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Teri and the Halloween visitors (graphic)

Teri has some visitors to her home on Halloween, visitors who appear to be just as lethal as the movie characters they are dressed up as. Continue reading

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The Peace Treaty 1-3

Two families from two warring countries meet at Santamos Island for the purpose of pursuing peace. A young woman is betrothed to a young man from the warring country to help consummate the peace. But both are required to execute members of their respective families as a part of the process, starting with the mayors of their villages… and including the young woman’s former fiancé! Continue reading

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Patreon and Riwas Reads updates

Riwa’s Stories at Patreon Coming November rewards Will it be Sylvia or Jaime who survives their night at the club? Will Eva and Karla survive their discipline in the pool on the Island? Miss Woodcock hangs her first student at … Continue reading

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Victor’s Guillotine 14

Renard puts Prudence in the guillotine. But he makes her wait while he processes Julie as the precious minutes tick by. Continue reading

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Drowning Peter (male themes)

I enjoy dunking Peter upside down in a bathtub until I decide to drown him. Continue reading

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She-male Snuff Carnival chs 5-6

ch 5 Contestants play the water-gun booth. The winner succeeds in hanging a she-male and gets to dispose of her body in any way they see fit.
ch 6 Three she-males are taken out to the archery range and used as target practice. Continue reading

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Pushing too far

Dorothy is having an affair with her sisters’s husband and keeps pushing him to divorce her so they can marry. He makes a decision when they are out on his boat. Continue reading

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Noose seduction

Ramona tries to seduce Fiera with a noose. Continue reading

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Our trip to Santamos Island

16 people in 8 pairs who are bored with their life take a trip to Santamos Island for a couple of risky games where 4 of them will not be returning home with the rest of the group. Continue reading

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