Breath-holding in the pool with Alex 2 (m/m)


Part 2

My encounter in the pool with Alex stayed with me for several hours. I finally got it out of my mind. Besides, I didn’t know when I was going to see him again.

I was working the morning shift on Wednesday when he showed up. There were a couple of older ladies already enjoying a hot soak. He smiled as he paid me for the swim before heading off to the men’s locker room to change.

At first I didn’t think anything about it. But then I started remembering the last time he’d shown up during my shift. It had only been two days ago, and he’d helped with the pool vac. Then we’d done a few breath-holds, the last one while masturbating together.

I tried to get the erotic memory out of my head. After all, I had other customers in the building. Then he emerged out of the men’s locker room.

I immediately noticed his light blue speedos. I think the two ladies soaking noticed them too. They seemed to look in his direction for a long time before he got into the water with a dive mask.

I tried not to let it get to me. But I really liked his speedos. They certainly stood out, attracting one’s attention.

He was up and down quite a bit in the deep end. It looked like he was doing a lot of breath-holding. Occasionally I noticed a flurry of bubbles come up before his head emerged.

An older couple came in and paid for their swim. Then they went to their separate locker rooms. So I decided to make a pass around the perimeter of the pool.

I stopped near the two ladies and asked if they were enjoying themselves. Then I made my way along the side of the pool to the deep end. Alex was down on the floor of the pool in a sitting position, pushing up against the bottom rung of the ladder to keep himself from drifting up.

I couldn’t resist hanging around until he came up. After all, I felt responsible for my guests, even though no lifeguard was provided. The rule was “Swim at your Own Risk”.

Alex came up in a flurry of bubbles. He smiled as soon as he saw me looking down on him. I asked, “How’s it going? How’s the water?”

“The water’s great. I’m really enjoying myself.”

“Good; I’m glad.” Then I continued my walk around the perimeter of the pool.

He went back to his breath-holding. I went back to the cash register. By then the other couple had come out and were soaking in the shallow end.

Alex got out and got dressed after about an hour or so. He paused at the desk to say hi. I asked how his swim had gone.

“I enjoyed it, Dean. I think I’m going to come back on Friday. I’m working on my breath-holds and working to get more comfortable not using a dive mask so much.”

“I’m like you,” I replied. “I use the dive mask to keep the water out of my nose. But sometimes I try to swim without it. It can get pretty tight on the face.” He nodded his agreement.

I looked at him curiously. “So you’re coming back on Friday?”

“I was thinking about it? Why? Is Friday a bad day or something?”

“No. I work part time, and that’s my next shift.”

“Is it really? That’s interesting. I guess I’ll see you Friday, Dean.”

“See you later, Alex.” Then he gave me a wave of his hand before heading out the door.

I tried not to give it much thought. But I was strangely excited about him coming back on Friday. I just didn’t know what to do about it.

I decided to play it casual. Besides, Fridays can be unpredictable. Lately we’d been getting a few more early-morning customers.

I opened up early on Friday and got the place ready for business. Alex showed up five minutes after the place was officially open. He smiled when he saw me behind the counter.

I asked, “More breath-holding, Alex?”

“That and a little swimming along the pool floor looking for coins.”

“If there are any at all, they should still be there. I don’t vacuum the pool until Monday morning.”

“I’ll remember that,” he said with a smile. Then he went to the locker room to change.

He had just come out in a light green speedo when a couple of older ladies showed up. But that didn’t surprise me. Our place was popular for soaking in the early morning hours.

I watched Alex put on a dive mask at the deep end of the pool. Then he submerged and headed for the bottom. I saw him clutching his red hand-weights.

The ladies came out of their locker room. They took up crouching positions in the shallow end. Then they soaked and chatted while Alex surfaced and then submerged in the deep end.

After a while I decided to make my perimeter pass around the pool. It wasn’t really necessary. But I used it as an excuse to look around and see who was doing what to whom in the water.

This time I made my pass in the opposite direction. Alex was my first stop in the deep end. When I got there I noticed he was flat on his back, the little red weights on his chest.

He was not wearing his dive mask. Bubbles came up out of his mouth and nose. His eyes were closed as though he was concentrating.

I glanced along his body and noticed his cock tenting his speedos. In fact, it looked like the tip was peeking out a little. It had a strangely arousing effect on me.

His eyes opened and he looked up. Then he moved the weights off his chest. He slowly came up to the surface until his head emerged out of the water, leaving him panting quietly for breath.

I asked, “How’s it going today, my friend?”

He smiled as he replied, “It’s going great, Dean. I’m trying it without my dive mask. It stung a little to begin with. But it’s not so bad now. You been in the water lately?”

I paused to think about it. “Not since the day you helped me with the vacuum. I think that was Monday.”

“Yes it was.”

“Well, don’t let me keep you from your breath-holding.”

“No problem at all, Dean.”

I smiled as he inhaled. Then he submerged. I watched him go all the way down to the bottom, releasing bubbles out of his nose. Then he grabbed the red weights to help keep himself on the bottom before lying flat on his back.

I looked up and continued my perimeter pass. My cock was stirring, and I didn’t want it to show. I briefly stopped by to check on my other guests who were enjoying themselves. Then I went back to my register.

Alex was in the water a little over an hour before he called it a day. He climbed out and dried off. Then he went into the men’s locker room to change.

When he was ready, he came out and walked up to the counter in his street clothes. I smiled as I asked him how his swim went. “Just great, Dean. I really enjoy this place.”

He paused as though he was deep in thought. I could tell something was on his mind. So I asked, “Is there anything else, Alex?”

“You say pool cleanup is Monday morning?”

“That’s right. I arrive early to vacuum and make sure everything is ready for the week. Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering…”

Right away I knew what he was thinking. It made my cock stir as I considered the possibility we might get into the water together. But he said nothing. Clearly anything further was up to me.

It was out of my mouth before I could think to stop myself. “I’ll be here at eight, Alex. You’re welcome to show up at that hour if you wish. You don’t have to help me or anything. I’ll just be vacuuming the pool and cleaning up before the guests show up. If you want, I’ll even leave the front door unlocked for you.”

“Oh really? That sounds like fun. Maybe I’ll show up early on Monday, Dean.” Then he gave me a big smile before he headed out.

I got quite the hard-on right after he left. It took a few minutes before I could calm myself down. I don’t know why I was so aroused at the thought of him coming early. So I tried to put it out of my mind. Besides, I had my weekend activities to look forward to.

Alex was on my mind when I showed up early Monday morning. I wore a set of baggy green swim trunks under my street clothes. But this time I also wore a pair of white speedos under all that.

I was in a state of semi-arousal when I opened up and started to get things ready. Then I broke out the pool vac. I wanted to get it done early in case I wanted to go for a swim with Alex before customers began to arrive after the nine o-clock hour.

I was in my white speedos vacuuming the pool when Alex showed up. I told him he could go change if he wanted. He could pay me when he’d concluded his swim.

I felt my cock stir when he went into the men’s locker room to change. Why the hell was the thought of being underwater with him turning me on?? I just couldn’t figure it out!

He must have changed in record time. He was out of the locker room in his red speedos in no time at all. He jumped into the water head first and dove down to where I was moving the head of the pool vacuum.

He helped me push it around, making sure I got every spot that looked dirty. I was finished at a quarter after eight. I put the pool vacuum and hoses away while he got out of the water, went back into the locker room, and retrieved his swim bag.

He came out and caught me standing on the edge of the pool at the deep end. “Going for a swim, Dean?” he asked excitedly. I could see his cock bulging in his speedos.

“Thinking about it,” I replied with a smile and a surge of erotic tingles. Then I dove head first into the water. He dove in a couple seconds later.

We tread water together in the deep end, starting our swim by making small talk to break the ice. Then he filled his lungs and dove for the bottom. I followed him down, my cock refusing to soften. By now, the fabric had turned all but transparent, just as I knew it would.

Alex made a long swim along the bottom. I followed his lead, moving behind him while staying out of the way of his kicking feet. We stayed down about a good forty seconds before surfacing.

We were clinging to the pool ladder when he asked, “How often do you get to do this, Dean? Do you get to enjoy a swim before you open up to the public?”

“I have to get here early enough, Alex. Many times I arrive without giving myself enough private time before customers start showing up. So it doesn’t happen very often.”

“I see.”

“I’m glad you said something Friday. I could use the swim. This is nice. And I appreciate the help with the pool vac.”

“Glad to help out. Anything for you, Dean.”

I felt a strange surge of excitement flow through me at his words. His appreciation seemed stronger than I’d anticipated. I felt such a rush of self-consciousness that I filled my lungs and submerged.

I dove down to the bottom of the pool. This time Alex was the one who followed me. We played about a minute’s worth of “Follow the Leader” before I headed back up with straining lungs.

We were at the surface treading water when he asked, “How about a breath-hold?”

My cock twitched in my speedos. I smiled nervously as I told him, “I’d like that. Would you mind if I went and got the brick and dive mask for myself?”

“Not at all, Dean.”

“Be right back.”

I was breathless and aroused as I climbed out of the water. He hadn’t said a word about my very distinct bulge showing through my white speedos. Of course, I hadn’t said a word about his either. But I was sure we’d both noticed each other’s.

I fetched the block and dive mask. By the time I got back in the water with him, he’d already put on a mask for himself. I smiled as I told him I was going to lie flat on the bottom.

I filled my lungs and submerged with the block. I went straight to the bottom. Then I laid out flat on my back before putting the block in my chest.

Alex surprised me when he came down and grabbed the bottom rung of the ladder. He hung right above me, all stretched out. His eyes stayed on me the entire time.

My cock got hard as a rock… but then again, so did his. He had this joyous smile on his face. I felt all self-conscious again, but to be honest I was enjoying myself.

We stayed like that for quite a while as he checked the watch on his wrist. Occasionally I released a few bubbles out of my mouth. They billowed up and hit him in the dive mask. He just grinned back at me.

Alex released a few bubbles of his own. After a while, he lost his buoyancy. Now he used the bottom rung of the ladder to keep himself from coming down on top of me.

I felt my chest heave as I competitively tried to push my time underwater. Alex watched me like a hawk. I felt self-conscious, but there was something about the way he looked at me that turned me on.

He looked like he was doing just fine. I figured he could hold his breath longer than I. Of course he was coming to the pool several times a week and was getting in a lot more practice.

My lungs were straining when I saw his stomach start to ripple. I lost a burst of air as I finally went up past him. Then I burst up at the surface and gasped for breath.

He came up a couple seconds later. I asked, “How’d I do?”

He checked his watch. “Not bad for a first time. That was a minute twenty-two.”

“I think I can do better than that. Ready to go again?”

“Ready when you are, Dean. This time I think I’ll take the bottom position.”

“Fine with me.”

We filled our lungs. Then we submerged. Alex went down and stretched out flat on his back on the pool floor while I clung to the bottom rung of the pool ladder looking down on him.

He set the block on his chest. Then he looked up at me and smiled. He seemed particularly excited about something.

I noticed his cock was stretching out his speedos. I could tell the tip was trying to peek out again. I don’t know why I kept looking down at his bulge.

The more his dick stiffened, the more turned on I became. He stared up at me until I smiled with embarrassment as I released a few bubbles. My cock was straining in my speedos.

We took turns releasing bubbles. His cock looked extremely hard in his suit. Mine was becoming uncomfortable as hell.

I watched as Alex allowed his hand to stray down toward his stomach. It brushed back and forth over his bulge. It was as though he wanted to touch himself without offending me.

I smiled and bubbled as I allowed my hand to caress down my body while I gripped the ladder with the other. I found my own bulge and rubbed it a little. That made Alex smile even more. It also seemed to give him the freedom to rub his bulge harder.

My lungs began to strain, and I lost more air. Alex released bubbles that hit my dive mask. I liked it, and I smiled back at him despite the burn in my chest.

I finally gave up and headed for the surface. Alex followed right behind me. We burst up together where he blurted out, “One forty-eight, Dean. You’re getting close to two minutes.”

I smiled as I panted heavily. Once more I found myself becoming self-conscious about what was going on. He looked at me carefully before asking, “Is everything all right?”

“All right so far, Alex.”

He seemed concerned about something. “You’re not offended by my, uh…”

I quickly suspected what he was anxious about. So I tried to put his mind at ease. “Not at all, Alex. I’m not offended by yours so long as you’re not offended by mine.”

He smiled as though visibly relieved. “Not at all, Dean. Now I have a suggestion going forward with our next one. Do you want to go again?”

“What time is it?”

“Eight forty.”

“I’ve got time. I can be in the pool until about nine when the customers might start showing up. Of course, I might want to change into something a little more suitable before then. So what’s your suggestion?”

“How about this? Whoever’s lying flat on the bottom gets to set the pace and dictate the rules for the next breath-hold. Whoever’s on the bottom can do whatever he wants, and the guy on top has to follow his lead. Does that sound ok to you?”

I smiled as I told him, “Sound’s ok to me, Alex.” But that’s when I felt another erotic jolt as I smiled self-consciously.

This time I would be the one heading down and lying flat on my back. Clearly he was giving me permission to do whatever the hell I wanted down there. Then he would follow my lead.

What was I going to do? Was I just going to keep doing regular breath-holds with Alex? Or was he giving me permission to allow this to take off in a rather exciting direction?

2021 (written Jul 1 ’21 by riwa)

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