Prison fuck-toy Part 2 (male themes)

I don’t even make it to breakfast as they just keep coming and cumming. My mouth is kept busy swallowing “protein shakes”, so maybe they don’t think I need breakfast. I have a feeling it’s going to be like this all day.

After a while I start to look like a mess with cum on my dress, in my hair and all over my face. Several of the guys haul my ass down to the shower for a good scrubbing. My face is forced into the spray of water as my butt is fucked again.

Everyone is naked and wet as I’m forced on my knees to suck cock again. But some assholes want to fuck me instead. I end up on my hands and knees, shamefully taking it in both ends as my damn dick hardens in humiliation.

Someone gets the bright idea to have fun hanging me from the shower heads again. It seems they want to know what my ass will feel like while I’m gasping in the noose. There’s too many of them to resist, and I can’t stop them.

My arms get tied behind my back as the water is left running. I’m lifted up into the air before the first one tries my ass. I can feel him inside me, and my cock stiffens shamefully as the hem of my dress is lifted up by my twitching manhood.

I get butt-fucked once… twice… three times as I dangle from the showerhead. I tell myself maybe it would be better to die in here rather than face the shame of a public hanging in this outfit in front of the whole damn prison. My cock spurts and they laugh themselves silly watching me kick feebly.

I end up on the floor of the shower with nozzles spraying down on me. They stand around stroking their dicks until I get cum all over me. I can’t believe I’m in the shower and still have to get cleaned off.

They give me a break long enough to get cleaned up and go to lunch. But I feel as though every eye is on me. I get the distinct impression I’m going to be everyone’s fuck-toy before the day is out.

I’m sore as hell as I sit down to lunch. But one of the prisoners takes my tray and exchanges it with another. I wince in dismay to discover several of the prisoners – or guards maybe – have spurted cum all over my food like they’ve seasoned it or something. I’m forced to eat it lest I get in trouble or get a good beating.

Afterwards it’s back to my cell. I want to be left alone as I can’t stop thinking about that damned gallows tomorrow. Every time I imagine what it’s going to feel like to hang, my damn cock stirs at the thought.

A group of prisoners come in and tell me they want one last blowjob before I hang tomorrow. There’s no use fighting it, so I get on my knees. Several cock appear right in front of me, and for the next half hour I’m busy swallowing cum or getting it splattered all over my face.

I get a half hour respite before a couple guys show up with a noose and some handcuffs. “Let’s go play some basketball, sissy-boy!” I feel an erotic jolt of alarm, especially since neither one is carrying the damned ball.

I’m jerked out of my cell and marched out to the basketball court. A dozen prisoners are out there waiting for us. There is no game in progress. I guess word must have spread how it felt having a cock up my spasming ass while I was hanging in the noose out here the other day.

I’m forced onto my knees where I have to suck cock again. Then my wrists are cuffed behind my back. I’m quickly noosed before I’m hauled up onto my toes. My cock hardens shamefully, once more lifting the hem of my dress.

“Look at sissy-boy; he likes it!” one of them points and laughs.

“I think he’s looking forward to his hanging!” another declares.

“Let’s feel that ass, sissy-boy!” a third proclaims as he steps up behind me. Then I feel a cock shoved up my butt as I struggle for a decent breath of air.

I kick a little, but he holds me tight as he gives me a good butt-fucking. My ass clenches involuntarily around his cock inside me. I can’t stop myself as I milk the fucking bastard.

“Damn, his ass is milking me!” the happy inmate declares with a laugh. “No wonder he’s so hard!” and he reaches around to stroke me. “Sissy-boy must really be looking forward to hanging tomorrow!” The others laugh at his words.

I feel hot cum up my ass as he rams me hard. He pulls out and I dangle as my toes barely brush the concrete below. Then another comes up from behind to take his place.

This one rams me good and hard. I have a pretty good idea who he is without even seeing him. He’s the one who always fucks me as though he’s trying to rip me apart.

He reaches around to grope my cock. I’m hard and twitching in his hands. The asphyxiation and humiliation finally get to me as I thrust and spurt, much to the laughter and jeers of the other prisoners.

They fuck me like that for a couple hours at least. At one point a guard comes by and warns them not to kill me as I must be alive for my official execution tomorrow. I find myself thinking maybe it would be good if I died here by accident so I wouldn’t have to endure anymore. But I’m not that lucky.

They almost succeed in hanging me before they finally take me down. I’m too exhausted for fucking or anything else. So they all stand around me stroking themselves until once more I’m a mess of cum all over. Then it’s back to the showers.

I get cleaned up and drip dry in time for supper. This time I’m left alone, although I get a lot of looks from a lot of the men. I eat my meal in silence before heading back to my cell.

I lie on my bunk thinking of what’s going to happen to me tomorrow. I haven’t seen Carlos today, although I haven’t had the chance or even been left alone long enough to search him out. I wonder if he knows anything.

I start getting visitors again. They either want a blowjob or they want my ass. I’m told after midnight the only one allowed to fuck my butt will be my executioner. That sends an erotic quiver of alarm running down my spine.

The cocks just keep coming, and I’m forced to suck or fuck each and every one. My cock hardens in shame until it eventually spurts, usually about the time some bastard is fucking my butt while telling me how much fun he’s going to have enjoying my hanging tomorrow. Why the hell is this happening to me?

My last visitor after lights out is the same one who awakened me. “Looking forward to your hanging tomorrow, sissy-boy?” he laughs as he unzips his fly. I dutifully get on my knees and start sucking.

“I’ve heard about the guys fucking you all day today. They tell me you’re really looking forward to hanging tomorrow. They say your cock gets hard every time they talk about it or every time you’re all noosed up.”

He laughs as he tries to ram his cock down my throat. Then he spins me around, bends me over my bed and fucks my ass.

“This is the last time I get to fuck your butt, sissy-boy. After midnight, your ass belongs to your executioner. But I am going to miss it, that’s for sure.”

He wraps his fingers around my throat and starts to squeeze. “Looking forward to hanging in front of the whole prison, sissy-boy? I know I am. Hell, we’re all looking forward to watching you dance in that black dress you’re wearing. But I bet your cock will be nice and hard the whole time!”

He reaches around to stroke me as I stiffen at his words. He’s choking me off until I can hardly breathe again. “I’ll bet that last cum will feel good, don’t you? …kicking and struggling and trying to get air down your throat until your cock goes off… just like I’m choking you out now.”

He strokes my cock as he laughs sadistically in my ear. Maybe he’ll kill me in my cell and I won’t have to face tomorrow. “Fucking sissy-boy gets to HANG!” and he rams his cock hard up my butt until I feet his hot cum inside me. That’s when my own cock goes off.

I spurt shamefully, my last cum of the day. He pulls out of my ass, spins me around and forces me to lick his cock clean, tasting my ass and his cream on his dick. I’m so used to it by now that I’m shamefully turned on by it.

“Get a good night’s sleep, sissy-boy,” he laughs at me. “Tomorrow’s going to be a big day. Too bad you’ll only be hanging around the prison just a few hours longer.” Then he laughs at his stupid pun before he leaves me with the taste of his cock in my mouth and the thought that I only have a few hours left to live.

I’m awakened bright and early Saturday morning by one of the dom inmates. Strangely he’s not there for a morning fuck. He just instructs me to get up and go take a shower. He also tells me I’m permitted to take the dress off.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I do as I’m told. He doesn’t hinder me or demand a blowjob. I strip out of the dress and head down in a set of underwear he tosses on the end of the bed.

The shower is empty when I arrive. But there’s a brand new bar of soap. I take the opportunity to enjoy a good, cleansing shower, knowing this one might very well be my last.

I use the soap to clean areas I’ve not been able to clean since I’ve been forced to wear that damned dress 24/7. It feels good washing everything away. I almost feel human again.

As I lather myself down, I find myself thinking of the gallows and the hangings I witnessed last time. Am I really going to hang today? There’s been no word from the warden. Surely he would’ve told me by now, wouldn’t he? Maybe it’s all a con and I’m not going to hang after all. Maybe I’m getting out of here.

Men start coming in to join me, and I rush to finish up. Now that I’m clean again I’m not sure I want to get cum splattered all over my face. I hear a few chuckles and a couple comments of “dead sissy-boy walking”. But otherwise I’m left alone.

I head back to my cell where a new dress awaits me. It’s neatly folded and looks like it’s been pressed and cleaned. So much for me getting out of here.

There’s no accompanying underwear and the skirt looks like it’s a couple inches shorter. This means my cock will really show when I get hard and it lifts right up. Something tells me I’d better put it on or it’ll go bad for me.

I work myself into it. It’s not as humiliating as it was the first time I had to wear one. It’s amazing what one will adapt to when one is forced.

No one comes to get me and I’m tempted to skip breakfast altogether. But I’m really hungry. And since this could very well be my last meal, I’d rather not miss out.

I head down to the cafeteria and step inside. Men are eating and it smells good. Then someone calls out “Dead sissy-boy walking!” and everyone turns to look in my direction.

One of the doms jumps up and leads me over to the counter where they’re serving food. “Set him up with the best, Joe, will ya?” he demands. To my surprise I get a tray of steak and eggs and a steaming cup of coffee that actually smells half decent.

I’m led over to a table and allowed to eat by myself. It’s both a relief and a concern. I’m not teased or humiliated, but my isolation is a strong indication this will definitely be my last time eating in here.

One of the doms stops by and tosses a load of pics on the table right next to me. “Something for you to enjoy with your meal, sissy-boy. Don’t get any food on them.”

I looked at them and my stomach lurches. They’re nothing but pictures of previous hangings. It’s the ultimate mind-fuck.

I see pictures of condemned inmates kneeling to suck their last cock, inmates being butt-fucked on the gallows, and inmates hanging from the noose. There are chuckles all around me as the color drains from my face. “I think sissy-boy finally gets it,” someone sitting nearby says to another.

It’s hard to finish my meal with those pictures staring me in the face. Several of the photos capture the agony on the faces of the hanged inmates, at least those not wearing a hood. Almost every cock I see on a hanging body is erect or near-erect, some dripping cum… others not yet having gone off.

My damn cock stirs under my dress as I try to finish my meal. But those damn pictures are a cruel reminder of my impending fate. I don’t know why I’m starting to get hard just thinking about it.

I finally can’t stomach another bite, and I push the tray away. Another dom notices and comes to get me. “We’ve got to get you ready, sissy-boy,” he tells me as he leads me away.

I hear more cries of “Dead sissy-boy walking!” as I follow him out of the cafeteria. My breath catches in my throat as my cock twitches. I tell myself it won’t be much longer before my humiliation finally comes to an end.

We walk down to a cell at the far end of the prison. Inside is a guy with what looks like a full cosmetics table. “Fix ‘im up, Nelson,” he tells the prisoner who looks like he doesn’t know what gender he wants to be. “’E’s ‘anging today so make ‘im look good.”

I sit down in a chair as he promptly begins working on my face. I’m humiliated as he applies rouge, makeup and bright red lipstick. So I’m going to be humiliated even more, eh?

I look around at all the posters he’s allowed to keep in here. Some are pornographic, while others show off his talents. Several prisoners have been in here before getting their faces “made up” before they were hanged.

One of the posters catches my eye, and I gasp in astonishment. It’s a picture of my wife. She’s completely naked in a chair, her legs lewdly spread as she masturbates while cupping her tits. How the hell did he get a poster like that of her in here??

I look around at the others, finding another one of her. It’s another pose, showing off her tits and ass. A third shows her masturbating in a different pose. But it’s the forth that really catches my attention.

She’s bent over, her tits hanging down while she’s being fucked from behind. The naked guy is wearing a hood that clearly looks like it’s been photo-shopped. . He’s holding her hands behind her back, and a noose has been manipulated around her neck. She looks like she’s enjoying it. The caption reads, “Enjoy your hanging! I know I’m going to!”

Nelson looks at me and smiles. “Like it, sissy-boy?” he asks. “When your wife asked us to hurry up your execution, we told her there was a small price she had to pay. You have no idea how much she was willing to pose for her pictures, especially this one of the guy that’s going to marry her tonight after you’re dead. I believe you might know him.”

So she and that bastard were behind my incarceration all along, eh? That indicates there’s no hope for me now. There will be no reprieve from the warden.

He finishes making up my face and has me look in a mirror. I look grotesque – part man and part whore having put on too much makeup. My red lipstick really stande out. Then a package arrives. It’s a harness with made-up boobs I’m supposed to wear under my dress.

“Hurry up and put it on, sissy-boy. We don’t want you to be late for your own hanging. Besides, I promised your wife – well, soon-to-be-ex-wife and newly married – that I’d take pictures of you for her. You’d be surprised how much she’s looking forward to seeing your transformation. She also wants a ton of pictures of your hanging.”

I remove my dress, put on the boob-harness and then put my dress back on. Now I look more like a female slut than anything else. I’m disgusted with myself that my cock has hardened again.

He stands me up and takes pictures of me from every angle. Then another inmate comes in and uses the camera to take pictures of me on my knees blowing him. My red lips wrap around his cock as I suck. My shame returns ten-fold knowing my wife wants to see all the pictures of me being humiliated in this fashion.

I don’t know how many pictures are taken as he grabs my head and fucks my skull. I get a mouthful of cum which I’m forced to show to the photographer so he can send pictures to my wife. Then I’m forced to swallow it all.

Another dom shows up and smiles at me. “It’s time, sissy-boy. Time to get you out to the courtyard all strung up. All your fans are out there waiting.” And with that I leave this crazy cell, never to see Nelson or his handiwork again. I find myself thinking good riddance as I’m escorted out the cell door.

I don’t get very far before another dom shows up. He jerks my arms behind my back and cuffs my wrists together. That’s when it starts to feel serious, and I find myself starting to hyperventilate.

I’m escorted through the prison with an inmate on either side. We keep passing posters of my wife being fucked from behind with that maniped noose and that damn caption. They must have rushed to put them up while I was in getting my makeover to further humiliate me. Well it seems to be working as I’m aroused and ashamed, my cock partially hardened underneath the hem of my dress.

We reach a door where I’m met by two inmates I know rather well by how many times they’ve fucked my ass and mouth. They take up positions on either side of me, looking me up and down. “Well, sissy-boy,” one says. “I see you’re all dressed up for your execution.”

“You went to all this trouble for us?” the other says mockingly. “Sissy-boy; I’m touched.” He grasps at his heart mockingly and then laughs as they escort me outside.

I look at them both as my heart starts to pound in my chest. “I think he gets it now,” the first one observes. “That’s right, sissy-boy! We’re going to be your executioners today. I get your last blowjob, but Al here gets your ass while you’re still alive.”

“Let’s go, sissy-boy,” Al says as he forces me forward. “You’ve got a whole courtyard of hanging fans just itching to watch you dance that noose-jig.”

I’m marched outside on wobbly feet from my heels. The gallows appears on that same wall I saw the last time I was out here. The noose hangs ominously, but this time I only notice what looks like two coffins waiting to claim their inhabitants.

It looks like everyone in the prison is out here to witness my hanging… well, mine and someone else’s. They all cheer the moment I step out of the building. My heart leaps into my throat as my damn cock stiffens under the hem of my dress.

My mouth goes dry as I look up at the noose. It hits me I’m going to be one of the two inmates swinging from it today. My legs become wobbly again, and the guys on either side of me are forced to help keep me erect.

“Guess he’s eager for it, Al. He can hardly wait to swing.”

That’s right, Jack. This one’s eager. Look how his cock is lifting up the hem of his dress.”

“I can’t wait to feel his mouth one last time. You will give me a good going-away blowjob, won’t you, sissy-boy? I’m sure you will.” He laughs as he pats me on my shoulder.

“I’m glad I get his ass on the gallows, Jack. I’m looking forward to feeling him fuck me before I push him off into eternity. The guys are gonna love watching him spurt his load as he dances in the noose.”

“He sure looks all gussied up for his dance, don’t he? Nice tits, sissy-boy! And I’m going to love feeling those red lips on my cock one last time.”

Their dialogue isn’t the least bit comforting as I’m marched on unsteady feet through the cheering crowd to the base of the gallows. I look up and get the shivers anew as I see the noose all ready for my neck. My mind screams this can’t be happening, and I feel myself starting to go numb.

We reach the steps, only for my sadistic escorts to stop and pull me aside. “Not so fast, sissy-boy,” Jack tells me. “We’ve got one going ahead of you, sort of the undercard to the main event.”

“We wouldn’t want to deprive you of missing out on witnessing our other hanging today, sissy-boy,” Al laughs. “We want you to get a good idea what’s going to happen to you today before you climb these steps.”

There’s more applause, and I turn to look. Someone has emerged out the door, flanked on either side by two large inmates. But there are too many bodies for me to see who it is just yet… and too damn much cheering.

They draw closer as the inmates all surge forward. A moment later I get a good look at who’s hanging ahead of me. It’s Carlos, wearing only his pantyhose and a pink blouse. His cock bulges in his hose, and his face is red as a beet, his head lowered in shame.

“Carlos?” I ask in astonishment.

“He should never have gone to you, sissy-boy. And you should never have fucked him. In a way, you’re partly responsible for his hanging today.”

I look at Al in shock as they draw closer. His bulging cock is visible in those sheer hose for one and all to see. It must be a combination of fear and humiliation, especially in that pink blouse he’s wearing.

They pause at the base of the steps. Carolos looks at me for a long moment, and I see the fear in his eyes. “Say goodbye to sissy-boy, Carlos,” Sal tells him, a dom who is a big, hulking brute of a man who is escorting him. “He swings after you do, you know. Maybe you like going first? This’ll teach ya not to go around telling inmates things they don’t need to know.”

I want to tell him I’m sorry. But I can’t make the words come. He lowers his head as they march him up the steps. My breath catches in my throat, but I can’t look away.

“Bruno gets the blowjob, but Sal gets his ass… lucky bastard.” I look at Al and then up at Carlos as he’s made to climb the steps.

“We’ll give him the usual treatment after he hangs,” Jack sneers at me. “But you’re the star attraction today, sissy-boy. After you hang, the guys are going to be granted permission to come up and fuck your ass while you’re still in the noose. You’re gonna be packed with cum when you settle into that coffin over there.”

I gulp and swallow hard as I watch them take Carlos directly under the noose. But this time something is different. I watch as Bruno bends over and ties his ankles together.

Carlos gasps when he realizes he is not to be allowed the freedom to kick up his legs. Then the noose comes down over his neck as he faces the wall. It’s cinched up really good before he’s forced onto his knees.

“SUCK HIM GOOD, SISSY-SLUT!” one of the inmates hollers from the spectators. “EAT YOUR LAST PROTEIN SHAKE!”

The guys all laugh as Bruno presents a cock I’m all too familiar with – large and smelly and nasty. Carlos looks at it… looks at Bruno… and then leans forward to take it into his mouth. Somehow he seems eager to me.

Is it that he wants to give a good blowjob before he dies? Does he want a mouthful of cum? Or is he hoping by doing his best he’ll convince his executioners not to hang a perfectly serviceable cock-sucker? I have no idea.

My cock twitches as I watch him suck dick. My mouth waters and it shames me. I’ll soon be up there doing that to Jack, and it both embarrasses and arouses me. Why do they have to humiliate us like this??

Carlos licks and sucks as Bruno grasps his head and rams his mouth hard. He sucks like it will be the very last cock he ever tastes. Has he grown that accustomed to tasting male meat in his mouth? By now I know I sure have… and it’s humiliating as hell.

The blow job seems to last longer than I expect… that is, until Bruno lets out a roar. Carlos gets it in his mouth and all over his face. Bruno always did have a healthy helping of man cream to give us subs.

Carlos needs help standing back up. Then he’s turned to face the jeering inmates. I look around to notice many subs are already on their knees sucking cock while a few are bent over taking it up the ass. But my focus is mostly on Carlos as I know I’ll be going up there next.

Sal forces him to bend over, putting added pressure on that noose around his neck. It looks like he rips a hole in Carlos’ pantyhose for easy access. In front, I see that bulging cock is even more noticeable from down here.

“FUCK THAT SISSY-SLUT!” a voice hollers out, and the others begin cheering him on. Sal obliges by ramming his ass hard. It’s so hard that Carlos lets out a cry, causing all the inmates to laugh and jeer at him.

My cock twitches as I observe the proceedings. My ass clenches as though I can already feel my executioner fucking me. My heart pounds in my chest as my breath catches in my throat.

Carlos winces, but it looks as though he’s pushing back. His cock is really hard, bulging in those pantyhose. He looks ridiculous up there in that pink blouse and hose. In fact the whole damn scene strikes me as insanely surreal.

Sal really rapes that ass, and it’s almost as though I can feel it all the way down here. Carlos grunts and moans as he winces with fright. All he sees are the inmates below and the fall that awaits him.

“I’m gonna rape your ass like that, Sissy-boy,” Al hisses into my ear. Then he reaches around to grab my hard cock beneath the hem of my dress.

“You’re looking forward to it, aren’t you, sissy-boy! You sure are hard watching Carlos get his butt-fucking! You can’t wait to be up there, can you!” Then he laughs as he strokes me a little. I wince as pre-cum drips off the tip of my damn cock.

Sal lets out a roar as he rams Carlos hard. The poor sub winces as he pushes back. He acts like he wants all the cum he can get.

Bruno steps forward, and I see a huge butt-plug in his hand. My breath catches in my throat again. Sal pulls out and Bruno shoves it hard into the ass of the condemned until it seats. Even I flinch at that.

Carlos cries out as his cock really hardens in those pantyhose. Then Bruno steps back and retrieves something else. Carlos is panting like crazy as though anticipating what is coming next.

With a swift motion Bruno steps forward and pulls a hood down over his head. Carlos lets out a muffled scream of pure terror. I hear his voice cry out, “GAWD; NOT THE HOOD?? LET ME SEE – LET ME SEE!”

The hood huffs and puffs from his fear. Then Sal pushes him forward. Carlos pitches off the gallows, only to be caught up by the noose to the roar of the inmates gathered to watch.

His body swings back and forth, twisting and struggling like crazy. With his ankles tied together he looks like a fish out of water hanging from a line. A distinct stain develops in his nylons.

A voice cries out, “HE LOVES IT! SISSY-SLUT IS CREAMING HIS PANTYHOSE!” The other inmates laugh and cheer and jeer. That’s when I shamefully cream myself.

I can’t look away, especially since this will be my fate in such a very short time. Carlos tries to kick as the hood huffs and puffs. He looks like he’s really fighting it. Gawd; why the hell is it taking so long??

He finally slows down until he’s reduces to sporadic jerks and muscle spasms. All around me I hear the sounds of sucking and fucking as inmates call out to him in a degrading manner… “DANCE, SISSY-SLUT!”  “KICK IT UP FOR US!”  WAY TO HANG FOR US, WHORE1”

“Like that, sissy-boy,” Jack asks with a sneer. “I see you spunked for your dear friend. Is that your way of saluting him since you won’t be able to stand over him in his coffin and cream him goodbye?”

They lower him to the ground much faster than I expected. The winner of the lottery rushes up before the 20 minutes are over. The butt-plug is pulled out and he begins fucking his ass.

I watch as the lucky inmate fucks a dangling Carlos in the butt until he eventually roars out his release. Then a voice in the crowd hollers out, “LET’S GET SISSY-BOY IN THE NOOSE NOW!” There’s another cheer from those bastards as my heart skips a beat. They are so damned eager to watch me swing.

Carlos is quickly taken down from the noose and piled up in a heap near the side of the gallows. “I guess we’ll finish him off later,” Al tells me as he grabs me by my arm. “Right now it’s time to get you swinging, sissy-boy!”

I nearly faint as the blood drains from my face. They laugh as they hold me up in their arms. Then I’m marched over to the steps amidst a chorus of sadistic cheers.

They start me up the steps, and my breath catches in my throat. My legs wobble as I try to make the stairs in my heels. My balance is uncertain, further adding to my fear and arousal.

My cock is stiff, lifting up the hem of my dress. It won’t soften no matter how hard I try. I just ejaculated a moment ago; why the hell am I still so hard??

Each step makes me wobble, making me afraid I’m going to fall and break my neck. I wince at the irony. Right now falling and breaking something is the least of my worries. Besides, I think they would just hang me anyway.

I reach the top step and my breath catches in my throat again. They turned me in the direction of the noose which has been brought back up and prepared for me. The sight of it makes my cock jump, and I inhale sharply.

I don’t see the other executioners. They must have gone down the back stairwell along the wall. No doubt they’re taking up a position down below to enjoy my execution.

I start to hyperventilate as I’m stood directly under the coil near the edge. Jack grabs the noose and loops it down around my head. It’s made of hemp, and it scratches my throat a bit… another painful reminder of the ignominious end I’m about to face.

Jack sneers, “Makes a pretty necklace on you, sissy-boy; don’t you think? Now it’s time for your last meal.” Then he forces me to my knees.

The noose tightens noticeably, and I gawk and gurgle. Then he unzips his fly. For the last time I’m introduced to his long, thick member, something I’m all too familiar with.

I’m reminded this will be the last cock I ever suck. So I eagerly take it into my mouth. It’s as though I’m determined to give him the last, best performance of my life.

Even now I’m ashamed by how enthusiastic I am as it’s still humiliating as hell. But I’ve become the prison cock-sucker, and I’ve grown used to my role. It’s become second nature the way I’ve been trained to suck cock like some slut in a whorehouse.

“Well what do you know,” Al observes with a laugh from nearby as he watches. “Sissy-boy really wants your cum for his last meal, Jack.”

“If you like this, sissy-boy, you’re going to love it when Al rams his meat up your ass.” Then Jack grabs the back of my head and thrusts good and hard.

I nearly gag on it to the cheers of all the inmates watching from below. I’m partially strangled, and I struggle to find a better position from which to get a decent breath of air. But the noose is tight as he partially strangles me, a constant reminder around my neck of what’s coming next.

I don’t know what Carlos thought about while he was up here. I find myself wondering if I’ll get the hood or not. What difference does it make? I’m going to strangle to death in the noose whether I’m hooded or not.

Jack thrusts hard, his cock gagging me as it hits the back of my throat. He pushes it in hard until my breath is totally cut off. He pushes it in even deeper until I feel it pushing partway down my neck.

I can’t breathe and I start to wriggle and panic, especially since the noose tightens ominously around my throat. I try to wriggle free, but he has a good grip on the back of my head as he force-feeds me his meat. “What’s the matter, sissy-boy?” Al laughs. “Can’t get any air? You’re going to have worse problems in just a few minutes.”

I can hear voices from down below hollering up at me… “SUCK THAT COCK, SISSY-BOY!”  “FUCK THAT SKULL, JACK!” “HE’S ONE HELL OF A COCK-SUCKER, AIN’T HE?” But I’m still having a hard time breathing. I wriggle and squirm, but he just laughs as he forces his dick down my throat.

Jack finally pulls his cock out, and I gasp for breath. Then he gleefully rams it all the way down my throat again. Once more I can’t hardly breathe, and I struggle in my growing panic.

I hear laughter, cheers and jeers from down below as I gag on his dick. My cock is hard underneath my dress; I can feel it dripping precum. I feel humiliated and ashamed… and yet I still do my best to swirl my tongue around the dick that fills my mouth.

How long is he going to fuck my skull? Can I make it go on for a while? I’m filled with an insane hope I can prolong this indefinitely. But my mind tells me I’m a fucking idiot for thinking I can delay the inevitable.

The noose strangles me as I try to kneel upright. I grunt and glug with each thrust down my throat. Then I feel him start to swell between my lips.

I feel a sudden surge of panic as I don’t want him to cum this soon. I want to drag this on for as long as possible. A moment later he shoots a heavy load in my mouth, roaring his release to the cheers of the courtyard.

The jizz is thick and sticky, and it’s hard to swallow. It chokes me in addition to the noose around my neck. He suddenly pulls out, and a second spurt hits my face, stinging my right eye.

I get a third and fourth spurt that splatter my face. I’m going to be forced to proudly wear his visible discharge when I hang. At least I can breathe again.

“Clean it up, sissy-boy!” he demands. I shamefully take him back into my mouth, trying to clean him off with my tongue while sucking him good. But my throat is dry, my heart hammering in my chest.

He finally pulls me to my feet to the cheers of the inmates watching from below. “He’s all yours, Al! Fuck sissy-boy here and then hang his ass!” And with that Al steps forward, a sadistic grin on his face.

“One last butt-fuck, eh sissy-boy? Better enjoy it while it lasts!” Then he turns me around.

I get a great view of all the inmates watching from below. Some are on their knees servicing their doms while others are bent over and getting it up the ass. I’m about to get it up the ass as well.

The hem of my dress is lifted up from my stiff dick, a sign of my fearful arousal. “Are you hard, sissy-boy?” Al laughs. “I’m hard too; can’t you tell? Reach back and find out how hard I am!”

He pushes up behind me, his hot breath on my neck. I feel around with my cuffed hands until I find his erect member. I try to stroke him, but I’m so scared I feel like I might faint and end up falling off the front of the platform. That would hang me for sure.

“You found me, sissy-boy!” he laughs as I try to stroke him. “Now I’m going to find you!”

I gasp as he kicks my legs apart. Then he pushes the head of his long, thick member against my puckered anus. One swift thrust and he’s in, ramming me so hard I cry out instinctively.

Everybody laughs as he begins raping my ass while I stand on the edge of the platform. For some reason it feels worse than all the other times he’s butt-fucked me. Maybe it’s because I’m looking off the edge of the platform into the abyss.

He grabs me by a handful of hair as he brutally fucks my ass hard. I wince as I clench involuntarily. Instinctively I try to fuck him back, subconsciously fulfilling my last act as the prison fuck-toy.

“Hey, Jack; he likes it!” Al declares with a laugh. Then he reaches around and grabs onto my hard-on to confirm, “Hey, sissy-boy here is really hard! He must be enjoying his last butt-fuck!”

I look down through my one good eye to see inmates with their cocks out, stroking excitedly as they watch me get butt-fucked. Some are on their knees servicing others. It looks a long way down to me, and I inhale sharply. But I know the rope is going to pull me up far short as I plummet when the time comes.

The hem of my dress is lifted up by my stiff dick. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hard. Everyone can see my arousal. I’m terrified, but the only comfort I can find is the familiar sensation of having a cock up my ass. It’s humiliating, and yet it’s something I’ve grown accustomed to.

“Your wife is gonna love the pictures we’re taking, sissy-boy!” Al hisses into my ear. “In fact I’m gonna enjoy looking at them for a long time to come. I’m really going to MISS… YOUR… ASS!” He thrusts hard with each word, nearly causing me to cry out.

“Almost done, sissy-boy,” he chuckles into my ear. “I can feel it coming. But don’t you worry none. All the guys down there want to enjoy your ass while you’re hanging. So we’re going to hang you special!”

I’m scared as I stand right on the edge, feeling the moment rapidly approaching. It’s hard to remain erect in my heels. My breath catches in my throat as I really start to hyperventilate.

I feel him start to swell inside me; it’s a sensation I’m familiar with. I fuck him back even harder, my body instinctively wanting what he wants to pump up my ass. But it terrifies me knowing he’ll hang me just as soon as he’s done.

He swells until I feel his hot seed pumping into my ass. I clench instinctively as I fuck him back. There’s so much cream that I feel some of it leaking out and slithering down my leg.

I whimper each time he drives his cock home, knowing he’s almost done. Then he finally pulls out to the roar of the inmates. I inhale sharply as I start to tremble like crazy.

I hear him say, “I’m done, sissy-boy; it’s time to hang.” Then I feel a nonchalant push in my back. I let out a cry as I start to tumble forward.

The rope catches me and cuts off my voice. I swing out a couple feet from the edge of the platform.  The noose takes my full weight, causing my legs to start pedaling in a panic.

My arms frantically jerk up and down behind my back as I rasp for breath. I hear a roaring; it sounds like the inmates are cheering and applauding. I see some stroking their dicks while others are on their knees or bent over getting it up the ass.

My biggest concern is getting air down my throat. But I’m getting so very little that my body explodes in a panic. My legs kick everywhere and I lose a heel, although I have no knowledge of it.

In the middle of this desperate fight, I’m dimly aware of my cock going off as my balls jiggle. It twitches and spurts to the laughter and jeers of the inmates. My stiffie bounces shamefully up and down under the hem of my dress.

I can feel cum leaking out of my ass, as Jack’s cream slithers down my face. There’s a wave of heat in my skull as my face turns red. I can’t breathe anymore, and my body reacts in panic.

The inmates have worked themselves into a frenzy as I kick and jerk around for them. Sometimes I bunny-hop and sometimes my legs pedal. It hurts like hell, and it feels like there’s no end in sight.

They’re getting closer; does it look like the inmates are surging forward? Am I being lowered to the ground? I’m not sure, but it feels like I’m being lowered to the ground! Maybe my wife loves me after all and wants me back! Maybe it was all nothing more than a damn joke!

I see inmates approaching, feel movement behind me. Then I jerk as a cock is shoved up my ass. I’m being butt-fucked while I’m still in the noose!

A hand grabs my dick as a faraway voice declares, “He’s still hard. Look, he’s oozing.” Another voice… “He’s really clenching back here! I’m so glad he’s still alive to be butt-fucked in the noose!” My body jerks and twitches as my ass is raped.

The voices start to fade as my vision collapses around the edges… “Great job, sissy-boy!” “He was the best one ever; don’t you think?”  “Damn, his ass is still clenching back here!” Then I can’t hear anything anymore. My bodily responses to my butt-fucking are less and less as my heartbeat slows until it finally stops. But the butt-fucking continues……………………………..

I’m left in the noose and butt-fucked all through lunch. Carlos gets it in the ass too. But I seem to be the more popular of the two.

My accoutrements are finally removed, and I’m tossed into my coffin as Carlos is tossed into his. The inmates gather around jacking off on us until we get a healthy coating of spunk all over our naked bodies. Then we’re taken out and buried in unmarked graves along with the other inmates who’ve been hanged.

Later that afternoon my new widow gets pictures and video of my transformation as well as my degrading hanging. It carries her through into the evening when she finally receives my death certificate. That night she goes with her new lover – a former friend and coworker who now has my position – before a justice of the peace to be married. Afterwards they watch my hanging videos, get off on my prison pictures and then fuck themselves silly long into the night…

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