11 Microkini Teri hangs

She led me a few steps away until an ornate lamppost with a metallic arm sticking out nearly nine feet up came into view. Perched on top of the arm was a glowing bulb of light surrounded by a glass globe. But dangling through a hole from the end of the arm below the lamp was yet another noose.

Once again there was another table nearby with an array of objects lying on it. ‘Microkini Teri’ walked over and picked up a length of rope from off the table. Then she handed it to me.

“Who’s the lucky slut this time?” I asked. In response she took a deep breath, turned around and brought her wrists behind her back.

“I am, Master.”

My eyes opened in astonishment; I hadn’t expected this. “Oh, really?” I asked curiously.

“You KNOW what a bitch I am, Master,” she answered with a hint of amusement in her voice. “I think the others we’ve snuffed would appreciate it if you were to make my hanging as painful as possible. I suspect they would consider it a personal favor, considering how cruel I was to each and every one of them.”

I took the rope and tied her wrists together as tightly as possible. She whimpered in pain but she didn’t protest. Her breathing became labored as I then marched her over to the noose.

“You’d probably better make it hurt, Master” she advised in a trembling voice. “I’m a bitch and I fucking deserve it.” However the expression in her face told me she wasn’t really looking forward to it.

I reached up and pulled the noose down, gently looping it around her neck. She gasped as I snugged it tight, situating the knot directly behind her left ear. Her chest started rising and falling noticeably, her nipples appearing quite erect through her teardrop bikini top. I figured it was time to remove those flimsy pieces of cloth once and for all so I ripped them off her tits, removing her bottoms as well and leaving her completely naked.

I rubbed her body all over, caressing her tits and fingering her nipples. She closed her eyes and moaned softly… until I started giving each one a good pinch. She yipped and whimpered but she never once protested so I gave each one a good twist as well. She yipped again, her body trembling as beads of sweat broke out all over her.

“Voice commands, Master,” she told me quietly, looking at me with those big brown eyes as though anticipating the pain that was to come. “The computer will only recognize your voice on this one.”

“Computer?” I responded, looking right into her eyes. “Take this bitch up onto her toes.”

‘Microkini Teri’ gawked as she was lifted up. Her eyes widened as she tried to shuffle around, looking for the best possible position to ease the strain around her neck. But there was no such position; for her it was only going to get worse.

“Let’s see what you’ve prepared for me, shall we?” I said with a cruel smile and I walked over to the table to inspect its contents.

I picked up what looked like a taser with two metal prongs sticking out of it and brought it back to her. She saw it in my hand and her eyes widened as she started to whimper. “That’s quite a collection you have over there,” I observed with a sinister smile. “Let’s start with this, shall we?”

I walked all around her, trying to decide what to touch first. She was doing her best to maintain her compose but I could hear faint whimpers as she stiffened with anticipation. That’s when I reached out and casually touched her ass with it. The mechanism crackled as it came in contact with her skin.

Teri jerked with a garbled cry, her feet shuffling underneath her as I slowly circled her. “I trust you instructed the computer to make sure you last as long as possible?” I queried. When she managed to nod her head I touched her stomach with it and she let out another cry as the mechanism crackled again.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this,” I said with a nasty smile and I touched her again with the taser. She jerked and grunted and I could see in her eyes that she knew she was really in for it. She whimpered but still said nothing.

I touched her body again with the taser… and again. She jerked and started whimpering and I jolted her ass a couple of times. She jerked again, nearly losing her footing and hanging herself, and she had to shuffle her feet to regain her position. Then I came around front, smiling cruelly.

I jolted her tits and she jerked back, almost strangling herself with the noose. Her nipples stood out and I jolted those as well. Then I applied the taser to her crotch, giving her clit a good shock. She kicked backward with a yelp and ended up swinging a little before she fumbled for some footing underneath her and regained a toe-hold.

Tears were in her eyes but my cock was rock hard. “Time to fuck me, bitch,” I snarled at her. “Wrap your legs around me and fuck me!”

I pressed up against her as she lifted her legs, asphyxiating herself as she wrapped them around me. She found my hard cock with her dripping cunt and managed to impale herself on my throbbing dick. Her gasps for breath were delicious as she started to ride me and she grunted as she bounced up and down on my shaft.

“I said ‘FUCK ME’, bitch!” I demanded and I pressed the taser into her firm tit-flesh. She jerked and cried out, gasping and coughing from a limited intake of air. Tears streamed down her cheeks, streaking her mascara.

I reached around and jolted her ass a couple of times, causing her to grunt and whimper. Then I jolted her anus. “Cum for me, bitch!” I ordered and her eyes rolled as she shuddered hard, her cunt clamping tight onto my swelling cock inside her.

With a roar I emptied myself inside her, pulling down on her and strangling her with the noose. She bucked and thrashed about, fully impaled on my cock until her legs flopped down. Then I pulled out of her and forced her to try to find the floor with her toes as my cum dripped out of her pussy.

“You have some interesting accessories over here, bitch,” I observed as I walked over to the table. Let’s see what will look nice on you, shall we?”

I returned with a thin, gold chain attached on both ends by alligator clamps. I attached each clamp to one of her erect nipples, causing her to cry out in pain. Then I pulled down on the chain as it looped between her tits and she gasped and cried out again.

I walked back over and found some little metal weights with little hooks. I brought them back and hooked five of them in a row across the loop of gold chain between her tits. She whimpered and gurgled, her body becoming drenched in sweat.

I took her by the chin and looked into those big brown eyes filled with pain. “More?” I asked curiously. She actually nodded, even as she was blinking back tears. “That’s a good bitch,” I said, giving her weighted chain a tug, and she gasped and whimpered.

I found two more alligator clips with weights which I brought over and attached to her labia. She cried out again, her body trembling as she struggled to pull air into her lungs. Then I found more thin chains which I brought over so I could connect her weighted nipples to the alligator clips attached to the folds of her weighted labia, connecting all the chains together.

“I think it would be nice to remember ‘pole-dancing Teri’, don’t you?” I smiled cruelly as I looked into her eyes. “Computer: electrify chains with 20 kilovolts.” Almost immediately she began to jerk and thrash around, nearly strangling herself with the noose as her tits bounced like mad, her cunt dripping heavily from her arousal.

I went over to the table and brought back a thick metal dildo that had several settings. “Time for another fucking, bitch,” I said to her with a smile. Then I took the dildo, jammed it into her dripping snatch and cranked the power all the way up.

Teri found enough voice to let out a garbled scream as I brutally fucked her cunt. Her tits bounced, the weights jangling up and down on the chain stretched between them as she shuffled around like mad. A couple times she almost left her feet and she had to scramble amidst the pain to find the floor with her toes again. Then she came hard as a gush of fluid sprayed out of her dripping twat.

Amazingly I was getting hard again; it was time to take her ass. “Let’s just leave this in here, shall we?” I suggested and with a twist of the handle the damn thing seemed to open up inside her, wedging itself in place. She screamed again, a scream that became a gurgle as the noose tightened around her throat.

I went behind her, found her puckered anus and centered my hardened cock against it. Then with a mighty thrust I shoved it in. Teri jerked and grunted and for a few seconds she was off the ground, her rectum impaled by my cock.

She bucked and shuddered as I brutally fucked her ass. I could feel her clenching from the dildo up her cunt and from the jolts of electricity she was getting. None of it seemed to affect me in the slightest; I was not getting any kind of shocks at all.

I fucked her for several minutes until my cock swelled up inside her. About that time another painful orgasm was ripped out of her spasming body and I came right along with her, roaring my release. When I pulled out, my cum dripped out of her ass, splattering onto the floor between her feet.

“I’m reminded of your lesbian lover,” I told her with an ominous tone to my voice as I walked over to the table. I picked up the nightstick and hefted it in my hands before walking back over to her. “I think she would appreciate the gesture, don’t you?” and I smacked my hand with it, smiling wickedly.

Her eyes widened in alarm as she jerked and twisted, still shuffling around on her toes as the electrical jolts to her chains and dildo did their work. Her tits continued to bounce a little, causing the weights to bounce as well. Her pussy was soaked, dripping continuously onto the floor.

I walked behind her where I rubbed her ass invitingly. I wriggled the end of the baton against her cum-dripping anus until I got it inside. Then I THRUST it up hard, causing her to gawk and shuffle around again.

“Got to pack my seed up in there so you don’t lose anymore,” I chuckled. “It’s dripping out of you much too fast.” I jammed the nightstick up her ass several times, enough to generate a few delicious gasps and garbled cries. Then I forced it up as high as it would go before leaving it there.

I walked back over to the table and picked up an interesting looking dildo. It felt full of fluid and I suspected that whatever was inside would not go down well. So I took it over to my writhing whimpering, pain-filled slut and waved it at her.

“What happens if I shove this down your throat, bitch?” I wanted to know. “When you suck on it does it secrete an acid that eats away at your insides?”

I heard the chirp of the holodeck computer as though it had just programmed my suggestion into the scenario. ‘Microkini Teri’s’ eyes instantly widened in horror; I think she suspected the worst. “I believe the slut who had one of these shoved into her mouth before she was long-dropped might appreciate my doing this to you,” I observed. “Now open wide and say ‘ahh’!”

I grabbed her mouth and thrust it in, jamming it as far down as it would go. I saw her neck muscles ripple as though she was trying to swallow and a new pain registered in her eyes as her body shook anew. That’s when I figured it was just about time to finish her off.

I walked back over to the table and picked up what looked like a ceremonial dagger. Then I brought it back over and waved it at her as well.

“This is for ‘upside down Teri’ who you so eagerly urged me to gut wide open. This will be my going-away present for you, my dear.” Then I pushed it against her tummy until it punctured her abdomen and I started to slice downward, cutting her open and allowing a part of her guts to hang out.

Teri grunted, jerking around like she was either in great pain or an unbelievable orgasm. Her toes fluttered as though she could barely make contact with the floor and her body starting to sway. “Computer: hang the bitch!” I ordered and she was suddenly jerked off her feet, pulled up until she was dangling less than a foot below the glowing lamp above her.

She kicked and gurgled, her eyes wide as though she couldn’t quite believe all the things I’d done to her. She swayed back and forth, her tits heaving, her body spasming. The weights dangling from the chain between her nipples bobbed up and down and I saw the ones hanging from the folds of her labia jerking around as well. It also looked like every time she swallowed, a profound pain made its way down her throat.

Her makeup was smeared on her face as though from the tears of a sad clown. Sweat flew off her body as her legs peddled and then kicked upward in an effort to ease the strain around her neck. There was a mighty jerk of her legs, causing the noose to tighten lethally, and her eyes bugged out as the rubber dildo hung out of her mouth.

Her legs flew every which way as a part of her intestines draped out of the opening in her stomach and hung downward, the knife still sticking out of her. Blood dripped onto the floor of the holodeck, blood mixed with sweat and the fluids of her orgasms. There was a final spray out around her cunt followed by a stream of piss that arced outward and splattered onto the floor nearby. Then she shuddered and hung lifeless, swaying and twisting gently as sporadic muscles twitched in protest to her nervous system shutting everything down.

I watched in awe as she dangled from the noose. My cock hardened yet again as her swaying motions gradually subsided. Her face was purple, contorted in great pain, and her lifeless eyes reflected the intense suffering I’d subjected her to.

She’d been rather wicked with her many sisters and I felt no remorse whatsoever. After all, the bitch had all but admitted she was getting what she deserved. All I had to do was consider the enthusiasm she had shown when the snake had eaten one of her many victims… or how she’d eagerly wrapped her twin in plastic while she was still breathing… or how she’d enjoyed making one of her sisters fry in the electric chair.

No, I decided as I watched her lifeless body gently turn one direction and then the other; she had gotten what she deserved. As for me, I had gotten a rather enjoyable afternoon out of it! That’s when I turned to locate the arch to the holodeck that would take me back to the reality of the starship I served on…

(written for Killer May 31 ’10 by riwa)

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