Mother-sister competition 2 (graphic)


Note: I realized I had not posted part two of this kinky competition. This section has some graphic parts. I just want to warn you. Some might enjoy it while others not so much.

“Ready for dessert, honey?” Alison asked me sweetly. Her speech was slurred, but she still seemed somewhat in control of her faculties.

“Well I got an idea for dessert!” Evelick grinned. “How about one more game?”

“Haven’t you had enough, mom?” Alison gasped in frustration. “After all, you just sucked your son’s cock and licked your daughter’s cunt.”

“And I loved every fucking minute of it, baby girl!” Ron’s mom drunkenly responded. “But now I gotta pee. I’d love to pee in that slutty mouth of yours, honey.”

“Mom, you’re drunk!”

“I’m not so think as you drunk I am.” Then she laughed at her mistake. “Well, I’m not too drunk to play cards, honey. I can beat you drunk or sober.”

“So when Riwa and I win, I take it I get to pee in your mouth, mom?”

“You mean ‘if you win’, don’t you honey? And that’s a pretty big ‘if’.”

“Then I think Riwa and I should both get to pee in your mouth when we win. How does that sound?”

“Bring it on, honey. You’re such a slut.”

“I’m a slut, mom?? You’re the one who sucked your son’s dick!”

“And he loved every minute of it; didn’t you, honey?”

“Damn right I did, mom!” Ron responded happily.

“That’s it!” Alison said disgustedly. “I think a filthy mouth like yours deserves to be peed in! Somebody deal the damn cards!” I couldn’t help thinking this was starting to get out of hand.

The next game was astonishingly short. Ron and his mom never stood a chance as the cards seemed stacked against them. When Alison played her last card, she crowed triumphantly.

“We WIN!” Then she eyed her mother disgustedly.

“On your back, you fucking whore! Your daughter’s really got to pee!”

Evelick looked at her for a moment. Then she surprised me by getting onto the floor and opening her mouth. “Damn!” Ron gasped in amazement. “Mom’s really gonna DO IT!”

“Why not, honey?” she asked drunkenly. “You should always pay your bets.” Then she looked up at her daughter as Alison got into position.

Instead of peeing in her mom’s mouth, Alison peed all over her while calling her a filthy whore. But amazingly her mother acted like it was quite all right as she urged her daughter to pee all over her.

Then it was my turn. I didn’t realize how bad I had to go. “Uh… I really gotta go,” I warned hesitantly.

“Well then go ahead, baby!” Alison urged me. “Pee all over the fucking slut’s face! Let her rip, baby!” Even her mom seemed eager for me to pee all over her.

I really had to go, so I just pointed and then allowed it to flow. It splattered all over Evelick’s face. Alison egged me on, telling me to pee all over her mom and to coat her with my piss. Amazingly, Evelick egged me on by encouraging me, the kinky bitch!

What I didn’t expect was Alison demanding her mother to lick up the pee up off the floor. I thought it would be humiliating as hell. Amazingly she licked up every drop!

We took a break from playing cards for a bite of dessert. We had the cake Alison’s mom had made. It was quite good, and it was served with hot coffee, something I figured everyone could use including both drunken females.

I saw something in Evelick’s eyes. I got the impression she wasn’t through trying to get back at her daughter, especially after being pissed on and then being made to lick it up off the floor. “Anyone up for another game?” she asked as she poured everyone some wine.

Alison looked at her mother and thought about it for a second. Then she got this big grin. “What, honey?” her mom asked curiously.

“I was just thinking,” Alison mused. “How about another bet? If you lose, you get a whipping. I would love to see Riwa whip that ass and those tits of yours, mom!”

“And if we win, Ron gets to whip you?” Alison smiled and nodded.

“Deal the cards, honey,” Evelick excitedly told her son. “After we win I’m going to enjoy watching you whip your sister.” Damn! Now this was really getting kinky!

Ron was more than a little excited about the possibility of whipping Alison. His card play was what I could only describe as “inspired”. When it was over Alison and I had lost.

“Time for your whipping!” Evelick gasped with delight. I was surprised Alison went willingly. We took her down to their basement where her mom tied her off with her arms outstretched before Ron whipped her ass and backside. I was forced to watch helplessly as his mother egged him on while my hard cock stiffened with arousal.

Evelick saw my situation and immediately knelt right in front of me. “Does Ron whipping your fiancé make you hard, baby?” she cooed at me. “Here… let me kiss it and make it all better.” Then she slowly took me deep into her mouth. When Ron asked her what he should do with his sister, she paused long enough to suggest whipping her tits before taking my cock back into her mouth.

“Mom, you BITCH!” Alison cried out as Ron turned her around. Then he began brutally flogging her tits.

Alison screamed, but that only made my cock twitch and spasm. “Shut up and take it like a gracious loser, honey!” her mom said with a smile before eagerly gobbling me down. Alison yelled at Ron to take it easy. But he was clearly enjoying himself.

I couldn’t help it, and I finally came in Evelick’s mouth while watching poor Alison get a severe tit-whipping. She was finally let go before we all went back upstairs. Her body had red welts all over her. I could tell she was itching for revenge.

“How about another game, mom?” she said. It came out as more of a demand than anything else.

“Haven’t you had enough, baby?”

“It’s simple, mom.” “I gotta get you back after what you put me through. And you sucked my fiancé’s cock! Have you no shame??”

“Honey, I simply didn’t want him to hurt himself.” her mother giggled drunkenly. “He had a bad case of blue balls. You know that’s not good for a man.”

“Wanna put your money where your mouth is, you fucking whore? You’re such a cunt; you know that, mom?”

“No more than you are, honey,” her mother said, giggling over at me. “But ok… we can play another game. What do you want your brother to do to you when you lose again?”

“Oh, NO!” Alison stated firmly. “We’re not losing this time, mom! And I’m not telling you what’s going to happen! You’ll have to lose to find out!”

“Oh? You want it to be a surprise? I like surprises! Does that mean I get to think of something to do to you when you lose?”

“We’re not going to lose, mom!”

“We’ll just see about that, honey.” Then she turned in my direction.

“Deal the cards for us; would you, baby? While you’re dealing, I’ll be thinking of something particularly juicy to do to my daughter once she loses.”

I was thinking about putting a stop to the whole thing when Ron grabbed my arm and shook his head. In an instant I could see what he was thinking. With both women losing their inhibitions with all the drinking and gamesmanship, it was only a matter of time before something seriously sexual happened… or maybe something even worse.

The game seesawed back and forth before Alison and I finally came out on top. “YEAH!” she gasped triumphantly. Then she turned toward her brother.

“Ron, go fetch every clothespin we have, ok? And while you’re at it, get mom a red ball-gag! I don’t want the slut saying another word!” I found myself getting really curious as to what my fiancé had in mind.

She looked at Evelick and pointed at the floor. “On your back, mom! You’ve got this coming!”

Evelick dutifully stretched out on her back, never one to shy away from a debt she owed. A moment later Ron returned with a red ball-gag and a bowl full of clothespins. This was going to be interesting.

Alison started by stuffing the gag into her mother’s mouth before tying the woman’s wrists down above her head so she couldn’t move. Then she began clamping clothespins one by one onto her mother’s tits. Each time another one went on, Evelick whimpered in pain until Alison had used every last one, leaving her mom looking like a pincushion.

That wasn’t the half of it. Alison instructed her mother to play the next game just like that. She released her wrists and watched as her mom got up and dutifully settled into her chair.

Amazingly she seemed ready to play cards again: gag, clothespins and all. What surprised me even more was the way she and Ron actually won the next game despite the pain she was in. Alison was crushed, and she sat there stunned.

Ron and I eagerly waited to see what would happen next as Evelick calmly got up out of her chair and left the room. We heard her painful cries from the back of the house. I could only assume she was removing clothespins.

She returned with a huge black dildo which she gave to her daughter. “I think you ought to give the boys a show, honey,” she said calmly. “So I want you to fuck yourself with this.”

At first Alison was a little indignant… that is, until she saw our lustful expressions. That seemed to change her mind. The opportunity to show off to us must have overridden any embarrassment.

“I’ll show you how to put on a show!” she declared as she got on her back. Then she slid the dildo into her pussy. It was huge, and it really stretched her as she took it.

“Now fuck it, honey!” her mom encouraged. “Fuck that big black cock! Fuck it like you mean it! Make yourself cum for us, baby! We all want to watch you cum! Rub that clit of yours and get off for us, baby!”

Alison really got into it as we all cheered her on. Maybe she liked the attention, or maybe she wanted to be more of a whore than her mother. At any rate she furiously rubbed herself until she had a shuddering climax. We were all visibly impressed.

Alison slowly pulled it out, but her mother smiled wickedly at her. “Oh, you’re not done, honey,” she said ominously. “There’s just one more thing you gotta do first.”

“What’s that?” Alison wanted to know.

“We want to watch you fuck your ass with it!”


“What’s the matter, honey? A slut like you can’t get it in, not even for your fiancé? Your mom sure as hell could. Give that thing to me and I’ll show you how it’s done.”

“No; I’ll do it!” Alison said grudgingly, unwilling to let her mom get one up on her at anything. First she got on her hands and knees. Then she began pushing it into her anus. She winced as her anal ring started to give, and she whimpered in pain as she slowly slid it inside.

“Now fuck yourself with it,” her mom told her. “Show your fiancé the kind of whore he’s getting.”

Alison thrust it in and out, whimpering how big it was. But once she saw how our cocks were standing at attention, she actually started throwing herself into it. Grabbing on tight she looked lustfully at Ron and I before really fucking her shit-hole.

Her mom thought that was the hottest thing she’d ever seen her daughter do. She sat and fingered herself to orgasm while we all watched. “I guess that’s it,” Evelick finally said, appearing satisfied.

“Not so fast, mom,” Alison replied when she had finished and had gently pulled the dildo out. “Now I think it’s my turn to do something to you.”

“Do what?”

“Turn the boys on even more. This is for Ron and Riwa, right? Now it’s my turn to have YOU do something. Or are you afraid it might hurt a little.”

“I can take anything you can dish out, honey.”

“Then get on your back, mom!”

Amazingly her mother did as she was told. Then Alison smiled before closing her hand into a fist and showing it to the two of us. She smiled knowingly as Ron gasped, “Oh fuck; yeah!!” I just nodded my head agreeably, too astonished to speak.

Evelick got this wide-eyed look on her face as her daughter pushed her fist against her cunt. It slowly gave way until we all watched incredulously as it went further and further inside. Alison’s mom was reduced to blubbering.

Her daughter started thrusting harder and harder. But when Evelick saw how hard our cocks had become, she went crazy with sexual lust as she gasped, “Fuck – fuck – FUCK! Do it harder, honey! Ohmygawd; I’m gonna cum! Fist your slut-whore mother! Fuck; make it hurt!” Alison just grinned at us from ear to ear, thoroughly enjoying herself.

Evelick had a screaming orgasm. But Alison brutally fisted her mom until the poor thing had two more. Then she pulled her fist out as the two women looked at us, panting heavily for breath. Ron and I were both sporting serious erections.

“Honey, I think we’ve forgotten someone,” Evelick said remorsefully. Alison looked at her mother and then looked at us before nodding.

“Sorry guys,” she said apologetically. “I guess we got a little carried away.”

“Yes,” her mom added, appearing equally regretful. “How can we make it up to you boys?”

Ron wasn’t about to let this one slide. “Well, sis; you can start by sucking my cock. If you can fist mom and enjoy it, you can sure as hell can suck your brother’s cock.” Then he laid out on the floor as he added, “Mom, you can help her if you want.”

Alison looked like she was more than willing. She told her brother she was going to give him her best blowjob ever. Then she started right in, taking him deep down her throat. Ron moaned while I was left watching a hot incestuous scene with mother, daughter and brother.

Alison sucked him like a pro. It wasn’t long until he began shooting into her mouth, crying out his release. “Don’t swallow!” her mom eagerly told her. “Give it to me when you’re done, honey! Let’s share it.”

Alison nodded as she sucked her brother clean. Then her mother eagerly laid out on her back as she leaned over her. Ron and I watched in awe as Ron’s cum came out of Alison’s mouth in one big glob.

Evelick eagerly took it into her mouth, waiting until her daughter had given it all to her. Then she gulped it down. “Fuck, yeah!” Ron gasped. “Mom, that was so hot!” I couldn’t believe what I had seen, and it left me with a serious hard-on.

“Now it’s Riwa’s turn, honey,” Evelick told her daughter. “On your hands and knees, baby! Let’s let him give you a good fuck, ok?”

Alison eagerly got on her knees as her mom knelt next to her, checking her ass. “Bring that bad boy over here, baby,” she told me, slapping her daughter’s ass. “This sexy whore has a hole made just for you. Bring it on over, ok? Fuck this bitch’s cunt, baby! Fuck her hard!”

I hesitantly stepped over, my cock hard and throbbing. Evelick just grabbed it and started shoving it into her daughter’s hole. “C’mon, now… don’t go easy on her! Fuck her hard, baby; she wants to be a whore for you!”

I fucked Alison hard as her mom knelt there and watched me the whole time. But she was still pretty drunk. I think I got her all hot and bothered because she suddenly stopped me.

First she made her daughter get up. Then she laid on her tummy and told her daughter to lay on top of her. “Fuck us both, Riwa!” she gasped eagerly. “Gawd, baby; just pick the slut you want! Take turns, baby! Gawd; just fuck the shit out of the two of us!”

I couldn’t believe I was fucking both mother and daughter! But there I was, thrusting into Evelick and then pulling out and pumping into her daughter who was also my fiancé. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer as I cried out, “I’M CUMMING!” before filling Alison’s cunt with my spunk.

I should’ve known their competitive streak wasn’t going to end there. “I WANT IT!” Evelick cried out as she crawled out from underneath Alison. Then she buried her face in her daughter’s muff and proceeded to slurp it out, nearly causing Alison to orgasm from her tongue.

“It’s MINE!” Alison protested. “You already got yours, mom! Give it to me!”

“Oh, all right,” her mother grumped.

Her daughter eagerly turned over onto her back. Her mom leaned over her head and opened her mouth. This time it was my spunk that dribbled out of Evelick’s mouth into Alison’s eagerly gaping maw.

She enthusiastically swallowed every drop. “Gawd; that’s hot, mom!” Ron exclaimed. His mother turned and beamed at him.

Both ladies sat up and turned toward me, totally unashamed at their barren nakedness. Obviously their alcohol consumption had totally destroyed any inhibitions they might have had. “Ok, honey,” Alison slurred. “Who’s the better fuck?”

“Hunh?” I didn’t know what would be the safest answer.

“Yes, baby; please tell us!” her mother added. “Who has the best cunt? I mean I’m sure it’s probably obvious that maturity beats youth here!”

Alison was not impressed with that remark. “Mom, just because you’re a whore doesn’t make you a good one! Now who was the best fuck, honey? It was me, right?”

“Doesn’t anyone want my opinion?” Ron asked, his cock having hardened right back up as he pointed it at them.

“Just the opinion we need!” Evelick gasped brightly. “Bring it on over here, son. Let your mother give you the fucking of your life!”

Alison was shocked. “MOM?? You incestuous COW!” It was funny the way she said it, because the very next words out of her mouth were “Ron, get on over here and fuck me instead!”

“Now who’s the incestuous bitch?” her mother wanted to know. But Alison was adamant; she wanted her brother’s cock. Ron wasted no time rushing over to his sister.

“If you’re going to get your brother off, you can damn well get me off too!” Evelick stated firmly. “Get on your hands and knees, baby girl!” Alison did as she was told.

“Now fuck your sister hard, honey,” Evelick told her son. “This incestuous little whore wants it. So I damn well think you ought to give it to her.”

Ron slid into his sister’s dripping pussy and started pounding it hard. As she grunted, her mother grabbed her by a handful of hair and pulled her forward. “Lick me out, baby girl. Let’s see if that tongue of yours is any good.”

“I can lick pussy better than you, bitch,” Alison proclaimed. Then she buried her face into her mother’s muff and started licking.

It was a scene I could never imagine I would get to witness when I first came over. Ron was pounding his sister with Evelick egging him on as Alison licked her mother’s pussy. My cock got nice and hard again as I watched it all.

“That’s enough!” Ron’s mom called out. “It’s my turn to ride that cock now, baby girl! You’ve had your fun already!”

“But MOM?!”

“No ‘BUTS’, honey!” her mother stated. Then she looked over at her son. “Honey, why don’t you get on the floor for your dear, sweet mother.”

“Ok, mom!” Ron gasped eagerly.

I watched as Ron lay on the floor on his back. His mother climbed on top and slowly eased his cock into her dripping snatch. Then she told her daughter to sit on Ron’s face and make her brother eat her out.

Once more I found myself watching something so utterly astonishing – so incredibly erotic – that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would witness it. Evelick gasped and moaned, encouraging her son to fuck the shit out of her. Meanwhile Alison moaned as she looked at me, telling me what Ron was doing to her and asking me if I was enjoying what I was watching.
All three of them came at nearly the same time. When Evelick climbed off her son, Ron’s cum leaked out of her well-fucked pussy. Alison eagerly sucked it all out and swallowed without being asked. Then as Ron walked over to me, both women looked at us expectantly. “So who’s the best?” his mother wanted to know.

Ron looked at me and winked as though secretly trying to get me to string the evening along. “Gee, mom; I’m not sure,” he admitted, acting hesitant. “You’re both really good, but it’s kinda hard to tell. I guess if you count how tight you are. then I’d say Alison wins that one because your pussy is a little loose.”

“Is that true?” Evelick asked me, disappointment in her voice.

“Well…” I hesitated, not wanting to admit to anything.

“We’re going to settle this once and for all!” Evelick demanded. “It’s not just the pussy that matters, right? Other holes are important too! Now get over here, Riwa, and fuck your mother-in-law-to-be’s ass!”

I couldn’t believe it, and my heart thumped loudly in my chest. I was certainly glad I hadn’t drank that much, because I really wanted to remember this night. I went over and she bent over and helped guide me in before she started rocking back against me.

“Fuck me!” Evelick gasped deliriously. “Fuck me hard!”

“Are you sure?” I asked carefully.

“Absolutely! I want you to know what kind of a mother-in-law you’re getting. I’m a much better fuck than that slutty daughter of mine. Give it to me like you mean it!”

I started ramming her hard until she started to gasp. Her ass was much tighter than her pussy had been. She was very enthusiastic, eagerly begging me to fuck her.

If this was indeed a competition between her and her daughter, she was doing her damnedest to gain ground on the woman I was planning on marrying. Then I heard Alison call out my name. “See what you’re missing, baby?” That’s when I turned to look.

Alison was riding her brother’s cock, and it was jammed up her ass. He was telling her how tight she felt and what a good fuck she was. But she was looking over at me, giving me a slutty smile.

“Gawd, he’s really giving it to me, baby! But you know it’s your cock I love up my ass; right?”

Her mom turned and saw her daughter taunting her, and the race was on. Both women went nuts acting like the sluttiest of whores. Alison allowed her own brother to fuck her in the ass like it was no big deal at all.

Meanwhile, her mom called herself a filthy, fucking whore as she told me to brutalize her shit-hole. Ron and I came as both women got off with mammoth orgasms. But I doubted they would remember anything in the morning.

Both women wanted to switch partners and be fucked again. Evelick wanted her son to know just what kind of an ass-whore she was. Alison wanted me to appreciate her nice, tight little hole. But Ron and I needed a bit of a break. Besides, I could see the wheels turning in his mind.

“I don’t know, mom,” he said thoughtfully. “You took the clothespins like a trooper. But sis looked so hot when I whipped her.”

Alison beamed as her mother fumed. “And baby,” I told my bride to be. “You were great with that huge dildo. But your mother really acted like a filthy whore when you fisted her. She came hard, and it was hot to watch. So I’m still not really sure who’s the best.”

Her mother smiled triumphantly from the compliment. Alison turned and glared at her. “You want a hot bondage scene?” Alison finally asked in challenge. “Then you GOT it!”

“Oh, this I’ve got to see!” her mother laughed. Both women were still pretty much hammered. But they refused to stop.

Alison grabbed Ron and took him downstairs, telling me to wait until he came back up to get us. Evelick took the time to kiss me all over. She told me how sexy I was and that maybe we could get together from time to time to really satisfy my sexual needs, needs she wasn’t sure her daughter could provide.

Ron came back upstairs about 20 minutes later to announce Alison was ready. So the three of us went down. When we rounded the corner I saw her tied up on some sort of wooden box.

Rope severely cut through her pussy, and there was some sort of suction on her tits. There was also a gag through her mouth. “Go ahead, buddy,” Ron waved at me. “She wants you to enjoy yourself. Make her suffer.”

Evelick was not to be outdone. She told her son to come upstairs with her and help set her up as well. I could not believe how competitive they were.

I went over and pulled on the ropes, making Alison cry out in agony. But she had this look as if to say, “Do it again, baby! Get yourself off on my suffering! That cow upstairs has nothing on me!”

I yanked a few more times on the ropes. She screamed in agony through her gag. Then Ron came back down, strangely wearing a black shirt.

“Mom’s ready for us,” he said with a huge grin. “Gawd; this is getting good!” Then he whispered into my ear so that Alison couldn’t hear… “Damn, buddy! If this keeps up they might just snuff themselves for us!”

He helped me untie Alison from her bondage. Then she pressed up against me, kissing me deeply. I could still taste alcohol on her breath.

“Was it good for you?” she asked lustfully. “Will I win this one?” So I suggested, “Let’s go up and see what your mother has to offer.”

“Do we have to? Stay down here with me, Riwa! Tell me I’m the best; ok?”

“Well, you’re pretty damn close,” I admitted as I smiled at her. She beamed back at me before kissing me again.

We went upstairs to find her mother tied with her arms behind her back. There was a blindfold on her face and some rope coming down helping keep her on her feet. There was some sort of scarf or something dangling around her neck.

“Watch this?” Ron said with a grin. Then he walked over to his mother.

He grabbed the scarf and pulled it. “Shall I snuff you, mom?” he asked ominously, reaching out and grabbing her tit. “Shall I strangle the life out of you?”

“Gawd, yes!” she gasped. “Do it, honey! Snuff your own mother for your pleasure! Snuff me like the worthless whore I am!”

I stared in utter shock as Ron grinned at me. Amazingly he had his mother right where he wanted her. Alison looked at Ron in surprise… and then at her mother. Then she looked down and saw how hard my cock was seeing her mother like that.

At that moment I think Alison in her alcohol induced stupor actually thought she was going to lose to her mother. That was something she just could not accept. “NO!” she cried out. “We were doing bondage! Now it’s my turn again! If anyone’s going to be snuffed first, it’s going to be ME!”

She turned to me where she literally started begging me. I could see the pleading look in her eyes. “Hang me first, honey! You always get hard when you see hanging pictures. Hang me instead of that old cow. You know my tits bounce better than her saggy knockers. I want you to get off snuffing me. Let’s do it now!”

“No!” Evelick called out. “Snuff me now, Ron! I’m already set up! Do it, honey; you know you want to! I want you to enjoy snuffing your own mother! I’m the best snuff-slut in this house, and everybody knows it!”

“Mom, you slut! Snuff me instead, Riwa! I’ll give you the best snuff of your life!” I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it myself.

Ron just grinned at me. Then he turned and started untying his mother. “Fair is fair, mom. I suppose sis should go first since it’s her turn again.”

Alison cried out triumphantly as Ron freed his mother. She walked over, picked up someone’s half-filled glass of wine and drained it in one gulp. Then she smiled happily as she exclaimed, “I get to go first!”

We all went downstairs where Ron set up a noose over an exposed length of iron pipe. Alison was giddy with excitement. I don’t think she had a single clue what was really going to happen. As far as she was concerned she and her mom were still trying to one-up each other.

Ron had Alison step up on a stool. Then he noosed his sister. Both his cock and mine were straining visibly. I could tell Alison was taking our visible erections as an extreme compliment when she smiled at her mother as if to say, “Fuck you, bitch! They’re turned on seeing me getting ready to hang!”

“Now I want you both to fuck me as I hang,” she told us, looking defiantly at her mother. “This is going to be the best hanging EVER!”

“Anything you say, sis,” Ron replied enthusiastically. “Any last words?” That’s when he lifted his foot and placed it up against the stool.

“I WIN!” was all she said happily. Then he kicked it away.

Alison gawked and gurgled, the rope taking her full weight as her face started to turn red. She started to kick up a storm while Ron and I admired her dance. Then she swung softly. That’s when we both stepped forward, knowing time was short.

Her mom didn’t look pleased as we stepped forward to give her daughter a flying fuck. I slipped behind Alison and slowly slid into her ass as her brother found her cunt. She had just enough energy left to wrap her legs around him, using him to lift herself up enough to get a little more air.

She must have found some energy because she began fucking her brother’s hard cock. She gasped and gurgled, making delicious wet noises as we fucked her together. “You’re definitely winning now, honey,” I encouraged as I reached around to grope her tits from behind.

That seemed to give her a burst of energy hearing me say that. She started grunting and riding Ron a little harder. That’s when he gasped, “Gawd, buddy; you should feel her cunt spasming around my cock!”

“Oh, yeah? Well her tight ass is doing incredible things to my cock back here!” Then I pinched her nipples as I savagely mauled her tits. Alison shuddered, and I like to think it was because she appreciated the attention I was giving her breasts.

Standing off to one side, her mother scowled unhappily. Her daughter was obviously winning the competition to see who was the best slut/whore/snuff. I could tell it wasn’t setting very well with her. I could only imagine the things she might ask us to do to her next, perhaps to help her come out on top?

It wasn’t long until Ron cried out as he rammed his cock hard inside his sister, filling her cunt with his spunk. A moment later I erupted into her ass. Alison gawked and gurgled as we fucked her hard. I could tell the noose was taking her life away little by little.

Ron and I both pulled out, allowing Alison to sway softly. “Let the slut hang!” her mother stated. We all watched as Alison’s life ebbed away.

Evelick suddenly noticed cum dripping out of her daughter’s holes. It was as if she’d forgotten her duties or something… “SHIT!”

She got down on her knees as best she could in her intoxicated condition. Then she began licking her daughter’s muff in an attempt to get as much of her son’s cum as she could. I though I saw Alison shudder as though her body was going through one last orgasm.

Her chest heaved, but she was unable to draw another breath into her lungs. At that moment it was as though reality set in at what she’d done to herself. But it was much too late. The next thing we heard was a death rattle that came up from somewhere inside her. Then the life flicked out of her eyes as she hung limp except for the occasional muscle twitch.

Her mom was licking cum out of her pussy when I heard Alison start to piss herself. Evelick never slowed down as she dutifully licked that up as well. Maybe she was too drunk to notice, or maybe she didn’t care.

Maybe she was much too turned on by it all. Maybe she believed it was a part of her winning the competition. All I know is that she licked up every drop. Then she went around back and began licking out her dead daughter’s ass, making sure not to miss any cum from that hole either.

Ron and I were utterly astonished at what we were watching. Then Evelick finally got up and gave her daughter a push. Alison lifelessly swayed back and forth.

“Fuckin’ whore!” Ron’s mom muttered at her daughter. “Ok – ok; so she gave us a half-decent hanging.” Then she looked at the two of us.

“You boys really get off on that?”

Ron never once hesitated. “Absolutely, mom! I’ve always wanted to snuff sis! Deep down so did Riwa. She was a hot fuck and a great snuff-slut!” Then he paused before quietly adding, “That’s gonna be pretty hard to beat, mom.”

“Well, boys; I think I can top that. Wait right here.”

We watched as she stumbled up the stairs. Ron and I looked at each other in confusion, wondering what she had in mind. But I could tell he was hoping we were going to get to snuff his mother.

She came back down five minutes later with a metal bucket and another stool. In the bucket was a large butcher knife. She placed the stool down under an adjacent pipe and then handed me the bucket. Then she told us, “I want you boys to snuff me in the most painful way imaginable.”

I looked at her in surprise. Ron had this huge grin on his face. She looked like she wasn’t kidding!

“Boys, I’m serious.” She told Ron, “Honey, I want you to fuck my ass as I hang.” Then she looked me right in the eye.

“Riwa, I want you to take that knife and gut me. Fuck my belly, baby! Then reach in and pull out my guts and dump them in the bucket! I’d say that should beat my dead whore daughter!”

Ron incredulously asked, “Are you sure, mom?”

“Damn straight, honey!”

“Fucking hell!” Ron gasped. “I can’t think of anything hotter! Mom, I’d say you win by a fucking mile!”

His mother grinned from ear to ear. Then she turned to her dangling dead daughter. “Hear that, honey? I’m going to WIN!”

She gave my dead fiancé a triumphant shove. Alison swung back and forth again. I saw cum or urine drip off her big toe onto the floor.

Evelick stepped up onto the stool before Ron tied her arms behind her back. Then he brought the noose down over her neck. She gasped and shivered excitedly, especially when I placed the bucket right in front of her.

She eagerly told me, “I want you to gut me while I’m still alive, baby! I want both you boys to get off on this. Make it one that will blow your sister’s hanging away, son. Make it one for the history books!”

“No problem, mom!” Ron gasped excitedly.

He tightened the noose around her neck. Then he savagely groped her tits. “Time to die, mom!” he gasped excitedly.

I could see her pussy was wet with excitement. “Do it!” she exclaimed eagerly. “Do it now, boys!” Then Ron kicked the stool out from under her.

We let her swing back and forth for a couple of minutes. Then Ron stepped behind her and steadied her. “Here it comes, mom!” he gasped as he savagely thrust into her ass.

She jerked as her eyes flew open wide. I murmured, “Fuck; that’s hot!” When she heard that she got this happy expression on her face as her son started to give her a good hard butt-fucking.

I gave her a couple more minutes. By that time I could tell by the look in her eyes she was begging for the knife. I adjusted the bucket closer before pulling the knife out, brandishing it in front of her so she could see it… “Here it comes, whore!”

Sweat dripped down off her face as I plunged the blade into her stomach just below her rib cage. She gawked and gurgled as I began fucking her with it. Ron egged me on as his mother jerked from the pain of the noose and the blade, telling me to gut her like a fish. I told him she was one kinky whore and that she’d definitely won as I gutted her all the way down to her clit.

She was still gurgling and jerking around when I reached in and started pulling her guts out. They spilled into the bucket with a noticeable plop. I swear she shuddered from an orgasm, although at that moment I could tell by the look in her eyes she was in pure agony.

I reached inside and felt around the warmth of her insides, pulling out more guts and other organs. I left her heart and lungs as she still needed those for the few moments she had left. Then I stuck my fist into her pussy, shoving hard and upward.

“You win,” I told her with a smile. “You’re the kinkiest, most filthiest whore I’ve ever come across. You were willing to allow us to snuff your own daughter… and now you’re letting us snuff your worthless ass? What a fucking whore!”

Ron drove his cock up hard into her ass. She gawked again as her eyes flew open wide. Together we ruthlessly fucked her, him with his cock up her ass and me with my fist up her cunt.

“Snuff her, Ron,” I urged him. “Snuff her now!” That’s when he grabbed onto her shoulders.

He pulled down hard. There was a “GAWK” and then a loud “CRICK”. Immediately she went limp in the noose.

Ron roared as he shot his load up her filthy shit-hole. A moment later my hard cock went off as I spewed my load into the opening to her stomach. Then we both pulled out and looked in amazement at what we’d accomplished… mother and daughter hanging side by side like sides of beef, especially the side of beef that was his mother as she hung gutted.

“Damn, Riwa; I need a drink!”

“Me too, Ron.” Then we both went upstairs to wet our whistles, leaving mother and daughter to hang together…

© 2009; 2017 (Written for Alison, Ron and Evelick Sep 25 ’09; ed. Aug 31 ‘17 by riwa)

(Pictures found on the net and captioned for illustration purposes only.)

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