hard as she reached between us to stroke me. “Please!” she begged again. “Make me cum!”

I reached out with a hand and wrapped my fingers around her throat. She gasped in ecstasy, her eyes starting to roll. As I squeezed harder she started to tremble, jerking on my cock as though wanting to yank it right off.

I suddenly let go, curious as to how far her condition extended. She whimpered, pleading with her eyes. “Please!” she begged in a whisper. “Don’t be so cruel! Don’t deny me now??!!”

She suddenly dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth, perhaps hoping a blowjob would entice me to give her what she wanted. She was quite the slut with her red painted lips, heavy makeup and shining, dark red hair. Amazingly I could still detect that familiar aroma of cheap perfume I’d smelled the last time I was in the holodeck with her many doppelgangers.

My cock hardened in her mouth and she took me deep until her lips brushed my balls. She deliberately gagged on it, no doubt trying to choke herself. She looked up at me, whimpering in agony as she begged with those big brown eyes of hers.

I suddenly grabbed her by the back of the head, brutally ramming my cock down her throat. Her expression instantly changed into one of sexual ecstasy, moaning as her hand snaked down to finger herself. The more I choked her the harder she fingered herself.

I pulled her off my cock and she moaned in anguish, pleading with her eyes. Then I fucked her face hard. She gagged and gurgled, furiously fingering herself as I blocked her airway with my cock. This time I held her there, feeling her throat spasm exquisitely around my quivering shaft.

She really began to choke on my member and she started to thrash about. But I could still feel her tongue anxiously swabbing all around my cock as though frantically trying to please me. A moment later she virtually exploded, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as her body wriggled about.

I pulled out of her mouth and watched her as she knelt there panting heavily for breath. She had this drugged, appreciative look on her face as though she hadn’t cum in ages. She’d actually liked that I’d choked her using my throbbing member!

I spun her around onto her hands and knees before kneeling behind her. I pressed my cock against her puckered anus, wrapping my hands around her neck. Then I thrust in hard and deep as I started to squeeze.

She gawked and gurgled but she started pushing back against me like a woman possessed, struggling to get a decent breath. She never once clawed at my hands in an attempt to pull them away. The harder I choked her, the harder she seemed to fuck me back.

“Like it, bitch?” I snarled at her as I pounded her ass. “Is THIS what you want?”

“Harder!” she rasped. “Squeeze me… harder! Rape my ass!” Her muscles clamped down on my thrusting manhood and it felt wonderful as I fucked her hard.

I toyed with her a little, releasing my grasp and then choking her again. She became even more desperate, pleading with me to strangle her. I couldn’t resist a request like that and I clamped my hands tight around her neck, choking the very life out of her.

She let out a garbled cry, unable to pull air into her lungs. Then she exploded again, furiously milking me as she fucked me savagely. She climaxed explosively, her body bucking and shuddering as I brutalized her ass. It was enough to send me over the edge and I filled her rectum with my hot seed.

I pulled out with a wet slurping sound. She gasped, whimpering as though she wasn’t even close to being done with me. My cum dripped out of her ass as I stood her up.

She looked at me expectantly… or more like hopefully I should say. It was evident in her eyes that she wanted more. I gave her a knowing smile before I held out my hand…

“Computer: rope!” A coil of nylon instantly materialized in my hand.

Teri inhaled sharply and she started to tremble, her eyes gleaming with wanton lust. She wanted what I had to offer and I cruelly spun her around. Then I pulled her arms behind her back. She never once resisted.

I tied her wrists together and then pinioned her arms at the elbows, causing her 40 D’s to jut out erotically as she gasped for breath. She whimpered as I bound her but she never let out a peep of protest. Then she really started to hyperventilate as I stepped her in front of the noose.

I gently took the coil and slowly looped it around her neck. She inhaled sharply, her nipples incredibly erect. I swear I saw goose bumps erupt up and down her arms.

I snugged the knot against her left ear and she gasped again. She was trembling like crazy as I caressed her flesh, feeling her mounds and tweaking her nipples. She yelped and whimpered, panting like crazy.

“Computer: bring her onto her toes!” I ordered, assuming it would still continue to respond to my commands in this situation.

The noose dutifully pulled her up, causing her to gawk as she struggled to breathe. “Thank you!” she gasped, her eyes displaying the lust that was still there despite the constricting noose around her neck. She shuffled around a little on her toes but already she was starting to hump with her waist as though fucking an invisible lover.

My cock had gotten hard again so I stepped up to her, a knowing smile on my face. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around me, strangling herself as she worked to impale her cunt with my hardening dick. Then I was inside her and she began fucking me feverishly, seriously trying to strangle herself with the noose.

I let her do all the work as she furiously milked me with her muscles. But I don’t think she was asphyxiated enough. She gasped and gurgled, grunting anxiously as she desperately tried to fuck me, impaling herself over and over on my quivering shaft.

“Computer: increase tension on rope!” I commanded. Teri gawked as it got even tighter around her neck. She looked at me gratefully and then went off like a rocket, bucking and shuddering as she milked me like crazy.

I groped her mounds, pinching her nipples to give her something to think about. Then I started to step away. A moment later I slipped out of her sopping cunt.

For a moment she tried to hold on with her legs. Then she let go, allowing the noose to absorb her full weight. Her eyes flew open in shock as she swung back and forth, realizing she was now hanging by her neck. Then she exploded in a massive orgasm, jerking her knees up several times as she spurted her climax!

She became a whirling dervish, her legs kicking every which way in a frenzy of movement. She gawked and gurgled, her hips bucking as she kept cumming and cumming. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she bucked and shuddered uncontrollably, my dripping cum flying out of her ass.

I suddenly stepped forward against those kicking legs. Somehow she had the presence of mind to wrap them around me again, using them in a frantic attempt to lift herself up so she could get another breath. Then she impaled herself on my hard cock once more.

Her eyes snapped open wide as though realizing what was inside her once more. Then she began riding me like crazy, strangling herself in the noose as she fucked me with an incredible urgency. Her gushing fluids got me rather wet but I didn’t mind so much, especially since the kinky slut kept orgasming with my cock impaled up her juicy twat.

I let her milk me until I couldn’t stand it anymore, leaving a creamy deposit in her cunt to match the one in her ass. Her face was red from her exertions, her tongue trying to peek out past her lips. Then I pulled out of her until her legs lost their grip on me. Her eyes flashed once more as the noose fully took her weight.

She began to kick with renewed fervor, her legs flying every which way as she humped her way through one climax after another. She was putting on one hell of a performance, orgasming herself to death as she danced in the noose. Then she brought her knees together in what appeared to be one last massive cum.

She gurgled as she suddenly went limp, her legs twitching as she swayed back and forth. Drool spilled out of her mouth and fell onto her tits as she twisted in the noose. It was erotic as hell watching her naked body dangle like that.

She had a wild, drugged look in her eyes as though she’d cum like crazy. I had this wicked urge to attempt to give her one more just to be cruel. Besides, I figured she was too far gone to mind.

I stuck out my hand and quietly said, “Computer: baton!” One materialized in my hand. Then I smiled at Teri as I stepped behind her.

“This is for being such a slut!” I told her grimly. Then I shoved it hard up her ass before quickly stepping back.

Amazingly her eyes flew open and she let out a loud “GAWK” as her legs kicked haphazardly. In an instant I could tell the slut was cumming again.

She brought her knees up and then jerked them back down hard. There was a pronounced “CRICK” as her neck suddenly gave way. Then she started jerking and spasming in her death throes. Her bladder released and piss splattered down her legs to puddle upon the floor.

I watched as various muscles twitched sporadically, her body swaying softly as she twisted back and forth. Droplets of piss and cum dripped off her feet, adding to the mess on the floor. It wasn’t long until she dangled limp and lifeless, her face having turned a nasty shade of purple as her neck began to elongate.

I looked into her face and studied Teri’s lifeless expression. She looked like she’d orgasmed hard as she’d strangled to death in the noose. There was a drugged look in her eyes and for a second I got the strange impression she’d actually died happy.

“Slut!” I muttered under my breath. At least I’d gotten a couple of good releases out of it. Besides, she actually looked good with that baton sticking out of her ass! I think she actually liked it in the end… if you’ll pardon the pun!

I got dressed, took one last look at her and then gave her naked body a gentle push. She swayed back and forth and began to twist again. That’s when I turned my back on her, satisfied with my time in the holodeck.

“Computer: exit! End program!” She disappeared behind me as the arch appeared and I stepped through, needing a cleansing shower after participating in a rather enjoyable snuff session…

(written for Killer Jul 23 ’11 by riwa)

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