Emma at Skull Cave

(Inspired by JustPaul’s Skull Cave Animation)

Emma pulled the Zodiac to a stop outside the entrance to Skull Cave. She threw a rope around one of the jagged outcroppings and tied it off. Then she proceeded to gear up.

She was here to search for her missing sister. Serena had told her she was coming to Skull Cave and hadn’t returned. Emma was worried and had taken it upon herself to come after her.

She was in her black wetsuit and booties. The water temperature was not such that she really needed it but she wanted to be careful. Besides, the entrance was creepy enough with its skull-shaped face. Who knew what she might encounter once she began to plumb its hidden caverns!

Emma finished gearing up in her twin tanks and double hose. She checked her fins and dive mask, making sure everything was all set. Then with flashlight in hand she slipped into the water.

The entrance was right there and she finned her way inside.

She used her flashlight to shine into every crack and crevice. She hoped to find her sister alive and in one piece. But she had a bad feeling she was there for nothing more than to find out what had happened to Serena. She suspected she was actually there to recover a body and take it back for a proper burial.

As she went deeper into the cavern she found herself thinking about her sister. Serena had always been the one to take foolish chances. She’d warned her not to go into Skull Cave alone, especially since it was so easy to get turned around once inside. Her only hope was the possibility that Serena had found one of the few air pockets she’d heard about. Perhaps her sis had found one and was now hung up in it, waiting to be rescued.

As she rounded a corner she came upon a disturbing sight. A skeleton lay on the floor of the cavern, its flesh virtually picked clean. It was not an encouraging sign and Emma trembled as she anxiously finned her way farther into the cave.

She’d heard the rumors, heard that no one had ever gone into Skull Cave and had come back out. The skeleton was a bad omen and Emma found herself questioning the wisdom of even going in to look for her sister. But she wouldn’t be satisfied until she could confirm Serena was not in any one of its many caverns.

She rounded another corner and stumbled across yet another skeleton that had been picked clean. She cried out with fright, exhaling heavily. For a moment she was afraid she might have found the remains of her sister. But it was obvious the bones had been in there for a long time. It couldn’t possibly her sister – at least that’s what she hoped.

She moved further inside until she came to a large chamber. She couldn’t see the bottom but there was some sort of illumination up near the ceiling. It appeared to be some sort of reflective moss or lichen and she swam up to check.

She was astonished when her head popped up into a pocket of air. Instinctively she pulled the hose out of her mouth and began calling out for her sister… “SERENA? SERENA??” But there was no response.

She listened intently as a renewed sense of hope surged within her. If there was an air pocket in here then it was possible there were other air pockets in one of the other chambers. Emma was determined to check each one as long as her air held out in her tanks.

Something suddenly brushed against her leg and she grunted in alarm, quickly putting the hose back in her mouth. She felt movement again and she flashed her light downward. That’s when she saw a tentacle rise up toward her…


She tried to kick away but it snagged her ankle and she dropped her flashlight. Another tentacle rose up and wrapped around her chest. Emma cried out in terror, her heart hammering in her chest as her kitty throbbed with a fearful arousal.

She grunted as she was inexorably pulled downward, no match for the strength of the creature pulling her down. She exhaled heavily, wriggling about like mad as she fought against the huge beast. She reached for her dive knife and managed to stab the monster. It let go of her and she instinctively shot up toward the surface.

As she burst up in the air pocket she realized she needed to get the hell out of there! It was all too clear now what might have happened to her foolish sister! Emma had to find the entrance and get out before she became a permanent resident like the skeletons she’d found on her way in!

A tentacle wrapped around her legs and pulled her back down. She screamed in terror, exhaling heavily as she struggled with the beast. As she started to work her dive knife again a second tentacle knocked it out of her hand.

She cried out as she was pulled downward, wriggling and struggling like mad. This time she felt a tentacle probing as though seeing what kind of meal it had. A moment later she felt the tanks being ripped off her back…


She grabbed one last breath before the tanks were yanked away. Then she felt a tentacle slip between her legs, probing gently. Her eyes flew open in horror as her kitty throbbed with a terrible ache…


She grunted as she struggled like crazy, frantic to wriggle free. Her lungs were on fire; she needed another breath! But her tanks were gone and the only air available was somewhere above her!

One tentacle snagged one arm while another grabbed onto the other. A third slid up between her legs to wrap around her chest. Emma was sure she was going to drown, disappearing off the face of the earth just like her poor sister! The thought was so horrifyingly erotic that she suddenly climaxed hard, the tentacle with its suckers pulling on her until it pulled an orgasm right out of her!

Her breath flushed away in a massive burst of bubbles. Her lungs heaved and she was sure she was going to drown, probably to join her foolish sister who’d no doubt encountered this same beast. Then amazingly she was lifted up until her head burst up into the air pocket near the ceiling.

She wasn’t sure why the great beast had lifted her up for a breath. But she wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth! She gasped madly for breath, filling her lungs.

It was a good thing as she was suddenly pulled back down in an exhalation of bubbles. She felt a tentacle probing… pulling on her wetsuit. She lost one fin and then the other. Then her mask was ripped off her face, causing her to blink salt water out of her eyes. The damn thing was stripping the wetsuit off her body!

Once more a tentacle slithered between her legs, rubbing her crotch and fanning the flames of a fearful arousal. It wrapped around her chest and began tearing away the material of her wetsuit. Emma cried out in terror, sensing the beast was peeling away the wrapper to get at the juicy meal that lay inside!

She wriggled and squirmed, helpless to break out of the beast’s mighty grasp. Then to her utter amazement she was lifted up until her head burst up into the air pocket again! It was as if the damned thing was playing with her… toying with its meal before finally drowning her so it could devour her!

More of her wetsuit was pulled away despite her best efforts to hang onto it. In no time at all Emma was stripped naked. Then she was pulled down below the surface again, wriggling and struggling as air spewed out past her lips.

That tentacle returned, sliding up between her legs and wrapping around her chest. It’s as though the damn thing was purposely molesting her! Had it learned this horrific behavior from the victims it had eaten previously?

Emma writhed and bubbled, struggling feebly to break free of its grasp. She tried to beat on it but two more tentacles grabbed her wrists just like last time. A fourth tentacle poked and prodded as though exploring the meal it was about to devour.

She was lifted back up, her lungs on fire again until her head came up in the air pocket. It didn’t make any sense but she gratefully refilled her torture lungs. It reminded her of a cat toying with a mouse before finally deciding to end the fun.

She was suddenly pulled back down, two tentacles hanging onto her arms as a third worked up between her legs. A fourth touched her breasts and she grunted and moaned, her cheeks beginning to bulge. “LET ME GO!” her mind screamed but she sensed it was a futile request.

She was pulled lower as more tentacles appeared. This time she sensed it had tired of the game and was preparing to feed off her body. More tentacles wrapped around her, suckers molesting her by pulling on her flesh.

The orgasm that erupted inside her was massive, causing her back to arch as she shuddered like mad. Air burst out of her lungs as her hands flexed helplessly, her feet cocking and curling. But this time she was not returned to the air pocket.

She thought she saw the eyes of the beast and she shuddered helplessly. It held her away at tentacles length as though thoroughly examining her. That when her lungs gave out.

Emma coughed and gurgled as she sucked water down her windpipe. She started coughing up bubbles as she bucked and shuddered. The beast just held her in position, perhaps to grant her the dignity of drowning before it started to feed.

Emma jerked and convulsed, trying to reach for the surface even as the tentacles held onto her wrists. Then she gurgled in her death throes. She no longer struggled; her strength depleted and her energy gone.

The last thing she saw was a body lying near the great beast. There was enough left to recognize certain family features. Emma realized with sadness that she’d found her sister.

‘You stupid bitch,’ she thought wearily. ‘Now we’re both about to become sushi for some dumb octopus!’ Then the light winked out of her eyes as consciousness left her. A few stray bubbles trickled out past her parted lips as the beast pulled her body closer, perhaps preparing to sample her flesh…

(written for Emma and Justpaul Jul 16 ’11 by riwa)

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    Great story and pics!

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      Great story and the pics are excellent very erotic.

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