Carrie – from sex slave to headless sex-toy

I’m a successful lawyer. Or at least I was. Now I watch all the clients walk by, unable to help a single one of them.

You want to know how I got here? Fine, I can tell you. You might find it amusing as hell.

I was an up-and-coming lawyer at this firm. I was starting to pick up a lot of clients. So maybe it all started because some of the others around here got a little jealous of me.

Anyway, I was down at the beach showing off my body. I can’t help it; it’s who I am. Besides, I have a hot, sexy body… highly fuckable, you might say… well, I did until this happened.

I had no idea until later there was someone on the beach keeping track of my every move. The bastards had this planned out from the very beginning. And I didn’t have a fucking clue. As a lawyer, you’d think I would have been a lot smarter than that, you know? Shows you what can happen when you’re not careful.

So I headed back to my car after a good hour of showing off my body. I could tell everyone was eyeing me – all the men and not a few of the bitches out there. I could feel them lusting after me. You have no idea what that feels like knowing everyone wants to fuck you.

I had just reached my car when strong hands grabbed me from behind. One put a hand over my mouth and told me not to scream or I’d never live to get out of the parking lot. Then they taped my hands together, stuffed my mouth full of rags, and then dragged me to a trunk one of them must have popped open with a remote.

In I went lickety-split, scared shitless and trembling like a leaf. I was never so scared in all my life. Give me stern Judge Nelson any day of the week. I’d rather face him for a month straight that go through what I did out in that parking lot again.

I rolled around in that trunk, getting more terrified by the minute as they drove me around. I had no idea what they were going to do to me. Hell, I think I even wet myself!

When we reached our destination they put this canvas bag over my head so I couldn’t see very well. They hauled me somewhere, which turned out to be some building. They retied my arms and legs with so much rope until I was really terrified. Then they tossed me onto this grotty mattress.

They started talking to me. I didn’t recognize their voices at the time. They said they were going to train me to be a sex slave. That’s when a chill ran down my spine.

A sex slave? I was a fucking lawyer! I had sex with whoever I wanted! I didn’t have to be forced!

One laughed as he told me I might end up in the Middle East with some sheik. The other laughed and said it was possible I might end up at the bottom of the sea. That really scared me. But it also had this strange effect on me.

You see, I’ve always had these perverse fantasies. Maybe that’s what happens when you become a lawyer and need an outlet from all that stress. I hadn’t told anyone about these things I imagined, yet there I was.

Had I let something slip out inadvertently? Had I said something stupid to some guy I’d fucked? I wracked my brain, trying to remember. But I sure as hell didn’t want to live my fantasies out in real life, that’s for damned sure!

The bag over my head was removed, but I didn’t know where the hell I was. The first thing that happened was my stomach growled. They laughed as one of them went to get me something to eat.

Can you believe it?? He put it in a dog dish… like I was some fucking poodle or something! I was a lawyer, not a Pekingese! But if I wanted to eat I had to crawl to it on my knees and shove my face in the bowl. And since I was all tied up… and since hunger makes you humiliate yourself in order to eat, well… you know the drill.

My training started with the whippings… and fuck that hurt! They said they were softening me up. But they kept me gagged a lot so I couldn’t scream or complain, not that it would have done me any good.

What they did next turned out to be much, much worse. I was tied spread-eagled to the floor on my back. And you know what? That’s the way they left me… except for when they wanted to amuse themselves.

They came in and fucked my tits with their cocks. Then they rammed their dicks down my throat. I screamed and screamed, but they just laughed and said no one could hear me. Then they gave me the cattle prod or the whip until I stopped screaming. Hell, a couple times I thought they were going to whip my tits raw!

Those bastards gagged me with their cocks until I could hardly breathe. Then they fucked my cunt anytime they got horny. When they finished they didn’t care where they splattered me – tits, face, cunt, stomach: it was all the same to them. And if I got too messy they just hit me with cold water from a hose before scrubbing me down with a coarse brush.

They did that to me for three days straight, telling me they were grooming me for my role as a sex slave. The whole time I wondered why the office wasn’t busting its ass to find me. What the hell were they doing: having a spot of tea while I suffered in here?

After a while things got worse. How could they get worse, you ask? Simple. I was starting to become aroused by the whole damned thing.

I would lay down there naked, waiting for my next fuck or my next cock to suck. And believe me, it wasn’t just those two that fucked me. Many more came in to enjoy the fruits of my immensely fuckable body.

The whole time I would find myself becoming shamefully aroused. I don’t know how long I fought it. But I finally gave up. I wasn’t a lawyer anymore; I was becoming someone’s sex slave.

Maybe I should have felt much worse about it. But I didn’t. All it took was for me to hear someone coming downstairs to know I was about to get fucked again. Then my damned nipples would get hard as my cunt moistened right up for the next cock I was about to receive.

It was only a few days, but it seemed longer. At times I found myself wondering if I was actually better suited to being a sex slave. I certainly got excited and all lubed up on my own whenever I heard I was about to have more company.

One afternoon they came down and clipped a tag to my labia. It hurt like hell. But my captors said the tag read Grade A. I don’t know why the hell that made me so proud. I guess you find your victories in the little things.

They said there would be more training and that it would be rougher on me. By now I was priding myself on handling just about anything they could throw at me. But I hadn’t expected what they did to me next.

I was bent over a post and then secured so I couldn’t lift my head up. Now the guys wouldn’t have to lie on the floor to fuck me. But the position left me exposed to other disciplinary measures.

My ass seemed to be a favorite target of their whip. Hell, I think they used it on me just for the fun of it and to hear me cry out. But it always made me so fucking wet that I always got a good, hard fuck when it was all over.

That wasn’t the only hole they used. My ass was filled with bigger and bigger dildos so I could take bigger and bigger cocks. And my mouth was filled just as often until it seemed like every day I was swallowing huge quantities of cream.

They whipped and fondled and played with my jugs. I always thought they were my best feature. The guys that came in sure seemed to think so, and they used the whip on them just to hear me scream in agony.

More guys came in to use me, especially my mouth. I don’t remember how many cocks I sucked. After a while it all became a bit of a blur. But my stomach sure got full from all that spunk until I hardly needed to eat anything else.

The guys finally told me I was ready, but the buyers weren’t yet. So they whored me out to help me pay for my keep. It was so fucking humiliating.

They put me in a motel room and tied my arms and legs together. They left me naked on my back like that with my arms and legs sticking up and my holes exposed. Then the customers came in one by one.

It wasn’t just the guys who came calling. I got several bitches who got off using huge dildos on my cunt and ass. And several of them sat on my face, smothering me until I could hardly breathe as I frantically used my tongue to get them off before I passed out.

At the end of the day they would put me in the bathtub, wash all the cum off me and then give me a few scraps to eat. The next morning I was back on my back. Then the whole damned thing would start all over again.

It was humiliating as hell, especially since it was also perversely arousing. But I was starting to get tired and sore. I hoped they would sell me off soon. I figured I’d get treated far better where I was going than where I was at that moment.

The day came when I found out I’d been sold. The guys all told me I was going to make a great sex-toy. I was a little confused as I thought I was being trained to be a sex slave.

I was all leashed up so I could walk out with what little dignity I had left. Unfortunately I was supposed to walk out naked. The last thing they told me was that I was going to be a big movie star for some company.

At that moment I thought about my law firm. Did they miss me? Hell, did they even care? It occurred to me all the jealous types wouldn’t give a damn I’d up and disappeared on them. They would probably laugh and say “Good riddance to bad garbage.”

Imagine my horror when I was taken outside. I couldn’t recognize the neighborhood I was in. But that didn’t seem to matter.

A crowd gathered as someone checked the cuffs on my back. Then I was marched forward. I was given sunglasses as though I was more than a cheap whore and that I’d be a good lay wherever I was going.

I couldn’t help looking all around me. Everyone was looking at me – no; that’s not right. I should say everyone was LUSTING after me! It really turned me on.

From somewhere in the crowd I heard voices asking, “Isn’t that Carrie? Isn’t that Carrie from the law firm?”  “I think it is! Just look at the slut and her tits hanging out!”  “Damn, that bitch looks so fuckable! I bet everyone at the firm wants to have a go at her now!”

I was embarrassed as hell. But I was so fucking aroused that my cunt was dripping. The idea those bitches and bastards from my law firm might see me like this was horrifying, yet thrilling.

We finally reached this big, windowless building. I was ushered right inside. Was this where I was going to meet my new owner?

I couldn’t help wondering. Had I been sold off to a male or a female? Was I going to be used by the staff at some building? What if another law office had bought me and was going to fuck me night and day?

As we went deeper into the building I began hearing voices I recognized. Fuck; these were people from MY office! Had the bastards bought me to use for their own sexual pleasures instead of using me to settle cases?? Was I to become the whore of the Firm??

I began seeing people I recognized. Everyone was well dressed as though they were attending some fancy party. I tried calling out to certain individuals I knew for help, mercy or even some semblance of compassion. They just laughed at me.

I saw it the moment we entered another room. It looked huge and imposing. It also made me weak in the knees. What the fuck was a guillotine doing in here??

Cameras were set up everywhere. Everyone came inside to watch. It looked like the whole damned office had shown up for the occasion.

The president of the firm came right up to me and smiled. “So nice of you to join us, Carrie,” he said with a grand wave. “You’re going to be the star of our special snuff movie. You’ll put on a good performance for us, won’t you?”


“You’ve been sold back to us, Carrie. But don’t worry. We’re certainly going to fuck you. But we’ve decide to wait until your head’s been removed.”

“’Been removed’?? What the hell???”

I began to cry out, resisting as the guys dragged me over to the guillotine. I screamed and struggled and begged for mercy. That just got raucous laughs from everyone standing around watching me.

“No – no – NO; you can’t DO this to me!” They just strapped me down to the bascule. Then they lowered me until I was horizontal before pushing me forward.

I nearly passed out when they pushed my head through and I saw the waiting wicker basket below. That’s when I started to hyperventilate. “Aren’t you going to fuck me first?” I gasped, hoping I could at least buy myself some time.

The president smiled at me as he shook his head. “No one wants to fuck you while you’re alive, Carrie. They all want to fuck a corpse. I must say, yours is going to be sexy as hell. You should be proud.”

“Proud?? PROUD?? I don’t want to be proud! I don’t want to lose my head! Somebody get me out of –“ THUNK! And those were the last words I ever uttered as the blade came down and silenced me forever.

My body jerked as my head fell into the wicker basket. Then the president pulled my head out by a handful of hair. I could see everyone laughing and cheering and applauding, some of them saying it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bitch.

I got a view of my naked body jerking and spasming on the bascule. Several women rushed forward to have a closer look. They began feeling me up and fingering my cunt, some of them saying how wet I was and that I must have cum the moment the blade fell.

The last thing I saw before my vision started to fade was the sight of everyone taking their clothes off. Geoff was first, the guy who was supposed to be my partner and lover. He couldn’t wait to fuck my ass while I was still warm.

My head was passed around to the ladies who all used my face and lips to get themselves off. The guys started fucking my headless corpse in twos and threes. Amazingly they even stuck their dicks into my neck stump.

It turned onto one hell of an orgy. I was their sex slave after all, although I didn’t feel any of it. I don’t know how many cocks went off in my mouth, only for the cream to leak out of the back of my severed throat. And I don’t know how many guys pumped my corpse full of their cream, nor how many women used strap-ons to fuck the shit out of me in both ends.

I took so much cream that it wasn’t even funny. I had no idea a body, much less a corpse, could serve as a receptacle for so much jizz. They sure as hell enjoyed using me.

The party was starting to wind down when my head was put on a table. All the guys came over and stroked until my face was coated with the stuff. My body got the rest of it, although some of the bitches enjoyed peeing on me.

The cameras recorded it all, every damned second of it. Now the firm gets together and watches my videos each year. They come down here to the visitor’s lobby to admire my head in this display case. Then they go back to that damned building to behead some other poor girl.

The brunette on my right? That’s Patricia. She was a paralegal who bought it the very next year. And last year they beheaded clueless Paris over there in the long, blonde hair. The poor bitch had no fucking idea what was coming.

So that’s my story. I see you want to intern here, honey. But now you’re looking at our heads here in this display case. So can I offer you a little friendly advice? I won’t even charge you for it.

See that building across the street? Run – don’t walk – to that law firm over there before your head ends up in here next to mine.

Wait; what are you doing? Are you going in anyway?? Didn’t you hear a damned word I said?? You stupid, stupid bitch!!!

(written for Carrie Aug 25 ’18 by riwa)

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