Kelly and the wetsuit

Inspired by a chat with Emma

I knew it was probably a trap but I couldn’t help myself. I was addicted to the adrenaline rush, addicted to the danger. And my girlfriend Kelly was as dangerous as they came.

She hadn’t hurt me or anything but a couple of times she’d pushed the envelope, scaring the crap out of me. But those times had also been incredibly erotic as well. The orgasms had been unbelievable; it was no wonder I kept going back for more.

She outweighs me by almost fifty pounds, especially since I’m a petite little five foot nothing of Asian descent. She’s quite a bit taller than I am and I’m used to her pushing me around and manhandling me. It always gives me erotic tingles whenever she abuses me like that. And since she knows my weakness she always makes it a point to rough me up a bit.

Anyway she called me up and invited me over, telling me she had something she wanted to show me. I was instantly suspicious but I told her I was on my way. I hadn’t cum from a good role-play in over a week and I desperately craved one of those peril-orgasms I love so much.

I got to her house and she let me in… “Hi, Emma; it’s good to see you again!” We engaged in a bit of idle chitchat before she got to the point.

“I saw something while I was out shopping the other day, ‘Em’,” she told me, her excitement building. “Naturally it reminded me of you so I got it for you.”

“Oh?” I asked innocently.

Kelly has bought me outfits before so this was something I was used to. Sometimes when she’s out shopping she sees something that she thinks will look sexy on me. I love modeling those outfits for her because I love getting her all worked up, especially since she often has some wicked play in mind once she gets me wearing one of them.

“It’s in the bathroom,” she said with a smile. “It’s a wetsuit! I think you’re going to look great in it!”

“A wetsuit?” I asked and I began to tremble.

Kelly knows I love diving, knows I love to wear wetsuits. She thinks I look sexy as hell in them and I love prancing around in them in front of her, getting her all worked up. But this time I was hesitant, sensing an ambush.

“What’s the catch?” I wanted to know.

“There’s no catch,” she insisted with a wave of her hand. “You know I love looking at you in a wetsuit is all!”

“I’m not sure,” I hesitated, looking at my watch. “Besides, I have another appointment I need to be getting to.” I was being a bitch; I didn’t have an appointment. It worked; she became even more animated.

“Go on in and try it on, ‘Em’; don’t be such a shithead! I want to see you in it! Surely you’ve got time to try on one outfit, don’t you?”

She was practically begging me and I loved pushing her buttons. But to be honest I was a little excited myself, suspecting something was up. I made her beg for another minute or so before relenting and she pointed me in the direction of the guest bathroom.

My kitty was dripping as I went in and found this flat, rectangular box. I always get a little excited whenever I open something from her and this time was no different, especially since she’d already told me it was a wetsuit. I gasped breathlessly when I pulled it out.

It was a special wetsuit she’d bought for me, made of thin black rubber with matching gloves and booties. The material felt wonderful and I shivered as I anticipated how it would feel on my bare skin. I suspected there was going to be trouble once I got into it but I just couldn’t wait to put it on, knowing how it would get Kelly all worked up once she saw me in it.

It took awhile but I finally got into it. It totally encased my body, leaving only my head poking up out of the material. The gloves and booties were an added feature and I felt utterly fantastic in it! The seam hit my crotch just right, rubbing exciting little tingles into my kitty.

I came out of the bathroom and sensuously paraded around in front of her. Her eyes went wide and I could tell she was breathing hard. I knew in an instant she loved me wearing it.

“Gawd; that’s perfect!” she breathed rapturously. “It’s just the right kind of outfit to drown a hot little bitch like you in!”

Oh, shit! I’d foolishly let my guard down and was about to pay dearly for it… not that I could have done anything about it.

She leaped up quick as a cat and started manhandling me, roughing me up as I protested to no avail. She threw me down onto the couch and pinned me down, telling me now she was REALLY going to have some fun with me. I thrashed about but she outmuscled me, pulling my arms behind my back and then tying them off with some sort of rope she must have hidden within easy reach.

I started calling her all sorts of names, telling her she wasn’t going to get away with it. “Time to shut your little slut mouth!” she snarled in response and she shoved a cloth gag into my mouth. I screamed in defiance but my cries were muffled. Gawd; I was wet as hell!

“I’ll bet you’ve already guessed we’re going outside, haven’t you,” she taunted into my ear as she pulled me to my feet. Then she marched me outside in the direction of her backyard pool.

My attempts to resist were met with an arm around my neck, nearly choking me out. “You want to be awake for this or not?” she hissed into my ear. I settled right down as she marched me toward her backyard pool.

I gasped in horror, my eyes opening in alarm as she forced me in the direction of the deep end. There were two scuba tanks waiting for us, complete with more rope and some rather ominous looking weights. The seam to my wetsuit didn’t help any; my kitty was pulsing while gushing my frightful arousal.

“That’s right; I’ll be joining you,” Kelly giggled as she started to undress. She had this skimpy black bikini already underneath her clothes; obviously she’d prepared well in advance. I wriggled and squirmed, giving her a muffled diatribe of threats if she didn’t release me.

“Better knock it off, bitch, or you won’t be getting a tank at all!” she warned. Naturally I settled right down again, preferring a scuba tank to nothing at all.

“This is for you,” she giggled as she tied a rope around my ankles. “Wouldn’t want you coming up prematurely now, would we? This ought to help matters, don’t you think?” She gave me a wicked grin as she tied weights to my booties and I whined and grunted, shaking my head.

“You get the grey tank; the one on the right,” she told me matter-of-factly. “That one has about 50 minutes of air left. You’ll run out of course and then there’ll simply be no more air to breathe. It’ll look like a scuba practice in the pool gone horribly wrong. Such a shame,” she ‘tsked’, shaking her head.

My eyes got bigger and I ‘ummmphed’ and whimpered, begging her not to do it. She just laughed as she hung the tank on my back, hooking everything up. She pulled a dive mask down over my face and then proceeded to remove the gag from my mouth.

“YOU WON’T GET AWAY WITH THIS…!” I started to yell but she just shoved the regulator into my mouth.

“I wouldn’t suck on that too hard if I were you,” she told me with a stern warning. “After all, it’s got to last you. 50 minutes can go by that quick…” and she giggled as she snapped her fingers. “Before you know it you’ll be sucking on ‘empty’, bitch!”

My heart was hammering in my chest; I knew I was going down. My crotch was soaked, my kitty pulsing like mad. I tried to protest once more but she was having none of it.

“It’s going to look like an accident, honey,” she chuckled ominously. “Your foot’s going to get caught in that drain down below, making it look like you pushed off in an attempt to surface and got it stuck down there. Now get in the water, bitch!” she told me and she gave me a good, hard shove.

I toppled over into the pool with a splash, the weights attached to my booties instantly pulling me right down. “SEE YOU ON THE BOTTOM!” I heard her voice laugh at me as I went straight to the pool floor. That’s when I climaxed hard, my orgasm battering my body senseless, leaving me breathless and panting like mad.

I hit the bottom with my booted feet and immediately lost my balance, falling over onto my side. I lay there squirming and writhing, sucking air like mad as I tried to get control of my breathing. Kelly was nowhere in sight and I knew I was in a major pickle!

My hands were tied behind my back, pressed up against my body by the scuba tank. I tried to bend and reach my feet to untie the weights but I couldn’t grab onto anything. I was screwed and I knew it!

I looked up at the surface, hoping to see Kelly. My fervent hope was that she would come down and rescue me. But I knew how dangerous she was and there was a very real fear she might not notice when my tank ran out of air. That thought filled me with terribly erotic tingles!

There was a splash from somewhere up above me and I was relieved to see her swim down to me. She just smiled like she was the happiest bitch on the face of the planet. She made a show of looking at her gauge, giving me the thumbs up sign that her air was just fine.

She retrieved my gauge and studied it, sadly shaking her head as she activated the little light and then showed it to me. Then she tucked it behind me so I couldn’t tell how much air I had left. She shrugged her shoulders… “Oh well” and then giggled at me.

I begged; I pleaded; I screamed at her to release me as my heart hammered in my chest. She just grinned as she swam around me, watching me intently with that infuriating smile on her bitch face. I wriggled and squirmed, trying like hell to work something loose. But she just touched herself, getting off on my suffering, the sick, twisted freak!

All of the sudden she waved… “Bye-bye!” Then she swam up to the surface and climbed out of the water. I was left alone with nothing but the sound of me panting like crazy and my regulator exhalations.

The thought she might not come back was overwhelming. My air might run out while she was out of the water. That’s when I was suddenly hit by a second climax, more powerful than the last one. It shook me hard, leaving me moaning softly as my eyes rolled, my hands flexing helplessly behind me as my feet cocked and curled in my booties.

I struggled to calm the wild beating of my heart, struggled to get my breathing under control. I didn’t know how much air I had left and I knew I somehow had to conserve every bit of it that I could! I kept looking up to the surface, hoping that bitch would make another appearance.

I was relieved as hell to see the splash and watch her come down to me. I moaned and whimpered, wriggling helplessly. She just settled onto the floor of the pool, standing there watching me squirm.

“Don’t just stand there, you bitch!” I screamed at her. “Untie me before I run out of air!” I don’t know if she understood me or not but she did come forward and check my air gauge again.

She knelt down and appeared to inspect it closely. Then she showed it to me. I was alarmed to discover I’d used up half of what was in my tank!

I cried out in growing panic, wriggling and squirming like mad. She just patted me on the head and then tucked the gauge away. Then she rose up and stepped back, an amused expression on her face as though wanting to watch me wriggle and squirm like I was throwing a tantrum or something.

I grunted and whimpered, frantically trying to work myself free. She just swam all around me, watching me carefully as she started touching herself again. I thought I noticed her bikini was a little askew and it made me wonder if she’d been up at the surface playing with herself at my expense, the bitch!

I knew Kelly wasn’t the least bit concerned about me. If I accidentally drowned then it would be no skin off her nose. If she left me on the bottom and stayed away too long then I was royally screwed.

She grinned at me as she touched herself all over. Then she pointed up at the surface… “Sorry hun, but I’ve got to go take care of this.” She waved… “Bye-bye!” and then headed back up for what surely must have been round two of getting herself off.

I cried out in horror, wriggling and squirming like mad. But it didn’t faze her in the slightest. A moment later she was gone and I was left alone at the bottom of the pool yet again.

The thought that she might not come back in time was terribly erotic. I knew if I ran out of air while she was up at the surface I would be in big trouble. That’s when it hit me yet again and I bucked and jolted as a massive orgasm claimed me.

When it mercifully passed I was left panting for breath, fearful that I was rapidly using up what was left in the tank. I kept looking up at the surface hoping Kelly would come down to check up on me. But I didn’t see her and the more time went by the more horrifically aroused I became, all encased in that damn wetsuit.

I sucked on the reg in my mouth, wondering if each breath I took might very well be my last. I moaned and whimpered, fervently wishing Kelly would just get her ass back down into the water. I was relieved as hell to see the splash, see her returning still all decked out in her scuba gear as she came down.

She smiled at me and then knelt close, reaching for my gauge again. Her eyes lit up excitedly as she showed it to me. Gawd; my air was almost gone!

I began grunting and whimpering into my regulator, begging her to set me free. She just grinned at me as she waggled a finger… “Now THAT’S not very smart… breathing hard from your regulator like that.” She appeared to watch me intently as I sucked down one breath after another, whimpering and moaning weakly.

All of the sudden I noticed a distinct pressure drop as I took another breath into my lungs. I grunted in alarm as I sucked again but this time there was virtually nothing left. Instantly I began wriggling and squirming like mad, instinctively sucking on something that was now proving to be useless.

Kelly’s eyes lit up excitedly and she began touching herself right in front of me. The more I wriggled and cried out the harder she rubbed herself! It occurred to me she was actually going to get off as I asphyxiated right there in front of her!

My lungs heaved and I instinctively spit the useless reg out of my mouth, bubbling my breath away. The bitch simply grinned at me as she furiously rubbed her crotch. That’s when I cried out as my orgasm slammed into me.

It was a monster of a climax and it absolutely devastated me. My body bucked and shuddered in my bindings, my eyes rolling as my hands flexed helplessly behind my back. My feet curled in my booties as I moaned weakly.

Kelly finally pulled the regulator out of her mouth and pushed it between my lips. I gratefully gulped down huge lungfuls of air as she proceeded to untie the weights from my feet. Then she freed my arms before helping me to the surface.

We burst up together near the ladder and I weakly clung to it as I spit out her regulator and gasped madly for breath. She helped me out of the pool, breathing ominously into my ear… “You’re lucky I’m in a generous mood, bitch.” Then she helped me ditch the empty scuba tank on my back.

I was standing there in the wetsuit she’d got for me when she came up right behind me, wrapping me up in a choke hold with an arm. “Not a word about this, slut; am I right?” she hissed into my ear. “Otherwise something REALLY bad might happen to you!” I shook my head; I wasn’t going to tell a soul, not when she knew where to find me.

“You can change in the bathroom, bitch!” she told me and she gave me a shove toward the house. I felt another burst of tingles as I stumbled forward.

When I changed back into my clothes she was all friendly and smiles again. I thanked her for the play and her eyes twinkled merrily.

“I’m going to be gone for the rest of this week, honey,” she told me. “But I’ve got something cooking for the following week. You game?” I told her I’d be ready and then I made my exit, feeling exhausted but extremely satisfied.

I know what you’re thinking… but yes, I’ll probably go back in a couple of weeks. I know she’s dangerous… but I’m addicted to it.  I’m also addicted to those damned, juicy orgasms I get each time we play…

(written for Emma Jan 27 ’11 by riwa)

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