Frankie’s Latex Session


(edited and reposted)

“Come now, Frankie,” Mistress said to her plaything. “Have a seat, my precious little pet. Time for us to have another little ‘session’.” Then she pulled her toward the contraption by the back of her head.

It was something of a metal lawn chair only the back cushion had been removed. An inflated air pillow sat in its place with cuffs for her play-toy’s wrists attached to the wire frame. A sheet of red latex lay draped over the back of it, causing Frankie to shiver at the reason for its presence.

Frankie's latex session la6Mistress had stripped her down, leaving her in a blue spandex thong with white edging. Frankie also wore black gloves, with white stockings that crawled up her legs. As it turned out, it was virtually the same outfit her mistress was wearing.

Frankie’s nipples were hard as she trembled with anticipation. The cuffs were a clear indication her movements would be restricted. And the presence of the latex sheet was ominous.

She knew it would probably be something along the lines of breath-play. Her mistress LOVED that particular fetish and enjoyed subjecting her submissive to her kinky whims. “Sit down, bitch!” Mistress ordered, and Frankie reluctantly but obediently took a seat. At least there was a cushion on the bottom of the wire chair, and she would be allowed to sit with her back to the air pillow.

Mistress immediately began attaching the cuffs to her wrists, connecting her to the chair. Oddly enough she was not being secured by anything else. Frankie wondered why her restraints were limited. Still, she wasn’t going anywhere as she was certainly being secured to the chair.

“There,” Mistress cooed at her. “That’s MUCH better! Don’t you think so, my little pet?” She smirked with wicked glee as she finished securing the right wrist.

Frankie's latex session la7Frankie found herself trembling again, unsure of the plans Mistress had for her. She sensed she would be made breathless again as the plastic latex sheet behind her was pretty much a dead giveaway. Mistress was known for her benevolence, but she was also known for her sadistic cruelty. Frankie couldn’t help whimpering in spite of herself.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Mistress purred, slowly running a gloved hand lasciviously over Frankie’s quivering mounds. “My pet certainly seems excited about all this!” Then she laughed cruelly, causing Frankie to shiver yet again.

“Don’t you trust me?” Mistress chuckled as she moved behind the chair, gathering the latex sheet into her hands. “Perhaps it’s just as well that you DON‘T!” And with a cruel laugh she flipped the latex over and pulled it tight against Frankie’s mouth.


The blonde started struggling in spite of herself as her hands instinctively came up to save her. But the restraints held them at bay. She could barely breathe through her nose, but she knew that would soon change once Mistress decided she was to be allowed no breath at all.

Frankie's latex session la8Every time her air was cut off it scared her despite the knowledge that her mistress loved playing breath-games with her. It caused her pussy to gush something fierce as her nipples protruded almost painfully. For Frankie it was an unexplainable mixture of fear and pleasure, something for which she had absolutely no answer as to why her body always reacted the way it did.

Fortunately in this instance the latex hadn’t covered her nose… yet. Frankie snorted through her nostrils in a frantic effort to keep her lungs filled. But unfortunately for her, her Mistress quickly noticed the little slip-up in her technique…

“Oh, my!” the woman exclaimed as she leaned over the body of her squirming play-toy. “I left your nose open; how silly of me!” Then she giggled like a little schoolgirl. “You’re not supposed to be able to breathe at all! Why this will NEVER do!”

She relaxed her grip on the latex, causing Frankie to gasp for breath through her mouth. But a moment later Mistress pulled the sheet of latex tight over the blonde’s entire head. This time Frankie got no air at all…


She tried to scream but all that came out was a muffled cry. A moment later she tried to inhale, only to suck part of the latex into her opened mouth. In an instant Frankie’s body exploded, writhing in the chair…

…and then the latex was pulled away from her mouth, leaving her gasping madly for breath.

“Gawd, baby!” Mistress gasped behind her. “Do you know how HOT it makes me to see you struggle so? Struggle for me, my precious little pet!” And with that she brought the sheet up against Frankie’s face again.


Once more Frankie started struggling, her body writhing instinctively for breath as her legs kicked wildly. She tried to exhale but the latex refused to relent; she tried inhaling but was only able to pull the latex tight against her lips. This time the material stayed in place even longer, causing her more torment as she was forced to hold her breath longer while reflexively bucking her hips upward.

Mistress knelt over her, pushing a breast onto the top of the poor woman’s head as her own pussy throbbed excitedly. “Struggle for me, Frankie!” she gasped, her sadism showing through as she tormented her submissive. “C’mon, bitch; FIGHT ME! Try to inhale, you little WHORE! I LOVE it when you struggle!”

She gasped with delight as the poor thing kicked and thrashed about. Securing only the wrists had been a wonderful decision as it allowed the entire body to wriggle around so deliciously. What a thrill to see Frankie fight and struggle just to try taking in a single breath!

Frankie's latex session la9She abruptly pulled the latex off her submissive’s head, allowing Frankie to gasp wildly for breath. The poor thing swallowed great gulps of air into her heaving lungs. The smell of her arousal coming from her wet crotch was palpable as her body trembled and shook, her nipples oh-so-deliciously hard.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Mistress purred seductively, her mood softening again as she slowly walked around in front of the chair. “Did I scare you; hmmmmm?” Then she leaned in close, smirking at the frightened woman as Frankie whimpered plaintively

“Awwww… you poor widdow ting…! Let me give you something to help calm you down.”

Frankie felt something long, slender and buzzing being slipped into her thong. “Now you can REALLY cum for me,” Mistress chuckled as she lunged forward the latex in her hand. Then once again she covered the face of her frightened play-toy.

Frankie involuntarily let out a “NOOO!” before the material pressed hard over her face. She grunted in alarm as the buzzing reached her sensitive nub. Then her hands came up again reflexively in a frantic attempt to pull the latex off her face.

She twisted and struggled against the hands holding the latex to her face, the buzzing driving her insane as her inability to breathe terrified her. A moment later Frankie felt her Mistress push against her. Then she experienced what felt like Mistress’ tongue on her face. Was the crazy bitch LICKING HER??!!

She grunted from the fear and arousal of the whole thing, her lungs heaving like crazy. A moment later she let out another muffled cry as the object buzzing within her thong drove her over the edge. She climaxed violently, totally soaking her thong.

Mistress went on licking the face of her squirming play-toy, gasping with an ecstatic cry of “YEAH, BABY! SUFFOCATE FOR ME, YOU FUCKIN’ SLUT! CUM FOR ME!” Then she was experiencing an orgasm of her own, shuddering from a wonderful release of intense sexual satisfaction.

Frankie's latex session la10Frankie started to come down from her climax, only to discover she still couldn’t breathe. The latex remained tightly wrapped around her head, puffing on her face in a futile manner as she tried to inhale… tried to exhale… tried to pull in a desperate breath. A moment later the panic overcame her in a rush, and she started bucking and thrashing about in the chair again, frantic for another breath of air as that toy buzzed relentlessly against her crotch.

“Yeah, baby… FIGHT ME!” Mistress exclaimed, once more overwhelmed by her sadistic, domineering side. “STRUGGLE, YOU FUCKIN’ WHORE… FIGHT ME! TRY TO BREATHE!”

NOOOOOO! …and Frankie fought and bucked in a frantic effort to pull any amount of air into her tortured lungs. A moment later she climaxed again – fiery and explosive. She bucked and thrashed about until the latex sheet was finally removed from her face, allowing her to gulp great gasps of air down her heaving lungs.

“You all right, baby?” Mistress purred softly, sounding all compassionate and caring again.

Frankie nodded weakly as she gasped for breath. “Good,” Mistress said as she climbed off and slowly made her way around to the back of the chair. Then she leaned over her trembling play-toy, only to whisper seductively into her ear, “Now we get to do it all over again.”

Once more she sadistically brought the sheet down over the face of her helpless victim. Frankie let out another frightened cry that was quickly muffled as she began to struggle in the chair yet again. Mistress leaned over her and laughed as her hair hung down over her face.

Frankie's latex session la11 frankie“Baby, you are sooooo fuckin’ SEXY when you’re all breathless… did you know that?” Then her excitement overcame her as she enthusiastically declared, “C’MON, WHORE; LET’S SEE WHAT YOU GOT! GOT ANOTHER CUM IN THERE FOR YOUR MISTRESS??”

She tightened her grip on the latex sheet, smothering her submissive. “C’MON, BITCH; CUM FOR ME! IT’S SUCH A TURN-ON! MAKE ME CUM FROM YOUR BREATHELESS STRUGGLES!” Then she threw her head back and laughed with sadistic glee as Frankie once more started to buck and thrash about in the chair, wondering if her mistress would grant her another breath… or if she might cruelly allow her to pass out only to start it all back up again…

© 2008; 2015 (written Mar 1 ’08; ed. Jan 11 ’15 by riwa)

(Pictures are from and are for illustration purposes only.)

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