I’m hanged (male themes)


I was hitchhiking across the country when he picked me up. It was hot hitching across the Southwest. I was grateful he pulled over and gave me a ride.

He offered to take me home and put me up for the night. He guaranteed me fried chicken and a hot bath. So I took him up on his offer.

He seemed nice enough, and he treated me well. But there was something about the way he kept looking at me. It made me wonder if he was attracted to me.

Once inside his home he told me there was one room I wasn’t allowed to look inside. Otherwise I had the run of the house. I was allowed to spend the night in his guest room.

After eating supper and watching some TV, I decided to take a hot bath before going to bed early. It had been a long day. I was looking forward to a bath and a good night’s rest.

After my bath I sacked out, sleeping in my briefs. But in the middle of the night I had this dream. At least I think it was a dream.

He opened the door and came into my room. I remember him putting his hand on my crotch. Instinctively I moved it away. That’s when that part of the dream ended as I went right into another one.

I was curious about the room that was off-limits. So I went to have a look. Inside was a bare room with a chair and small nightstand.

Dangling from the ceiling was a long, thick noose. I couldn’t believe it. What kind of individual had I come in contact with??

I stared up at the noose, wondering who my benefactor really was. Then a thought crossed my mind. Did this guy want to hang me?

As I thought about it, I felt a strange stirring in my briefs. I looked up at the noose as I considered the matter. Why was I feeling aroused? I really didn’t want him to hang me, did I?

The next thing I remembered was being awake sitting in that chair in that small room. I was still wearing my briefs. But now my arms were handcuffed behind my back.

The noose was still right there, staring me in the face. I didn’t know what to think. I do know I was becoming shamefully hard as I stared at it, wondering if he was actually going to hang me.

The door opened and he walked into the room. He was wearing some sort of uniform that indicated he worked for the police. He saw me looking at the noose and smiled. Then he knelt close.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

“I’m not sure I’d call it beautiful,” I replied hesitantly.

“Well, you might as well get used to it, Tim. I plan on using it to hang you with this morning. What do you think about that?”

“Hang me? You’re not really going to hang me; are you, Scott?”

“The thought had occurred to me. Besides, I told you not to come into this room, didn’t I? Now here we are.”

I swallowed nervously as I looked at the noose. I didn’t know how to answer. I also didn’t understand why my cock was getting so hard in my briefs.

“You know, Tim. I’m kind of looking forward to hanging you. I’m getting quite an erection just thinking about it.”

“Is there anything I can do to get out of being hanged in here, Scott?”

“There sure is, Tim.”

I couldn’t believe it when he unzipped his fly. Then he brought his cock out. I just stared at him and then at his cock as though he was nuts.

“Getting the message, Tim?”

“I’ve never sucked a cock before, Scott.”

“It’s never too late to learn, you know… especially with your neck being literally on the line here.”

“Are you serious?” He just smiled and nodded.

I gulped nervously as I swallowed hard. His cock was right there at eye level. I looked up at him and then right at his erection.

Nervously I leaned over and took him into my mouth. Then I tried sucking on it. “Take it a little deeper, Tim,” he said encouragingly. “I’d hate to have to hang you for giving me a bad blowjob.”

I didn’t know if he was serious or not. But I sure as hell didn’t want to take the chance. So I took him a little deeper.

I sucked on him the way I like to be sucked. That’s when he began to thrust in and out of my mouth. The noose ominously hung nearby as I developed this disturbing growth in my briefs.

It was humiliating sucking on another man’s cock. It was also shamefully arousing. I felt my dick stiffen considerably in my briefs. Maybe it’s because I was thinking about what it would feel like if he actually hanged me. Or maybe it was because of the embarrassment of having a cock in my mouth.

“You like it; don’t you, Tim? Or are you getting hard because you’re wondering if I’m really going to hang you. Does it really matter?”

He paused my blowjob to pull my stiffening cock out of my briefs. Then he stroked it. I became even more humiliated as he jerked me while telling me he was going to enjoy watching me hang unless I got him off properly.

“P-Properly, Scott?”

“That’s right, Tim. I’m going to fuck your ass. Then we’ll see about your hanging, ok?”

“Scott, I’ve never been fucked in the ass before!”

“Tim, you’re just full of firsts this morning, aren’t you?”

He stood me up and made me kneel on the chair. The he retrieved the baton that had been sitting on the end table. He took it and slowly worked it up into my ass. It was embarrassing as hell.

I whimpered from the violation. “Better get used to it, Tim. My cock will be going in there next. Are you up for it? Or should I just go ahead and hang you?”

“I g-guess you can f-fuck my ass, Scott.” By now I was totally humiliated. Strangely I was also unbelievably aroused.

“Good decision, Tim.” Then he pulled out the baton. That’s when he slowly pushed his cock into my ass.

I grunted as he thrust in nice and slow. It really hurt at first. But after a while my anal passage gradually became accustomed to being penetrated. At times it even felt shamefully pleasurable.

“I don’t know, Tim. You’ve got a great ass. It’s nice and tight; just perfect for fucking. But to be perfectly honest, what I’m really looking forward to is watching you hang to death. You wouldn’t mind doing that for me; would you, Tim?”

I could barely make out the noose dangling nearby. A part of me was genuinely frightened. Another part of me felt this strange arousal at my predicament.

I don’t know how long he fucked me. I fully expected him to cum in my ass. But that’s not what he wanted.

He removed the cuffs before pulling out of my ass. Then he told me to kneel and suck him until he came in my mouth. I was humiliated having to blow him after he’d just been in my ass. I just hoped my satisfying him meant I wouldn’t have to hang.

I knelt before him as he grabbed my head. Then he proceeded to fuck my face. It was humiliating as hell, especially the way he called me his cock-sucking noose-whore.

The noose dangled ever-present, making me worried he was truly going to hang me. So I did the best I could. I was rewarded with a cry of pleasure as he thrust hard into my mouth.

I got a load of salty cum for my efforts. He just kept his cock in my mouth until I was forced to swallow it all. Afterwards he pulled out.

I was terribly ashamed, having swallowed another man’s cum. At least now he wasn’t going to hang me; right? Then he made me stand upright.

He turned me around and snapped the cuffs back on my wrists. Then he moved the chair directly under the noose. “I’ve had my cum, Tim. Now it’s time for you to have yours.”

I stammered for something to say as he looped the noose around my throat. Then he made me stand up on the chair. I got really nervous as he tightened the rope snug against my left ear.

He finished pulling my briefs all the way down, leaving me naked and ashamed. Then he stepped behind me. He started stroking me until I had a full erection as I stood there noosed on the chair while panting for breath.

“I’ve had my cum, Tim,” he repeated. “Now it’s time for you to have yours.” And with that he pulled the chair out from underneath me.

I started to protest until I dropped, the noose taking my full weight. I couldn’t believe how much it hurt! My mind just kept screaming, “I’m hanged – I’m hanged!”

I began to kick as I swung back and forth. Scott came around in front of me to watch the show. He had his cock in his hand and was eagerly stroking himself. He had this sadistic smile on his face.

I hitched and jerked as my cock bounced from my gyrations. Then it began oozing until I spurted a little as I rasped for breath. Scott just smiled as he told me, “That’s the way, Tim. After you’ve finished cumming you can die for me.”

I fought that noose like hell; oh, how I fought it! I couldn’t believe anything could hurt so badly. My neck felt like it was stretching as my cock remained stiff.

I finally began to settle down as I tired myself out while internal organs started shutting down. My kicks lessened until I was hardly struggling at all. My cock softened until my bladder released and I pissed myself.

“Well done, Tim,” Scott said with a smile. He jerked his meat so hard that he spurted his cream onto my twitching legs. I could feel my bowels threatening to give way at any moment, an act that would be my final humiliation.

Thankfully I don’t remember anything after that…

2019 (written Sep 8 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by vidcaps I took from the Internet clip No Noose is Good Noose.)

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