February 9, 2016 Update


What to share – what to share? What do they want to hear about? Probably want to know more about the next big story coming off my keyboard.

Well, there was that Mademoiselle story I posted recently… that was new. It was requested by a friend and I had the inspiration to work on it. I guess it turned out ok – Nazis, strangling and drowning.

What else could I tell them? I could say I’m getting over a cold – BOR-RING! It’s always a challenge sneaking through the winter months without getting a cold or the flu. I suppose the bigger news would be NOT getting a cold or flu. Everyone else has either struggled with one or is struggling not to get one. Better try again…

I suppose I could tell them I saw the doctor today. He told me all my numbers were good. He even said my kidneys were so improved that he no longer felt I had a chronic kidney disease. He was impressed with those numbers, so I guess my kidneys are better. Good to know… I guess it means I’m normal if I wake up now and then in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

BOR-RING. It’s always “How’s the weather; how’s the health?” Then afterwards they are probably mumbling something to themselves like… “Let’s talk again… like next year maybe… when you can come up with something more interesting?” Definitely need to think of something else…

How were the holidays? At least I didn’t spend myself into the poor house… always a temptation. The lights downtown were nice… weather was cold… the night light parade was cold and about 20 minutes too long, but I took a ton of pics for mom to see… although a bunch of them came out blurry. What did I expect at night in below-freezing weather? Ah, but we’re back on that weather thing; that will bore them. Enough with the holidays. So what else can I tell them?

I could tell them I’m having a birthday soon – now THAT’S a novel idea! EVERYBODY is having a birthday this year! How unique.

This year the DMV is letting me mail in my driver’s license renewal. I wonder if that old picture is any good…

Well then… what do I really want them to know? What should I tell them? After all, it’s been three months.

How about if I say I’ve tweaked the library a bit… that I’m trying to include some new authors I come across… give them a variety of material to read. Yeah, that might work.

What else? This is a blog post; you’re a writer… so WRITE something! Well, I’ve got ideas brewing in the back of my head. One is a crazy idea about the Joker hanging some college coeds because he’s furthering his skills as a fully functioning homicidal artist. I might keep chewing on that one for a while.

C’mon; you can do better than that. What would you really want to tell them?

Honestly? I’d want to tell them this library probably wouldn’t exist without them. They’re interested in my work and the work of some of the other writers I’ve featured here. That gives me a good feeling… makes me feel appreciated. It makes me feel I have something to contribute… even if it is nothing more than a short story here or there… or maybe an entertaining idea to consider.

So yeah. I would thank them again for coming and reading the stories that are posted here. I would tell them it means a lot to know people are interested in my work as well as the other stories I’ve shared here from guest authors. It makes me work that much harder on proofreading so they have a good, clean story to read without stumbling over misspelled words and sentence fragments.

And I would especially thank those who have made purchases at my store. That really means a lot to know I’ve written something someone is willing to pay a few coins to enjoy just to help me out with everyday expenses (like my doctor’s visit today). And I would thank those who have made donations. Every little bit helps. And with gas being down I should be able to drive up to see mom this year… maybe even a couple of times.

Ok, I’ll go with that. My throat is not so sore now and the fatigue is mostly gone. But I’d better get working on this blog article and get it posted or it’s going to be May.

I suppose I should also get to work on my procrastination… but I think I’m going to put that off ‘til next week…

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